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Exclusive: Madison Cawthorn photos reveal him wearing women’s lingerie in public setting

By Curt_Anderson
April 23, 2022 10:45 pm
Category: Personality
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Photographs obtained by POLITICO appear to show Madison Cawthorn, the embattled Republican congressman from North Carolina who recently accused his GOP colleagues of inviting him to orgies, wearing lingerie in what appears to be a party setting.

Cawthorn, 26, was raised in a conservative Baptist community in Henderson County, North Carolina, and has staked his political persona on arch-traditional Christian principles and the insistence of the importance of a kind of hypermasculinity. His comments about “the sexual perversion” in Washington made on a podcast, which he later admitted were exaggerated, drew the public disapproval and disavowal of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as well as other Republican leaders including those in his North Carolina congressional caucus.

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  1. by Donna on April 24, 2022 12:51 am
    LOL! That archetype pops up now and then.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on April 24, 2022 3:50 am

    Cawthorn is an unusual figure but could you explain to me how what he does privately is your concern!

    I'm trying not to use the adjective, hypocritical, to describe you but, oops. I did anyway.

  3. by Donna on April 24, 2022 7:53 am
    If you were speaking to me, I personally have no problem with what Mr. Cawthorn does in his private life. I was just saying that -- and I have no idea if this applies to Mr. Cawthorn; it just reminded me of it -- that the anti-but-secretly-LGBTQ archetype is something we've all seen before.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on April 24, 2022 8:00 am

    the anti-but-secretly-LGBTQ archetype...

    Are you declaring that's what's going on here. It seems to me that you are.

  5. by Donna on April 24, 2022 8:13 am
    No, and if you take a deep breath and go back and re-read what I just posted, you will see that.

  6. by Curt_Anderson on April 24, 2022 9:23 am
    Madison Cawthorne is your standard issue GOP hypocrite. Republicans have made a living attacking transsexuals, transvestites and gay people.

  7. by Donna on April 24, 2022 10:05 am
    True, but Cawthorn might have just been goofing around. That photo was taken on a cruise. I know hetero men who have worn women's clothing for a laugh. There are even straight guys who do drag.

  8. by Curt_Anderson on April 24, 2022 10:50 am
    The lingerie photo is at odds with his hyper-masculine, anti-gay "agenda" image. It will cause cognitive dissonance among at least some of his supporters.

  9. by Donna on April 24, 2022 2:12 pm
    Even hyper-masculine guys do silly things, especially under the influence of alcohol.

    When I started transitioning, one of my older brothers - the Naval Academy graduate - no doubt about his masculinity - told me a story about how he and some other guys were performing a sketch, can't remember where, and he said they all dressed up as women, the audience loved it, everyone had a laugh, they were done with it, and it didn't become part of their lives. I guess he told me that assuming that I was just like him. Even my conservative-to-the-core dad dressed up like a woman for a party when he was a young man.

    You oughta let down what remains of your hair and try it sometime, Curt!

  10. by Curt_Anderson on April 24, 2022 2:31 pm
    Thanks for the invitation, but I am quite comfortable wearing shirts with buttons on the right side and pants with functional pockets.

  11. by Curt_Anderson on May 8, 2022 9:03 am
    I bet there are no photographs of Donna's brother nude in bed with another man being "crass". As the story link below reports these are appearing in campaign ads.

    It's always amazed me that people who decide to go into public life seem often to be oblivious to their own recorded embarrassing personal history.

  12. by Donna on May 8, 2022 9:20 am
    Not that I'm aware of, Curt.

    "Our new friend Madison Cawthorn is back in the news," Maher says in the segment, after a brief mention of the recent attack on comedian Dave Chappelle. "Not sure if you're familiar with this guy, he's kinda new on the scene, very young, under thirty ... Christian conservative ... keeps getting caught doing things that don't exactly seem Christian conservative."

    This is in reference to the latest in a string of incidents in which Cawthorn is engaging in what would appear to be gay activity. Cawthorn was most recently in the news being asked to explain the context of a video leaked by American Muckrakers PAC that shows Cawthorn naked in bed with another male thrusting his crotch in his face.

    Cawthorn responded to the video in a tweet saying:

    "A new hit against me just dropped.

    Years ago, in this video, I was being crass with a friend, trying to be funny.

    We were acting foolish, and joking.

    That's it.

    I'm NOT backing down.

    I told you there would be a drip drip campaign.

    Blackmail won't win. We will."

    "This week there's a new video of him out naked, straddling another man's face and thrusting his pelvis into it," Maher continues in the segment on Cawthorn. "The Pornhub title was Republican f**kface f**ks face."

  13. by Curt_Anderson on May 8, 2022 1:16 pm
    Btw, that's not blackmail. Blackmail is when somebody says they have a photo of you in bed with another man being "crass". If the blackmail victim doesn't fork over the money, the photos will be made in public so your conservative Christian constituents will see them.

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