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Russia is even more furious over vote by Congress to support Ukraine than MTG.
Politics by Curt_Anderson     April 21, 2024 6:09 pm (Rating: 0.0) Last comment by: oldedude (9 comments) [606 views]

Court testimony reveals how Trump didn't hate it; he actually helped produce fake news.
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So Ukraine got money.
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The latest general election polls from this weekend reveal something interesting.
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Mitt Romney's quip illustrates Trump's problems.
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Smokin' Joe Biden bests Sleepy Donald Trump in Pennsylvania primaries.
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Anonymous comments regarding the Presidential Candidate Selector
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Minutes after Trump said he wouldn’t run and hide, he runs and hides.
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I don't care what anybody says. Trump's trials won't help his poll numbers.
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We don’t really know Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Maybe we should listen to those who do.
Politics by Curt_Anderson     April 21, 2024 1:23 pm (Rating: 0.0) Last comment by: Curt_Anderson (4 comments) [191 views]

Science Fiction selectors, pages, etc.
Trump calls for contest to create futuristic 'Freedom Cities' with vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles.
By Curt_Anderson
March 3, 2023 7:11 pm
Category: Science Fiction

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Trump’s plan, shared in advance with POLITICO, calls for holding a contest to design and create up to ten new “Freedom Cities,” built from the ground up on federal land. It proposes an investment in the development of vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles; the creation of “hives of industry” sparked by cutting off imports from China; and a population surge sparked by “baby bonuses” to encourage would-be-parents to get on with procreation. It is all, his team says, part of a larger nationwide beautification campaign meant to inspire forward-looking visions of America’s future.

Trump himself describes his vision in the second link below artist's rendering of a "freedom city".

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Comments on "Trump calls for contest to create futuristic 'Freedom Cities' with vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles.":

  1. by islander on March 4, 2023 5:08 am

    Great ideas!! LoL !!!

    First thing we'll need to do though is fix our infrastructure, roads bridges etc. and build new ones in order to get all the materials out to the new Freedom Cities sites !!

    And then we can turn the old cities into farms to feed burgeoning population that will come about from his fantastic procreation idea of "baby bonuses"!

    What a guy that Mr. Trump is !!! No wonder his supporters are so drawn to him !! 😁

  2. by HatetheSwamp on March 4, 2023 7:13 am

    Just curious. Where does pumping $100,000,000,000 every year into Ukraine fall in your first thing, and then, strategy, there, isle?

  3. by islander on March 4, 2023 7:30 am

    Aiding Ukraine in its fights for its survival from the Russian invasion would also take precedence over Trump’s fantasies of “Freedom Cities” etc. The fact that we are no longer spending $300,000,000 a day fighting in a country we invaded can also help with the cost of our efforts aid Ukraine.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on March 4, 2023 7:32 am

    Thing is, isle. Were Trump President, we'd not be pouring money into Ukraine, or, not $100,000,000,000, anyway.

  5. by islander on March 4, 2023 7:46 am

    You're wasting my time, Hate...

  6. by HatetheSwamp on March 4, 2023 7:54 am

    I don't think so, unless your IQ is below 70. Well, maybe after all...

  7. by oldedude on March 4, 2023 8:20 am
    Honestly, the name may be a bit counter-intuitive, but if you get past who said it (to the TDSrs, and how we can't see the possibility of points happening, the concept may be good regardless of who said it, and who's in office.

    I see this as a way to redefine how we live. Do we need to fix our infrastructure? Absolutely. But if you're an anti-progressive, you keep doing the same thing time after time and whine like a 2-year-old that nothing's been done.

    If a "city" were re-invented with ways no one (inclusive) on this site could imagine, wouldn't that be better? What if we could reimagine waste disposal like much of Europe and ROK. Germany has the best recycling rate in the world. Austria comes in second, followed by South Korea and Wales. All four countries manage to recycle between 52% and 56% of their municipal waste. Switzerland, in fifth place, recycles almost half of its municipal waste.

    For the US to actually see this is possible, and obtainable is key to the nation being able to "green" without the pushback from technology that isn't commercially available yet.

  8. by Curt_Anderson on March 4, 2023 9:40 am
    What’s wrong with creating cities the old fashioned way: entrepreneurially built around water access or something that encourages commerce? Since when do we need the government telling us how and where to build cities?

    Simply creating a city on federal land in the middle of nowhere ain’t going work. If the location was viable and had potential, Americans would have settled there and built towns and cities already.

    Anyway government funded futuristic freedom cities have already been tried. See the dilapidated remains of abandoned Olympic venues in the link below.

  9. by oldedude on March 4, 2023 10:42 am
    Because we're using technology that wastes massive amounts of resources and we don't have that luxury.

  10. by Curt_Anderson on March 4, 2023 11:15 am
    It is a crack pot pipe dream meant only for the consumption of the very gullible. You will notice that there are no details for this pie in the sky plan. It has the same chance of coming to fruition as Trump’s previous ambitious building project proposal: the 2000 mile border wall that Mexico was supposed to have paid for.

  11. by oldedude on March 4, 2023 11:37 am
    So thinking of the future is stoopid. Got it. With people like you, we would have barely made it past fire. And never would have gotten to the wheel.

  12. by islander on March 4, 2023 1:29 pm

    Hey Curt !!!

    The crocuses are going to take a little longer to make it through the snow than I thought1 We just got 15+ inches of new snow today up here in the Great North Woods!! But it was fun to get out there and clear pathways !!! 🍻

  13. by Curt_Anderson on March 4, 2023 1:36 pm
    We had eight inches on Tuesday, with a smattering of snow every day since. There won't be need to lace up the winter boots and don the woolen clothing in the futuristic Freedom Cities, I tell ya!

    The snow is nearly gone here.

  14. by islander on March 4, 2023 1:50 pm


    I think they should build a big geodesic dome over the city and have it fully climate controlled.

    That's the ticket !!! 👍

  15. by oldedude on March 5, 2023 5:38 am
    Why don't you just say it, and say it loud. If pedojoe would have thought of this, it would be a huge answer to going green! AND (inclusively) I hate Trump and everyone that doesn't think like me and wish them all dead!

    Oh, my banana, key lime, olive, and grapefruit trees are already showing spring growth. And the pineapples are already on a good start. The rosemary, bay laurel tree, and others have been producing all season. We trade with family and neighbors. We do those, they give us (mostly) other herbs, and we get about a dozen eggs a week.

  16. by islander on March 5, 2023 5:44 am

    To see what we should actually be working toward as far as our what our future cities should be like from we progressive's perspective vs Donald Trump's, watch David Attenborough's documentary, "Life on Our Planet". If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it on Netflix and other streaming venues I'm sure.

    I can guarantee you'll be glad you did !! 👍
    View Video

  17. by Curt_Anderson on March 5, 2023 8:55 am
    OD, you stumbled upon an actually good point. How enthusiastic and supportive would you be about futuristic freedom cities if it were Joe Biden who proposed it?

    I would still think it’s a terrible idea.

  18. by oldedude on March 5, 2023 9:10 am
    I think putting all the creators in one place that can interact is an excellent idea. It's done a lot in several places I worked, including the military (that's so stupid they aren't allowed to think). We're spinning our wheels and throwing away money on "green" stuff, and not looking at what works. Why? Because companies don't want to take a billion dollar chance when they don't know what law is going to kill them next.

    We also need to realize where raw materials are coming from. Because of isolationists, we are now lost on them. Africa and Central/South America is being raped by the Chinese of all minerals we need for technology. Question. Can we use coal for another source of technology? Neither of us has that answer. But there is so much focus on "coal and coal miners are the spawn of Satan" that we may be losing sight of other things.

  19. by Ponderer on March 5, 2023 12:58 pm

    You can't just build a city somewhere and expect it to just become a city. The birth and growth of a city is almost as organic a thing as life itself.

    34 Unforgettable Photos Of China’s Massive, Uninhabited Ghost Cities

    The country's ambitious plans for urban growth have led to more than 50 abandoned cities whose empty buildings paint a dystopian landscape.

    Extravagant monuments, spacious parks, modern buildings, and interconnected roads would all seem to indicate a bustling metropolis. But in China, there is an increasing number of uninhabited "ghost" cities that seem to have been abandoned after years of construction.

    It is unclear how many of these Chinese ghost cities currently exist, but estimates put the number as high as 50 municipalities.

    Some of these cities have yet to be completed while others are fully functioning metropolises, save for the lack of residents. The occurrence of these ghost cities across China has, unsurprisingly, attracted significant attention from international observers.

    "All of them are bizarre, all of them are surreal. There's no other way to describe a city meant for thousands of people that's just completely empty," explained Samuel Stevenson-Yang, a photographer working to document this modern Chinese phenomenon, in an interview with ABC Australia.

  20. by oldedude on March 5, 2023 5:20 pm
    maybe it's because you compared us to your Communist states. The difference is these creators are not the lap dogs of the government? maybe?

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