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Politics selectors, pages, etc.
Putinís new anti-LGBT law has the craziest of reasons
By Curt_Anderson
December 22, 2022 10:30 am
Category: Politics

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The Russian theory is that western elites are encouraging gay marriage because they want to stop normal biological reproduction. Their theory continues with the notion that once normal biological reproduction has stopped according to them in a couple of generations, that a new species of subservient humans will be created through genetic engineering. These genetically developed humans will presumably be some sort of mindless zombies helping to maintain the current status quo in which western elites rule the world.

Read the article at the link below.

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Comments on "Putinís new anti-LGBT law has the craziest of reasons":

  1. by Donna on December 22, 2022 10:39 am

    He's gone off the deep end. There's a lot of that going around including here in America and all over the world.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on December 23, 2022 4:53 am

    C'mon Donna!

    The U.S. birth rate has fallen by 20% since 2007.

    Back in the day, before SSM was foisted on the nation by the Supreme Court, pb made a number of predictions.

    One was that SSM would only become law in the US if it was foisted by the Court. Bingo!

    Another? Birth rates will decline. And, duh! Putin is only observing what people with brains knew all along...and what is, now, obvious, undeniable, statistical truth.

  3. by oldedude on December 23, 2022 6:01 am
    Rule of thumb for the Russian Government. Everything you would expect our government to do in the 1950's, is likely for them. While we were going through our "hoover years," the height of the Klan, rise of nationalism, etcetcetc... the government is now living. The nationalism Hitler used for WWII, is seen now. The Russian government want nothing more than to relive the heyday of the Soviet empire. Putin and others like him are on that trajectory of reclaiming everything (including the countries they "lost") they had then.

    The people think more like Europeans than living under a dictator. So while the culture is moving forward, the government and Autocratic rule is not. Ergo, Pussy Riot, members have been arrested and harassed.

    So this isn't any surprise to me. He's been doing this same sort of thing for the past 20(ish) years. The LGBTQ community is seen as counter to the perfect Russian "citizen," who know their "position" in the government.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on December 23, 2022 6:38 am


    I think that Russia is as much Asia as it is Europe. The reticence in adopting woke Western notions of sexuality reflects the reality that it's not entirely Western. Remember that what Americans accept as enlightened thinking is still considered deviant among most of the people of the world. Wokesters love to remind American conservatives that the US ain't the center of the world...until you ask the woke to respect the people of Africa, the Middle East, and much of Asia and South America as far as issues of gender and sexuality are concerned.

  5. by oldedude on December 23, 2022 9:47 pm
    I really made an attempt at 9am to say something... There was the 2 year Blond/blue eyed bomb that got to babushka's (бабушка) and deydushka's (дедушка)" house. He's great, but a handful.

    Regarding the Eurosex stuff.

    Remember, Putin is a Stalinist First, then a Marxist. He believes the "Great Russian Citizen" is a white person with defined roles within the government.

    MEN are to be good persons. Work hard for the common good and accept their role in the government.

    WOMEN. Are to be glorious women that are hard workers and also bear children for the common good (key term here).

    Women can rise in the party, but only so far. The exceptions to this is Kim Jung Un's wife that is rising and people fear her for her ability to make death a very painful process and his sister. Also the Mayor of Moscow (died "unexpectedly"), Elena Baturina. Hunter layered, laundered, and structured $3.5MIL for her according to bank records.

    Putin has had a wife (still) and several concubines. So there's that.

    So no one cares in the country if you have sex, if you're a "good citizen."

    These "expectations" are roughly what Hitler envisioned for the "perfect" German.

    My point was that the Europeans are in control. Blacks are not wanted and the Russian government (and slightly lessor degree, the citizenry) hold this to be true. As far as gays? People are banished from families for being gay. Especially men. (Women can be "reeducated"). Of course, we are talking about a country. I haven't heard that they are throwing men off of buildings, or stoning women. And I would absolutely agree that the citizens have a different view.

  6. by HatetheSwamp on December 24, 2022 3:57 am


    Your description of the Russian mindset, and the Putin era variant, is accurate, IMO. Russia is unique in the much so as is the United States.

    I'll repeat, though, that the Russian view of sexuality and gender is the majority view in the world, BY FAR, and that progressive multiculturalists, become monoculturalists where their, well, hedoism, is concerned.

    The "article" that Curt linked to, from THE HILL no less, was not an article, i.e., it didn't purport to recount fact. It was an editorial. It was a rant. It was sanctimonious and angry. It was anything but objective.

    I'm beginning to wonder if progressives these days even know the difference between the reporting of fact and propaganda.

  7. by oldedude on December 24, 2022 5:32 am
    I agree with that also. My daughter in law (the Russian) said one time, there are two things she worries about the most. 1. That her children would even date a black person (Latinos are also on that list because they're not "pure"). and two, (the big one) if "they would turn out to be a gay person." Of all of her friends, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, Polish, etc. From what I've heard from them, they're pretty much the same way. They don't care if someone is (they all get along well with a lesbian couple that have come down here a few times a year), but just not her kids.

    Again, this is the US in the 50's. Kids are expected to have grandchildren. I think, like the US, couples are waiting longer to marry. And over there, it's frowned upon by the government (and not recognized) to have a religious wedding, so there's that. Those that are religious, are generally Russian Orthodox, which still believes your heart is clutched by the devil if you're gay.

    Enter Putin. They are actually losing population. So given the beliefs, it's an easy target for him.

  8. by oldedude on December 24, 2022 9:25 pm
    My last post here was not to create any "issues." I hope people on the site know what I believe. But this is the "truth" in Russia. This is the indoctrination that I am afraid of for our future.

    In a discussion with my daughter-in-law today... I found out a tad more. She told me that she wasn't really "comfortable" with our lesbian friends. I'm more than a tad saddened she doesn't actually accept them. Obviously, they're going to be here as much as they have always been. They are friends. She needs to play the game. Or not. Sorry.

    Welcome to America. I don't believe in the exploitation of children. That is one of my absolutes. What a couple of adults is not in my (or the government's) license to question. Period. End of story.

    So happy Christmas (and Chanukkiah) "one and all!"

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Comment on: "Putinís new anti-LGBT law has the craziest of reasons"

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