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How much of an advantage is home court in the NBA?
By Curt Anderson
February 17, 2021 9:22 pm
Category: Sports

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If all things were equal, NBA teams would win half of their road games and half of the home games. Of course all things are not equal. In this season of Coronavirus even in empty arenas home teams and the players have the advantage of home cooking, sleeping in their own bed and downtime with their wives, girlfriends and families. In the tan chart below, this year home teams have won 52.77% of their games this season. Even without supportive fans, the home court advantage appears to be worth an extra two or three percent in the win column.

In 2018-2019, the last complete NBA season with no COVID games played in front of empty arenas, home teams won 59.26% of their games. See the grey chart below. Home teams with a crowd in attendance have about a four and half percent advantage. It's a near certainty that cheering fans influence the players' performance and probably the officials calls.

For teams on average over the course of a full 82 game NBA season, in which 41 game are played at home, playing on the home court is worth one extra win. The fans in attendance can be credited with an extra four wins per season.

Milwaukee Bucks60223382714
Toronto Raptors58243292615
Philadelphia 76ers513131102021
Boston Celtics493328132120
Indiana Pacers483429121922
Brooklyn Nets424023181922
Orlando Magic424025161724
Detroit Pistons414126151526
Charlotte Hornets394325161427
Miami Heat394319222021
Washington Wizards325022191031
Atlanta Hawks295317241229
Chicago Bulls22609321328
Cleveland Cavaliers19631328635
New York Knicks1765932833
Golden State Warriors572530112714
Denver Nuggets54283472021
Portland Trail Blazers53293292120
Houston Rockets532931102219
Utah Jazz503229122120
Oklahoma City Thunder493327142219
San Antonio Spurs48343291625
LA Clippers483426152219
Sacramento Kings394324171526
Los Angeles Lakers374522191526
Minnesota Timberwolves364625161130
Memphis Grizzlies334921201229
New Orleans Pelicans334919221427
Dallas Mavericks33492417932
Phoenix Suns19631229734

Philadelphia 76ers191012278
Brooklyn Nets181211577
Milwaukee Bucks16129379
Indiana Pacers14147975
Boston Celtics14147579
New York Knicks141676710
Toronto Raptorss13156679
Charlotte Hornets13158857
Atlanta Hawks12166967
Chicago Bulls11154976
Miami Heat11167749
Orlando Magic111868510
Cleveland Cavaliers101977312
Washington Wizards8174948
Detroit Pistons81968211
Utah Jazz235132103
Los Angeles Lakers22794133
LA Clippers218104114
Portland Trail Blazers17108595
Phoenix Suns171010575
San Antonio Spurs16117893
Denver Nuggets15128676
Golden State Warriors151310657
Memphis Grizzlies11124874
Dallas Mavericks13156877
New Orleans Pelicans121575510
Sacramento Kings121571055
Oklahoma City Thunder11164977
Houston Rockets111756611
Minnesota Timberwolves72149312

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