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A commonsense gun safety law proposal that even the NRA should not object to.

By Curt Anderson
March 29, 2021 10:24 pm
Category: Law

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During the years 2012 through 2019, 54,000 guns were stolen from gun dealers. Obviously those guns are in the wrong hands. It's a fair assumption that some of those 54,000 stolen guns were subsequently used in murders and other crimes. Either the gun thieves used the guns themselves or they sold the guns to criminals and others who could not buy guns legally.

The states with the most firearms stolen from gun dealers are in order:
1. Texas
2. Georgia
3. Florida
4. Alabama
5. North Carolina
6. Ohio
7. California
8. South Carolina
9. Mississippi
10. Tennessee
11. Missouri
12. Pennsylvania
13. Illinois
14. Arkansas
15. Indiana
16. Michigan
17. Virginia
18. Colorado
19. Arizona
20. Louisiana
21. Kentucky
22. Oklahoma
23. Washington
24. West Virginia
25. Nevada
26. Kansas
27. Maryland
28. New York
29. New Mexico
30. Wisconsin
31. Minnesota
32. Iowa
33. Oregon
34. Alaska
35. Utah
36. Massachusetts
37. Delaware
38. Maine
39. Montana
40. South Dakota
41. Idaho
42. Nebraska
43. North Dakota
44. Wyoming
45. Vermont
46. New Hampshire
47. Connecticut
48. New Jersey
49. Hawaii
50. Rhode Island

Some of the higher state rankings can be explained by the fact that some states have a greater population than others. Unfortunately, much of the rankings are because some states have lax laws regarding gun dealer security measures. Based on population size, Mississippi and Alabama for example, should not be among the top ten states with the most guns stolen from gun dealers.

Of all firearms stolen from gun dealers, about 80 percent of the guns were stolen in burglaries rather than robberies. Sufficient security measures would stop practically all burglaries and many of the robberies.

Federal and or state laws could be written to insist that gun stores be fortified against theft. The regulations could mandate the use of locked metal cabinets and safes, surveillance cameras and alarm systems, and short posts — known as bollards — staked outside to prevent thieves from ramming a car through the storefront. Gun dealers who don't comply would simply not be allowed to remain in business and/or they would be shut down fined until they do comply.

Restaurants are required to meet health standards, or the health inspector closes the joint. Plumbers, doctors, electricians, lawyers, contractors and many other people in other professions and trades are required to meet certain safety, health and competency standards stay in business. It's not too much to ask gun dealers that they meet certain requirements to protect society's safety and well-being. It is not a violation of anybody's Second Amendment rights.

Evidently some gun dealers calculate that it's cheaper to have their business insurance pay for their loss due to theft rather than to take steps to secure the firearms they sell from theft. That might make sense from a purely calculating business point of view but it's terrible public policy.

Write your state and national representatives and tell we need laws to make it harder for criminals to steal guns from gun dealers.

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