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  • What makes anyone think that Trump could fix the U.S. government?
  • How to really steal an election
  • No investigation?
  • What drives a person to become an internet troll?
  • Will Republicans finally boot the Trumpists out and make Liz Cheney the new Republican leader
  • THE CATHOLIC Church has spoken against an English priest who has been encouraging his parishioners to reject the Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Are you a black and white thinker
  • One case of Covid in population of 5 million
  • Understanding what's happening in Afghanistan
  • It appears that our withdrawal from Afghanistan is going smoother than what many had believed possible
  • History makes clear why we are seeing what's happening today.
  • Who or what is a "racist" ?
  • This is something everyone should read and understand
  • Are you in favor of Democracy?
  • Political orientation predicts science denial –
  • Most insurance plans stop waiving costs of COVID hospitalizations
  • What’s taking so long?
  • Heather tells it like it is
  • This will answer all the questions about Covid we've been discussing here.
  • Ever wonder about the origin of the phrase "Smoke Filled Room" ?
  • How long before Trump Republicans accept the fact that the election was not “stolen” and was not “rigged” ?
  • Why does it seem to be taking so long?
  • Trump will try to steal the election again in 2024
  • Cynicism and the real world
  • Posting an image
  • As Paul Harvey would say "Now for the rest of the story" !!
  • Now for the "good news" !!
  • When is a delay not really a delay?

  • Our battle begins in earnest !
  • What is our involvement with Ukraine all about?
  • For those who are retired
  • Three cheers !! It's about Time.
  • What happened to The Grand Old Party?
  • Things are moving right along as they should !
  • Biggining of the sanctions
  • Russia starts a war
  • Putin is not quite as brilliant as Trump thought he was!
  • President Biden and Professor Cox nailed it !!
  • If you really believe Biden suffering from dementia
  • Is the GOP finally waking up and shaking the cobwebs out their heads?
  • Russia and the world is leaning something !
  • Who would have ever thought !
  • The big problem
  • Republicans and Democracy

  • Should we establish a no fly zone over Ukraine?
  • Putin-style propaganda now defines Trump’s GOP
  • Orwellian doublespeak
  • Would or “could” Putin ever launch a nuclear attack?
  • Define woman
  • Just in the nick of time
  • News roundup of the week
  • Will the West eventually have to use military force to remove Russia from Ukraine?
  • Should we tell them?
  • This weeks latest news roundup
  • Democracy or Autocracy?
  • Thankfully, Trump was unable to completely dismantle NATO !
  • If you are a Republican !
  • Hitting home for a lot of Americans
  • Trump Dominates Ohio Republicans!!!
  • One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest !!

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