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For comedic reasons I am glad the election was close.

By Curt Anderson
November 9, 2020 7:35 pm
Category: Politics

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I'm glad in a way that the election was just close enough for Donald Trump to think but he had a fighting chance with the remaining undecided states. The future worst president of the United States is on his way out as he spent his entire presidency: lying and whining.

Since election night, Trump has spent his time---when he's not golfing---rage tweeting. Check out the link below to his Twitter feed: most of his recent posts have been flagged for being untruthful. He is pathetically threatening legal action to stay in office. He also makes the ludicrous claim that he won the election "by a lot". He lost by more than four million votes.

Trump gave a speech last week claiming that the election was rigged, that he was cheated and he "frankly" won the election. That is an insult to the hardworking election workers across the country, many of whom volunteer their time. Trump's speech was roundly denounced. It was denounced even by a few Republicans who are slowly developing spines. Trump doesn't attempt to explain why he alone, but not the other Republicans on the ballot, was cheated in the vote count. Congressional Republicans picked up seats.

Perhaps his disgraceful exit from the stage will be enough to awaken a few Trump voters that they voted not just for a bad president but a very flawed person. He is the epitome of what we teach our kids NOT to be.

Had it been a Biden landslide we'd have been denied comedy gold like this:
The Trump campaign thought they were reserving a spot at the upscale Four Seasons Hotel. The Notorious Rudy G. addressed reporters in a parking lot, in front of a garage door amid bags of fertilizer at Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Oops! Wrong Four Seasons! The press conference tool place next to a sex shop.

It was probably no coincidence that the first person who Giuliani, the attorney for Trump, called up as a witness to baseless allegations of vote counting shenanigans in Philadelphia during a press conference last week is a sex offender who for years has been a perennial candidate in New Jersey. The farcical fiasco was a perfect illustration of Team Trump's incompetence.
The scene was right out of political satire.

With Rudy in charge of Trump's legal challenge to the election results, Biden has nothing to worry about. I for one look forward to Team Trump's courtroom comedy. I expect them to be laughed out of court.

More news from "America's Biggest Loser"
An adviser for President Donald Trump's campaign, David Bossie, has tested positive for coronavirus only days after he was tapped to oversee the campaign's legal challenges contesting the outcome of the election, two sources confirmed to CNN.

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