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Ron DeSantis steals a page from the southern racist playbook
By Curt_Anderson
September 17, 2022 10:05 am
Category: Politics

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In the aftermath of the freedom rides in which northerners, many white college students, rode buses in support of southern Blacks who wanted their civil rights and an end to segregationist policies.

In response Southern racists tricked recently released Black prisoners and poor single mothers into believing they had jobs, housing and opportunities waiting for them up north. It was all a lie.

In the accompanying YouTube listen to the words of the architect of the reverse freedom ride. Ron DeSantis echoes that racist's language.

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Comments on "Ron DeSantis steals a page from the southern racist playbook":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on September 17, 2022 10:58 am

    Just Curious:

    Whose page did them "Everyone Welcome" white progressives steal from when they arranged for them darkies to be confined to a military base?

  2. by Curt_Anderson on September 17, 2022 11:07 am
    They were not "confined" to the military base. They are free to come and go as a wish. It was the nearest available housing where immigrants could stay together with their families at no cost. Any immigrants who preferred to stay elsewhere are able to. Incidentally in 1962 when the racist shipped impoverished blacks to hyannisport they received a similar welcoming treatment on Cape cod and were housed in the same barracks.

  3. by HatetheSwamp on September 17, 2022 11:13 am

    You are such a progressive Good German.

    I'm certain that a Country Club could have been made available to provide housing to the asylum seekers. After all, Everyone is Welcome.

  4. by Donna on September 17, 2022 2:20 pm

    A Republican friend of mine has been peddling the same talking points on FB. The narrative the Republican Party is pushing is that the coldhearted wealthy elitist Democrats of Martha's Vineyard rejected those immigrants and made them scram, but the facts run counter to that, but the Republican disinformation mill is counting on their fans not researching what actually happened.

  5. by HatetheSwamp on September 17, 2022 2:26 pm

    A link from a non-ideological source?

  6. by oldedude on September 17, 2022 2:51 pm
    So if the "facts" are counter to that, why not educate us? All I saw was they whined and were little biatches about this whole thing. So they had their servants (probably illegals) make some food, paid their butlers to buy some comfort items, and arranged with the governor to excise them out of the area. Am I missing something?

  7. by Donna on September 17, 2022 3:42 pm

    I'm well aware that the Republican talking points you guys are getting your information from were designed to reduce the entire island of Martha's Vineyard to a politically convenient caricature of affluent, selfish, hypocritical Democrats.

    If you want to believe politicized garbage, I can't stop you, but what most journalists are reporting is that residents there came together and accommidated the migrants with food and shelter before the governor relocated them to Cape Cod, which is setup better to handle migrants.

    Of course that's not to say that every resident of MV was pleased with the migrants. I haven't read any complaints, but it's logical to assume that, as would happen anywhere, probably not everyone was onboard with helping those migrants.

  8. by HatetheSwamp on September 17, 2022 4:03 pm

    I'm well aware that the Republican talking points you guys are getting...

    I don't believe that for a minute! If you'd genuinely exposed yourself to right wing media, Sheri would have had to rush you to an ER and you'd be in a psych ward right now, probably in a straight jacket, under suicide watch!

    We all know that. Ain't, OD!!!!!?

    I'm not consuming GOP talking points but I can figure out for myself that DeSantis baited the white progressive hypocrites in that sanctuary haven of Martha's Vineyard and EVERYONE one the left fell for it.

    He staked out a place for himself in the GOP pantheon.

  9. by oldedude on September 18, 2022 9:03 am
    You notice the "response" was less than factual, and uses the usual dim "I feel" phrasing.

  10. by Ponderer on September 18, 2022 9:23 am

    Bill, Donna is well aware of the Republican talking points you are getting because you come in here and instantly regurgitate them all over the place without fail. You are like a Reader's Digest for Fox news. And other news sources cover what's going on at Fox also.

    You think that just because you paraphrase Fox's pig-ignorant idiocy with your own particular brand of pig-ignorant idiocy that you've provided something different and not at all derivative. You're fooling yourself. Your sources are extremely blatant and you aren't really adding or changing anything of their coverage. You're a parrot with an accent.

    olde dude is lamer at it though, I'll have to say. He can't do it without piling on irrelevant non sequiturs by the page full. His sources of pig-ignortant idiocy are garnered from a far wider range than yours, so he has more to regurgitate apparently.

  11. by HatetheSwamp on September 18, 2022 9:27 am


    DeSantis is playing the entirety of the Blue Swampcult like a fiddle.

  12. by Ponderer on September 18, 2022 10:38 am

    "DeSantis is playing the entirety of the Blue Swampcult like a fiddle." -Hate

    Oh you pitiful, shamelessly gullible boob.

    Why on Earth would he give a flying rat's ass about what the blue folk think about him? They aren't ever gonna vote for him. Sticking it to the blue side does nothing directly for his benefit. There's only one reason that he would be so theatrical and over the top with his public persona right now in dishing up whatever the despicable blue plate special of the day happens to be...

    He's doing this all for YOU, you projecting, willfully blind ignoramus!

    He's doing this kind of inhuman bullshit to feed and hook YOU. How ignorant and oblivious can you be? You and all the other MAGA hats like you obviously and desperately want what you have now wonderfully immortalized DeSanis for all eternity in SelecctSmart as "Trump 2.0".

    (Thank you, btw! I shall never let it be forgotten who rightfully owns authorship of that moniker.)

    You sociopathic, immoral, non-empathetic, bigoted, paranoid morons ACTUALLY WANT someone who will treat immigrants like used toilet paper. Look at how you and the Republican party are cheering and applauding him for it. And he's serving it all up to you with a free side of bacon just as fast as you can stuff it down your rapacious, bottomless gullets.

    He's playing all you MAGA hats not just like a fiddle, but like he's the conductor of an entire full orchestra for fukk sake! (And boy are you keeping excellent time!)



  13. by HatetheSwamp on September 18, 2022 11:13 am

    po, po, po.

    He's doing it because he can. You Blues are the real haters. You have no restraint.

    As I said earlier, the GOPs are going to announce their Commitment to America on Tuesday, pb thinks.

    A key emphasis will be border security. DeSantis is just getting out ahead of it. He's well on his way to being hated by youz as much as you hate OrangeMan.

    He's already controlling you like a clan of Muppets. And, you're helpless. And, over here?, it's fun to watch.

    But, honestly, the truth remains that GOPs have been sending illegals to cities with majority people of color populations for months...with little notice.

    But, send them to a place where progressive white elites live?, and, all hades erupts.

    You, as a group, are such bigots.

    Who's this being done for? Moderates. Independents. Who can now see the truth about you.

    They'll settle this election.

  14. by Ponderer on September 18, 2022 11:49 am

    He's "controlling" us because he does something heinous and inhuman and we react as such behavior warrants...?

    You're desperate

    "But, honestly, the truth remains that GOPs have been sending illegals to cities with majority people of color populations for months...with little notice." -Hate

    Sure. And there was always prior notice so that there would be someone there to accept and deal with them. They were not lied to and despicably dumped, unannounced, in the middle of a deserted post-season beach town.

    AGAIN with the inequitable comparisons...

  15. by Ponderer on September 18, 2022 11:51 am

    You actually think that Trump 2.0 isn't losing independents with this sociopathic crap?


  16. by Ponderer on September 18, 2022 12:02 pm

    Trump 2.0 isn't gonna make it in a national election.

    You see the thing is, people weren't really accustomed to anyone like the Original Trump. That's why so many fell for his flaming bullshit.

    People are going to see Trump 2.0 for what he really is. They're going to be much more educated in recognizing a grift when they see one. They are going to have something to compare him to this time.

    Whereas that is a great thing for you MAGA hats and you see a Trump clone running for president as a plus, the rest of the country who elected Biden instead of Original Trump in '20 certainly aren't going to be as smitten with Trump 2.0 as you morons are.

    For most of the country, the idea of a a Trump redux... in any form... is nauseating.

    You'll see.

  17. by oldedude on September 18, 2022 2:56 pm
    Interesting. We were in lock down for 3 weeks during the years of COVID. We did have the third highest infection rate, but in deaths we were in the middle third of the states. Not bad for a population that is fraught with retirees including a very high percentage of those with autoimmune issues. Our small businesses were doing better than most states because they could actually be open without big brother's 1984 limitations. He is protecting our children in the education system. We have an abortion law that when Donna and I spoke about it, seems reasonable (after 14 weeks, or after the first trimester). This is approximately what most European countries have. He's worked successfully with both sides of the isle and gotten many things done for the good of the entire state through compromise, something pedojoe can't do (unless bribery is an acceptable political maneuver).

    He is active in Special Olympics and has a child that is special needs. His wife just got done with the whole cancer routine successfully. He also doesn't stroke children's hair or shoulders in public. You don't see them being uncomfortable and moving away from him in public. He is still a reservist in the US Navy and was deployed as an advisor to SEAL TEAM 1 in 2007. He also got his JD from Harvard.

    So quite different than Trump.

  18. by Donna on September 18, 2022 6:21 pm

    Florida has the 14th highest COVID per capita death rate in the US - not horrible, but nothing to brag about.

    My new state, Arizona, has the 2nd highest, which IS horrible.

    The states with the highest COVID per capita death rates are overwhelmingly red.

  19. by oldedude on September 18, 2022 8:21 pm
    You also have to look at the Native American population for AZ, NM, SD, and the great lakes area..

    The top 10 according to Stastica
    1. CA
    2. TX
    3. FL
    4. NY
    5. PA
    6. GA
    7. OH
    8. IL
    9. MI
    10. NJ

  20. by oldedude on September 18, 2022 8:29 pm

    2. TX
    3. FL
    5. PA
    6. GA
    7. OH

    1. CA
    4. NY
    8. IL
    9. MI
    10. NJ

  21. by Curt_Anderson on September 18, 2022 10:46 pm
    Those Statista numbers above aren't very useful in making any sort of political observation. They are the total number of COVID deaths by state. Naturally the biggest population states have the most COVID deaths. Of course, the bottom of the list are the states with the smallest populations.

    Death rates from COVID-19 in the United States as of September 12, 2022
    Here are the states (plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico) in order of most COVID deaths per 100,000 people.
    1 Mississippi
    2 Arizona
    3 Oklahoma
    4 Alabama
    5 West Virginia
    6 New Mexico
    7 Tennessee
    8 Arkansas
    9 New Jersey
    10 Louisiana
    11 Michigan
    12 Kentucky
    13 Georgia
    14 Florida
    15 Nevada
    16 New York
    17 Pennsylvania
    18 Indiana
    19 South Carolina
    20 Missouri
    21 Rhode Island
    22 South Dakota
    23 Ohio
    24 Montana
    25 Wyoming
    26 Connecticut
    27 Delaware
    28 Iowa
    29 Texas
    30 Massachusetts
    31 Illinois
    32 Kansas
    33 North Dakota
    34 Idaho
    35 Wisconsin
    36 Virginia
    37 Maryland
    38 North Carolina
    39 California
    40 Minnesota
    41 Nebraska
    42 Colorado
    43 Oregon
    44 New Hampshire
    45 District of Columbia
    46 Maine
    47 Washington
    48 Alaska
    49 Puerto Rico
    50 Utah
    51 Hawaii
    52 Vermont

  22. by HatetheSwamp on September 19, 2022 5:55 am

    Interestingly, states in warm climes, generally, seem to have the higher death rates.

  23. by Donna on September 19, 2022 4:04 pm

    What's funny, Curt, is that you actually had to point that out to him.

  24. by HatetheSwamp on September 20, 2022 3:55 am

    What strikes me, in a general way, about the list...

    ...but, I think it splains tons about the difference between Big Bro Blues and libertarian-ish Reds:

    Reds are about living. Blues are about a strong, centralized governmental authority keeping people from not dying.

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