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Tara Reade defects to Russia.
Weird by Curt_Anderson     May 30, 2023 3:34 pm (Rating: 5.0) Last comment by: Curt_Anderson (8 comments) [124 views]

Unsolicited commentary on Bud Light
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Democrats, Republicans Reached A Tentative Debt Ceiling Agreement
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Brutal: Ted Cruz Educates AOC
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McCarthy threatens Wray with contempt
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Kari Lake is either ignorant or judges that the supporters she bilks are ignorant.
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Transgender high school athletes no-show state track championships following backlash
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The debt ceiling compromise
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A Fair And Inclusive Solution For Transgender Women In Sports
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Outrage grows as Kohl's stores offer LGBTQ clothing for babies as the outlet is the latest to face backlash over woke merchandise
Business by HatetheSwamp     May 30, 2023 7:18 am (Rating: 0.0) Last comment by: (0 comments) [5 views]

Travel selectors, pages, etc.
Our out of town getaway.
By Curt_Anderson
March 16, 2022 7:02 pm
Category: Travel

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Donna, in another thread, hinted that she and ponderer may be on vacation. We just returned from a 6-day trip to Las Vegas. The purpose of our trip was to see our son graduate from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Academy which he did with honors.

We also did some of the touristy things including traipsing up and down the Las Vegas Strip and seeing Cirque du Soleil's Beatles tribute, "Love", which was spectacular. We did not gamble a single penny by the way. We had some excellent meals and the prices were reasonable. Sin City is a hospitality center. The service was above par everywhere we ate.

We also did experience nature without all the glitz and glamor including seeing the Hoover Dam and hiking around an area known as Fire Valley State Park. Fire Valley is filled with some oddly shaped, towering red rocks that look like a scene from Star Wars.

We stayed in a very pleasant and affordable Airbnb a few miles off the Strip. When we weren't with our son we got around town using Ubers which were super convenient and very affordable.

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Comments on "Our out of town getaway.":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on March 17, 2022 3:05 am

    Do you remember the episode in which Gomer Pyle, USMC entered a contest and won a trip for two to Las Vegas?

    He took Sgt. Carter and they, among other things, visited Hoover Dam.

    Good times.

    Congrats to your son. Blue lives matter.

  2. by Donna on March 17, 2022 7:27 am
    I'm glad you had a nice trip, Curt. Congratulations to your son!

    Btw I included that remark because I remembered Hts saying that he and Evie were on a driving trip.

  3. by islander on March 17, 2022 7:41 am

    Congrats to your son Curt !

    We've got several members of Law Enforcement sprinkled throughout my own family.

    Sounds like you had a great trip. We'll be heading out on our first trip away from home since the pandemic began in May. Not too far (we'll be traveling and staying in New England)!

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