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Requiring Covid vaccinations could be good for business

By Curt Anderson
August 2, 2021 7:20 pm
Category: Food & Beverages
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All the people in my circle are vaccinated and we all avoid indoor dining and drinking establishments. Being vaccinated offers good but not total protection from Covid if a person unknowingly is mingling with unvaccinated and contagious people. If everybody in the place is vaccinated the risk drops down to one percent or less. That's an acceptable risk.

( The new calculus...places less emphasis on the customers who may be lost when companies take a stand, and more emphasis on the customer loyalty that may be gained.

The change goes hand in hand with companies’ growing interest in stakeholder capitalism, in which their sense of purpose expands beyond creating shareholder value to encompass doing right by employees, customers, and society as a whole. Business leaders who envision their companies as a force for positive social change are more likely to be at peace with the prospect of losing a subset of customers (and their dollars) for the sake of the greater good.

There’s also a straightforward business case for asking customers to show proof of vaccination. Businesses don’t want to be forced to close in the wake of Covid outbreaks, particularly given the current spread of the delta variant. “Even though we may lose some guests, we’d rather take that hit right now than have to shut down again and put all our staff back on unemployment,” Los Angeles restaurant owner Paul Kalt told the Los Angeles Times.

And while businesses that require vaccinations could alienate potential patrons, they may also gain some customers who would otherwise be worried about the health risks involved in going to a crowded public space. The president of the Broadway League, for example, recently said that the vaccine policy at all 41 Broadway theaters “should give even more confidence to our guests about how seriously Broadway is taking audience safety.”

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