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James Comer Seems to Forget He Said Hunter Biden Could ‘Choose’ Public Hearing
By Curt_Anderson
November 30, 2023 11:48 am
Category: Politics

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Regarding the Republicans' aversion to Hunter Biden testifying publicly in a committee hearing, it's not what James Comer was saying last month. Then he said, "we can bring these people in for depositions or committee hearings, whichever they choose, and we can ask these questions with evidence."

I posted what Comer said in the opening post of the thread linked below.

I wrote the above in the "Raskin rips GOP for not agreeing to open hearing for Hunter Biden" thread. I am glad to see the media noticed that Comer reneged on his offer of last month.

So what are Comer and Republicans trying to hide? My guess is that they don't want a public hearing which will expose the paucity of their evidence and their weak case.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) flat-out rejected Hunter Biden’s offer on Tuesday to testify in a public hearing, claiming the president’s son “is trying to play by his own rules instead of following the rules required of everyone else.”

However, just a few weeks ago Comer insisted that those subpoenaed in the Biden impeachment inquiry could “choose” between appearing for a deposition or a committee hearing.

Responding to House Republicans’ recent subpoena of Hunter Biden, the first son’s lawyer Abbe Lowell countered Comer’s offer to meet behind closed doors. In a three-page letter, Lowell flagged several instances in which the chairman had basically dared the presidential scion to testify before Congress.

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Comments on "James Comer Seems to Forget He Said Hunter Biden Could ‘Choose’ Public Hearing":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on November 30, 2023 12:03 pm

    Abbe Lowell is pretty sharp...for a Jew, eh, po!!!!!?

  2. by oldedude on November 30, 2023 12:36 pm
    Again, this isn't a hearing. Or a trial. We're in an investigation phase. Please read my other posts on the differences.

  3. by Curt_Anderson on November 30, 2023 1:07 pm
    Why does it matter if it's a hearing, an investigation, a trial, an inquisition or a dance concert?

    Comer gave Hunter Biden the choice to appear before the committee behind closed doors or in a public hearing. Hunter chose the public hearing.

    Now the Republicans don't want the public to hear Hunter's testimony complete and unfiltered. The interrogators (the committee) have the advantage over the defendant/witness (Hunter) since they are asking the questions, yet the Republicans seem scared. Any impartial observer would conclude that Comer doesn't want the public to see they got nothing. So far Comer and company have been running a Joe McCarthy style campaign of innuendoes and unfounded allegations--accompanied by supposedly impressive numbers. They must know their case will wilt in the sunlight.

    It's funny how the Republicans just surrendered whatever moral high ground they had. Now they are ones who appear to have something to hide.

  4. by Curt_Anderson on November 30, 2023 1:20 pm
    This is not looking good for Republican hypocrites (excuse the redundancy).

    Read the editorial from the Arizona Republic:

    Hunter Biden is making Republican Rep. Andy Biggs look like a wuss
    Opinion: Biden agreed to appear live, on TV, before a House committee, something Biggs refused to do concerning the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

    Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs, in an epic display of political chutzpah, is bashing Hunter Biden for agreeing to do something that Biggs was too chicken-hearted to do:

    Appear. Live. In public. Before a congressional committee.

    Biggs has had a Hunter Biden obsession for years, hoping to smear President Joe Biden by way of his son while simultaneously obscuring the fact from Arizona voters that Biggs accomplishes, essentially, nothing in Congress.

    The Arizona congressman is a member of the Republican-controlled House Oversight Committee, which subpoenaed Hunter Biden as part of an impeachment inquiry against President Biden that is meant to simultaneously obscure the fact from voters that the entire GOP-controlled House has accomplished, essentially, nothing. (continued at link)

  5. by Curt_Anderson on November 30, 2023 2:12 pm
    Republicans don't want Hunter Biden to testify publicly because truth is scary
    Does Hunter Biden have any idea how hard it is to manipulate and distort facts when you let the person you're trying to impugn share actual information that might undermine your misinformation?

    Hunter Biden surprised Republican investigators Tuesday by offering to cooperate with the House's impeachment inquiry and testify publicly about foreign business deals he was involved in while his father, President Joe Biden, was vice president. Many GOP officials recoiled at this idea, so I have prepared a sensible statement they can release explaining why hearing from the man they've been itching to hear from is actually a terrible idea:

    As a staunch Republican and full-throated supporter of the effort to impeach President Joe Biden for various undetermined things, I implore House Republicans to not allow the president’s son, Hunter Biden, to publicly testify.

    While we have been calling on the younger Biden to testify for months, we did not expect he would agree to do so, much less request that his testimony be made in an open hearing. Continued...

  6. by oldedude on November 30, 2023 6:12 pm
    WhyTF do you have Rex Huppke talking for you. I don't know who he is nor do I really care. He ranting about the GOP. Great. He's from USA Today. Not a stretch for them. Why don't you tell us, then fill in with facts? This is something I try to do so you understand a point (which is seriously lacking here).

    And we don't know what you are saying and what he is saying. So I'm assuming it's all him.

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