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Which Spider-Man Movie Is Your Favorite? 70 days ago
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Who is Your Hunter X Hunter Kin? 71 days ago
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Video Games
Video Games
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What 'Mystic Messenger' Character are you? 83 days ago
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Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages
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What Is Your Go-To Fast Food Chain? 120 days ago
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Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy
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What Type of Final Fantasy Protagonist Would You Be? over 4 years ago
Wise Old Fool (Strago, Tellah, Galuf, Sazh, Cid, etc)
Rebecca E, You certainly took a scholarly approach to this selector.
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  • Trump's wanting the Bidens at his trial is incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial!
  • The only Native American to serve as the Vice President of the United States.
  • Does it take takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun?
  • Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) impeachment talking points, annotated
  • Can anybody explain why Joe Biden maintains his formidable lead in the polls?
  • Disgruntled 2016 Sanders supporters need to face reality.
  • White House to Pentagon: Order to hold Ukraine aid came from Trump, national security site reports
  • Start of new year signals the end for presidential hopefuls' campaigns.
  • Welcome to The Post
  • Try not to gasp when you see what the host of The Apprentice is doing now.
  • Poll: More Americans than not believe Trump should be removed from office.
  • Four embarrassing episodes that FOX News would rather forget.
  • Is Trump starting a war to distract from impeachment?
  • Comparing and contrasting Donald Trump, Abraham Lincoln, Elmer Gantry and Buzz Windrip
  • Trump employs legal chicanery in thwarting alleged rape victim's lawsuit.
  • Here is why today's immigrants can't immigrate like your ancestors.
  • Advice Column: Anonymous questions and answers.
  • Trump's go to solution for the world's problems is branding.
  • You didn't know who Qasem Soleimani was? Neither did Trump.
  • The DOJ’s Hillary Clinton Investigation Has Been a Bust
  • The Trump-McConnell Impeachment Dilemma
  • No, Joe Biden didn't vote for the war in Iraq.
  • The media should shut up about the supposed lack of diversity in the Democratic presidential field
  • Liz throws Bernie a lifeline; he forms a noose with it to hang himself.
  • Rachel Maddow’s Bombshell Interview With Lev Parnas: Trump Was In The Loop...
  • Trump's legal team's very Trumpian response to the charges of impeachment
  • NY Times' Krugman: The Sanders campaign has flat-out lied about Biden
  • Why was Hunter Biden paid big bucks by Burisma?
  • Tulsi's $50 million lawsuit against Hillary is a cynical ploy to bilk supporters
  • Trump, like a mob boss: Get her out tomorrow. I don't care. Take her out. OK? Do it.
  • Kobe Bryant Dead At 41.
  • Not much chance that Bolton will be allowed to testify at the impeachment trial now.
  • Can we trust what polls are telling us?
  • Dershowitz detours into crazy town: Trump believes his re-election is in the national interest, therefore a legitimate quid pro quo.
  • Gusty winds blew over a portion of Trump's border wall into Mexico
  • Republicans will likely be able to block impeachment witnesses. Good, I am glad!
  • Will conspiracy-minded Trump supporters enter en masse into Darwin Award competition?
  • Rush Limbaugh announces he has advanced lung cancer
  • Iowa's caucus system is an unDemocratic and undemocratic way to nominate a president
  • Nancy Pelosi tears a new page in State of the Union history...
  • Was Mike Bloomberg the real winner in Iowa?
  • Was Pelosi correct in saying that Trump has ripped up the Constitution?
  • Salacious, slightly obscene slogans of past presidential campaigns
  • Apparently undeterred by coronavirus, cruise ship ad sings about pills and delirium
  • Damian Lillard and the Blazers got screwed. There is a simple solution so it won't happen again
  • A Pete Buttigieg Candidacy Would Have Been Unthinkable Not Too Long Ago.
  • Bernie Sanders wrote and voiced this documentary on his hero, the socialist Eugene V. Debs.
  • Don't pester me for political donations when you refuse $2700 and less from billionaires!
  • Fair warning: The Democratic primary race in 2020 is looking a lot like 2016.
  • Meet the swampy recipients of Trump's pardons and commutations!
  • New research and survey: Sanders would drive swing voters to Trump
  • Coronavirus: Is there reason for optimism?
  • For Sheer Drama, This Presidential Campaign Speech May Never Be Topped.
  • If Joe Biden is The Establishment's favorite candidate, they had a funny way of showing it.
  • What 1964 teaches us about the current presidential election contest.
  • To avoid Coronavirus don't eat these three things.
  • Who says Bernie is the weakest general election candidate, besides Trump?
  • Favorable/Unfavorable ratings of candidates. Draw your own conclusions.
  • There has never been a better time for Bernie Sanders to be heroic.
  • The easy way to avoid public exposure to COVID-19.
  • Now is the time for Bernie to strike a plea bargain.
  • The stock market before and after 1918 Flu Pandemic
  • Flattening the Coronovirus curve is about competence; not private vs. public healthcare systems
  • Here is the anti-Trump ad that the Trump campaign doesn't want you to see.
  • Rep. Val Demings for Vice President
  • Bernie Sanders supporters and the five stages of grief
  • Snake oil salesman Trump pitches hydroxychloroquine as a Coronavirus cure.
  • Now ex-acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, naively and stupidly trashes popular captain to sailors
  • Sanders' campaign post mortem: Stubborn adherence to false beliefs prove fatal
  • The Coronavirus pandemic is a lucky break for Joe Biden
  • Are Republicans facing a mass extinction?
  • Presidential versus parliamentary form of government
  • How do Joe Biden's poll numbers compare to Hillary Clinton's?
  • Dissecting the Latest From The Ongoing Tara Reade Sexual Assault Allegations
  • Here is the proof: President Donald Trump is a moron
  • If the presumptive nominee dies during the campaign, who becomes the presidential nominee?
  • Dr. Bright: Trump pressured me to approve unproven, unsafe chloroquine drugs
  • Tara Reade escalates claim in Megyn Kelly interview: He said I want to f--k you!
  • Dump Trump!
  • I Believe Her? You probably do sometimes, but not all of the time.
  • SCOTUS: health regulations imposed by states are not unconstitutional
  • 1,000 Former Federal Prosecutors and DOJ Officials Oppose Dismissal of Flynn Case
  • Revisiting Dr. Anita Hill versus Justice Clarence Thomas
  • Are your police trained to de-escalate conflict and to avoid implicit bias?
  • The past is prologue: A 1932 demonstration in Washington DC echos today
  • Peel's Nine Principles of Policing: Pertinent now more than ever.
  • Should we view statues as the glorification of imperfect people of the past?
  • Trump Crowd Size In Tulsa Underwhelms, Campaign Blames Protesters
  • Trump spends 16 minutes explaining his mincing walk down the West Point ramp and why he needed two hands to lift a glass of water.
  • Why did the South secede from the Union? The Confederate States Vice President explains.
  • Great People? Trump Retweets Video of Supporters Yelling White Power
  • A new declaration of independence for these times.
  • Google Trends indicates which political attacks on Biden and Trump are working.
  • New ad uses Bible, ‘Amazing Grace,’ Jesus to call on Republican Christians to vote against Trump
  • America is not so great, compared to the rest of the world, when it comes to COVID-19.
  • First they came for the peaceful Portland protesters...
  • Real progressives know what to do in 2020
  • He Predicted Trump's Win in 2016. Now He's Ready to Call 2020.
  • Trump is behind in the polls. Does he really have an enthusiasm edge over Biden?
  • Trump is unintentionally sabotaging his own and Republican candidates' campaigns.
  • Hurricane damages Confederate monument after officials voted to keep it
  • Who actually accomplished progressive change in America? A case for Joe Biden.
  • Trump's Nobel Peace Prize nomination means less than you think.
  • What was Bob Woodward's responsibility in reporting on what Trump said about COVID?
  • RBG's death has sparked an eyepopping flurry of contributions to Democrats.
  • Trump's Supreme Court nomination may have just hurt his chances with the voters he needs.
  • Don't let revisionists tell you that the Civil War wasn't about slavery.
  • Newman! Seinfeld's nemesis urges you to vote early.
  • The problem with Amy Coney Barrett's judicial philosophy of Originalism
  • Did the Democrats dodge a bullet by nominating Joe Biden instead of Bernie Sanders?
  • For comedic reasons I am glad the election was close.
  • Would Bernie Sanders have defeated Trump?
  • Whatever happened to Biden accuser Tara Reade?
  • A good explanation as to how COVID vaccines work.
  • Here's how we can avoid electing Donald Trumps in the future
  • Arguments why Trump shouldn't be impeached and tried a second time.
  • The precarious balance in the US Senate should remind Democrats to make hay while the sun shines.
  • In praise of gtnish7
  • How much of an advantage is home court in the NBA?
  • Attack On Titan Season 4 Finale Title Surfaces Online
  • Four Years Ago In Trump History
  • Biden takes a page from FDR's book; Trump took a page from Hitler's book.
  • By the numbers: How does Joe Biden's first month in office compare to Donald Trump's?
  • Which are the most popular pages on
  • How will history judge Trump and Biden?
  • A commonsense gun safety law proposal that even the NRA should not object to.
  • Press release: Genshin Impact Version 1.4 is Coming on March 17
  • The History of Anime and Manga
  • Norton Responds to Incorrect Assertion that 23rd Amendment Must Be Repealed Before D.C. Can be Granted Statehood
  • Newsmax apologizes, withdraws false claims about 2020 election, Dominion and Smartmatic
  • Kroger launches grocery delivery by drone
  • Biden quadruples Trump refugee cap after facing bipartisan blowback
  • Former Five-Time Jeopardy! Champion Named COO of Federal Student Aid.
  • Nancy Pelosi: House GOP wants to oust Liz Cheney because she won’t lie, isn’t humble enough, etc.
  • DOJ: Second Member Of "Boogaloo Bois" Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Provide Material Support to Hamas
  • Reacting to high voter turnout, problem-free FL election, DeSantis signs voting restrictions into law.
  • NY Attorney General Takes Legal Action Against Notorious Trump Supporters & Scam Artists
  • Four Minneapolis Cops Indicted for Violating Civil Rights of George Floyd and a Juvenile
  • Legal Medical Cannabis Coming to Alabama? Only for the Seriously Ill.
  • Pelosi: Trump's anti-LGBTQ health care policies were senseless and staggering cruelty
  • Major U.S. firms urge Biden administration and Congress to support an infrastructure package
  • GOP dominated by a Trump-worshipping suicide cult.
  • FACT CHECK: GOP Senator “Misrepresented” & “Exaggerated” Data in Hearing to Push Republicans’ Bogus “Border Crisis” Narrative
  • Biden Uproots Trump's Plans for a National Garden of American Heroes
  • Four years ago in Trump history: An ass kissing contest.
  • Good New$ For Parents!
  • The Worst US Senator In History?
  • Kentaro Miura, Creator of Epic Manga 'Berserk,' Dies at 54
  • Giuliani's lawyers assert the Capitol was "violently breach[ed]" to "violently terrorize Congress into not engaging in the Electoral Certification.”
  • Vote: Should Trump be sentenced to community service?
  • Did Donald Trump Wear His Pants Backward at GOP Rally?
  • Reality Winner, former NSA contractor who pleaded guilty in leak case, is out of prison
  • Hello Forum Friends...and goodbye.
  • Reassessing the presidency of Jimmy Carter
  • ‘He’s screwed over so many publishers’: Trump confronts a skeptical book industry
  • Roll Call: Biden administration offers plan for unused border wall funds
  • Greg Gutfeld complains about news media "lies" and accuses Joe Biden of nepotism
  • Congressional Republicans and FOX News forget about Trump's embarrassing deference to Putin
  • Trump finally acknowledges the obvious: "We didn't win".
  • Your moment of Zim: MAGA (a parody of My Girl)
  • Pious Mike Pence booed, called 'traitor' while speaking at conservative convention
  • Is being incredibly thin-skinned a personality disorder? Diagnose Trump.
  • 153 people resigned or were fired from a Texas hospital system after refusing to get vaccinated
  • Michigan Republicans reject Trump's voter fraud claims; Ohio Republican confesses to voter fraud
  • Court Suspends Giuliani's Law License, Citing Trump Election Lies
  • My Hero Academia Drops Ominous Tease With Mysterious Face
  • A man with Alzheimer's forgot he was married, and fell in love with his wife all over again
  • If you contract COVID now, don't expect the same loving medical care.
  • Miami building collapse
  • Romney compares Trump's false election claims to 'a bit like WWF'
  • Mike Gravel, Unconventional Two-Term Alaska Senator, Dies at 91
  • Newsweek: Supporters Express Anger, Boredom With Trump's Speech
  • Driverless delivery vehicle by University of Hawaii engineering students to launch soon
  • Clarence Thomas says federal laws against marijuana may no longer be necessary
  • Installing a privacy screen under somewhat weird circumstances.
  • Mike Lindell Urges SCOTUS to 'Immediately' Reinstate Trump and 'Get Rid of Communists'
  • Obama: Trump violated a ''core tenet'' of democracy and made up ''a whole bunch of hooey''
  • Trump July Fourth rally in Mobile Alabama cancelled.
  • Trump criticizes GOP senators, McConnell on bipartisan infrastructure deal
  • Red Sox v. Sex Rod
  • Which political party is the more pro-police? Guess again.
  • WSJ: Date Set For Trump Organization, Top Official, To Face Indictments,
  • Historians: William Henry Harrison a better president in one month than Trump in four years.
  • Watch The New York Time's Video Investigation into the Capitol Riot
  • Trump Organization Is Charged in 15-Year Tax Scheme
  • Your Moment Of Zim: ''Socialist'' by Roy Zimmerman
  • Jen Psaki Hands Peter Doocy His Own Network's Reporting
  • Who qualified as ''men'' in the term ''all men are created equal''?
  • Trump and sons implicate themselves and admit Trump Organization's tax evasion schemes.
  • Does anybody think that things would be different if NATO and the US left Afghanistan next year or five years from now?
  • If you hate the swamp like HatetheSwamp then Rudy G. wants your $
  • Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) is a terrible person
  • Trump buddy and dentist to patient: Sorry about the sexual about free dental care for life?
  • Aren't you glad lying ignoramuses like Kayleigh McEnany no longer have a White House platform?
  • Florida Republicans to host rally calling for Jan. 6 insurrectionists to be released
  • Trump normalizes lies and crimes. Even grand larceny is now considered a ''puny'' charge.
  • I like billionaires who don't need handouts
  • Maybe Joe Biden won't be the second coming of FDR...
  • A secret Nazi weather station in North America
  • Colin McGregor, like Donald Trump, refuses to admit his obvious defeat.
  • Trump: Love was in the air at the January 6th Capitol Riot
  • Is the US principally responsible for Cuba's current economic situation?
  • Trump claims credit for billionaires Bezos and Branson's space travel
  • Stand-up comedian Donald Trump, Jr. bombs at CPAC.
  • More Americans say voter disenfranchisement a problem than voter fraud.
  • The worst idea since candy cigarettes
  • When voter suppressionists say the quiet part out loud.
  • Brazilian president cannot stop hiccupping. Any suggestions?
  • Leaked Kremlin documents described Trump as an 'impulsive, mentally unstable and unbalanced individual': report
  • After a century and a half, our local newspaper ceases publication.
  • Have we seen the last Olympics as we know it?
  • Here's something else that Republicans don't believe in: The right to cast a vote in private.
  • A doctor and patient's Covid conversation
  • Anti-Covid vaxxers aren't just killing themselves and their families; they are killing the stock market.
  • The fighter Cassius Clay who you didn't know.
  • Covid vaccination requirements and the law.
  • NYT: Trump Fund-Raiser Indicted on Lobbying Charge
  • Live-Action Tokyo Revengers Film Also Opens in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand
  • Biden critic, anti-LGBTQ priest busted for gay hook-ups.
  • Missouri, The Show Me (The Money) State For The Vaccinated.
  • What's happening with Republicans? Now they are recommending the Covid vaccine.
  • Trumpers are snowflakes. I am tired of being told to coddle them.
  • Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's tweets. He isn't done with Judge Kavanaugh yet.
  • Blame the unvaccinated, says GOP governor
  • I like the new nickname of the Cleveland baseball team.
  • Touché, Mr. President!
  • Herschel Walker considers Senate run from state of Georgia
  • Want to evaluate Donald Trump's judgment? Listen to Donald Trump
  • A fruit collecting contraption for the backyard orchardist.
  • House Select Committee Hearing Investigating 1/6
  • Where is Roald Dahl when we need him?
  • Election shocker: Trump didn't carry any counties in Alaska or Louisiana.
  • US Sells Unique Wu-Tang Clan Album Forfeited by Convicted Hedge Fund Manager Martin Shkreli
  • Lawyer: GOP Pennsylvania Governor Candidate Struck Motorcycle, Not Driver
  • Bipartisan infrastructure pact clears key Senate vote after breakthrough in talks
  • Dusty Hill, Long-Bearded Bassist for ZZ Top, Dies at 72

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