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Dr. Oz flip-flops on fracking in debate

By Curt_Anderson
November 1, 2022 1:16 pm
Category: Politics

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Lisa Sylvester (26:06):
We are going to move on to the next topic, and this has come up earlier, and that is the issue of fracking. Pennsylvania only trails Texas in terms of natural gas production. Both of you have taken shifting positions on the issue of fracking. Mr. Oz, we begin with you. You wrote a column in 2014 calling for no fracking pending health study results. But in a video posted on social media in March, you said, ďNatural gas guarantees high paying skilled jobs right here in Pennsylvania. So back off Biden. Give us freedom to frack.Ē Mr. Oz. Please explain that changing position. 60 seconds.

Dr. Mehmet Oz (26:47):
Iíve been very consistent. Fracking has been demonstrated, itís a very old technology, to be safe. It is a lifeline for this commonwealth to be able to build wealth similar to what theyíve been able to achieve in other states. For that reason, I strongly support fracking, drilling, the piping of that natural gas. In fact, Iíd build a facility even in Philadelphia so we can export it to our allies and help them, the ones that are struggling now in Western Europe because of the Ukrainian war. John Fetterman calls fracking a stain on Pennsylvania. He says that he will sign a moratorium to ban its continued use. Heís against pipelines. He supported the vote against the Keystone pipeline that ended up shutting it down. He supports Bidenís desire to ban fracking on public lands, which are our lands, all of our lands together. This is a extreme position on energy. If we unleashed our energy here in Pennsylvania, it would help everybody. Why John Fetterman is so rigidly stuck on fighting against energy companies is stunning to me because itís the jobs I want, tens of thousands of high paying jobs to help Pennsylvanians.

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Comments on "Dr. Oz flip-flops on fracking in debate":

  1. by oldedude on November 2, 2022 12:52 pm
    At least he could actually articullate an answer, which his opponent could not. And yes, the information used by the left is 35 year old technology. Catch yourself up.

  2. by Curt_Anderson on November 2, 2022 12:58 pm
    I am not opposed to fracking or pipelines. I've written in these pages that pipes are safer than transporting by trucks or ships. Obviously in any case safety precautions should be observed. All things being equal, energy sources that are not dependent or connected to Russia and the middle east are better.

  3. by oldedude on November 2, 2022 1:11 pm
    Okay. I can live with that. But is sounds like Oz didn't flipflop on a whim for political points. Or if he did, he had that set up pretty well. Fetterman's answer was horrible. He couldn't articulate other than "he's always been for fracking." That's all he could argue with.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on November 2, 2022 1:32 pm

    Just to be clear about it, it's the artful and nuanced way Fetterman flip flopped on fracking that is the issue.

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  5. by Curt_Anderson on November 2, 2022 1:35 pm
    Yesterday, I visited a friend who suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result from the fall off a motorized scooter about a year ago He is a psychiatrist. He happens to be bilingual, his first language is Spanish.

    We went for a long walk and talked. He seems to understand everything. He can communicate complex thoughts...but he struggles with his vocabulary. Sometimes a Spanish word comes first. He wanted to say something about "a big city up north" and couldn't remember the city's name until I suggested Portland.

    Basically, Fetterman and my friend have handicaps. Hopefully it's temporary for both. But even if it's permanent, it's not different than the members of Congress who have significant hearing loss, or need a wheel chair or a cane. We've had blind members of Congress and at least one currently who is blind in one eye.

  6. by HatetheSwamp on November 2, 2022 2:14 pm

    I'm happy that your friend is doing this well under the circumstances.

    In Pennsylvania, people are pi$$ed because Fetterman's gang pretended that he was cool after the stoke. Recovering nicely. Many are angry at his wife and handlers and the Pennsylvania Dem Smoke Filled Room for hiding the truth about Fetterman until the truth came out about him so tragically.

    And, honestly, people expect, as a baseline, a politician should be able to tell a smooth lie. Fetterman can't do that anymore.

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Comment on: "Dr. Oz flip-flops on fracking in debate"

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