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Matt Gaetz says his GOP colleagues pushing the now indicted "highly credible confidential" source were a little "over-sauced".
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To set the record straight, GOPs are stoked for impeachment after Jim Biden's lies under oath
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So it really is Russia, Russia, Russia that helps Trump get elected
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HouseGOP Andy Biggs-AZ says, based on evidence, James Biden lied to the Oversight Committee
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Federal judge affirms MyPillow's Mike Lindell must pay $5M in election data dispute
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This week's news roundup !
By islander
October 27, 2022 6:31 am
Category: News

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N THE NEWS - “A book that names Donald Trump as “the son of man” and “the Christ” was promoted by its author at multiple rallies for the former U.S. president. True.” – Snopes

"No one of any party should be voting for people who are election deniers. Kari Lake and Mark Finchem in AZ are telling you that they'll only certify an election they agree with. And there's not a much graver threat to democracy than that." Liz Cheney

“According to MAGA Republicans- government should be a blunt instrument of power. Fascism, anyone? “In The Federalist, senior editor John Daniel Davidson announced, “We Need To Stop Calling Ourselves Conservatives.” “The conservative project has failed,” he wrote, “and conservatives need to forge a new political identity that reflects our revolutionary moment.” Western civilization is dying, he wrote, and to revive it, those on the right should “start thinking of themselves as radicals, restorationists, and counterrevolutionaries. Indeed, that is what they are, whether they embrace those labels or not.” They should, he said, stop focusing on the free-market economics and supply-side principles of the Reagan years and instead embrace the idea of wielding government power as “an instrument of renewal in American life… a blunt instrument indeed...” Heather Cox Richardson

“Over the weekend, the Maricopa County Elections Department announced that two people, both armed and dressed in tactical gear, stationed themselves near a ballot drop box in Mesa, Arizona. They left when law enforcement officers arrived. At least two voters later filed complaints of voter intimidation, both complaining that they were filmed dropping off ballots. One complained of being accused of “being a mule,” a reference to people who are allegedly paid to gather ballots and stuff drop boxes for Democratic candidates. Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates and Recorder Stephen Richer issued a statement: "We are deeply concerned about the safety of individuals who are exercising their constitutional right to vote and who are lawfully taking their early ballot to a drop box.... [V]igilantes outside Maricopa County's drop boxes are not increasing election integrity. Instead they are leading to voter intimidation complaints.” The presence of armed vigilantes outside of voting places is a scene directly out of the 1876 “redemption” of the South.” Heather Cox Richardson

McCarthy Warns GOP May Cut Back Ukraine Aid If Party Wins House – Bloomberg “By threatening to end US aid to Ukraine if he becomes speaker, McCarthy sent a signal to Putin that the Republican party is still willing to do his bidding if he helps them take back power.” Tweet

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday warned against the growing populist tide in the Republican Party as he admonished “Putin apologists” unwilling to stand up to the Russian leader over his assault on Ukraine. -AP

“According to Politifact, Republican presidents since Ronald Reagan have exploded deficits, while Democrats have brought deficits down. Reagan sent the deficit from $70 billion to $175 billion. George H.W. Bush took it to $300 billion. Bill Clinton—with help from Bush’s willingness to raise taxes—got the deficit to zero. George W. Bush took it back up to $1.2 trillion with unfunded wars. Barack Obama cut that back to $600 billion. And Trump’s tax cuts sent it skyrocketing again, even before pandemic spending sent it higher still. Biden emphasized that Republicans have told us what they will do if put back into power. They will pass massive tax cuts for the wealthy, after which they plan to repeal the administration’s actions—like the ability of Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act—that are bringing down the deficit. After their plan explodes the deficit again, they have said they would cut Medicare and Social Security.” -Heather Cox Richardson

“Data from Center for American Progress CAP, a think tank and advocacy organization, reinforces the message from a study released earlier this year by Third Way, a centrist Democratic group. That report found that per capita murder rates in 2020 were 40 percent higher in states that voted for Donald Trump than in those that voted for President Joe Biden.” -Fact check fox25

“In their year and a half in power, Democrats have put in place policies that are widely popular—indeed, the infrastructure projects provided for under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act are so popular that Republicans who voted against the law are nonetheless taking credit for them. Voters have long called for Medicare to be able to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies (83% in favor), now made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act, which also caps certain drug expenses, including the cost of insulin. Between 80 and 90% of Americans want basic gun control laws—the Democrats just passed the first one in decades—and a majority want funding for action against climate change (65%) and relief for educational debt (55%). Support for supplying Ukraine against Russia stands at 73%, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken in early October...”

...What has not been popular in the past year and a half, in fact, what has been quite unpopular, is the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health, overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. About 62% of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while only 8% believe it should be illegal in all cases, and 28% believe it should be illegal in most cases. Since June, when the Supreme Court handed down the Dobbs decision, the news has reported multiple cases of raped children unable to obtain abortions in their home states, girls and women unable to obtain medications to treat long-term illnesses because those drugs can also induce abortion, women diagnosed with cancer who cannot get treatment, women whose fetuses have conditions incompatible with life and who cannot terminate the pregnancy, and women whose health is at risk as they are unable to obtain the healthcare they need as they are miscarrying—all of this just as abortion rights advocates warned would happen if the court overturned Roe v. Wade. Since the Dobbs decision, Democrats have outperformed expectations in four special House elections and one state referendum.... Heather Cox Richardson

A GOP candidate running for an Arizona college district’s governing board, who had said he wanted children "protected from the progressive left" was arrested for masturbating in his truck outside of a preschool. Officials say it's too late to remove Randy Kaufman from the ballot. -huffpost

“At least six organizations have in recent days distanced themselves from Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, after making multiple antisemitic comments... Ye was restricted from Twitter and Instagram earlier this month after posting antisemitic messages, including saying he was "going death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE." In the fallout of his comments, Ye has said he will buy Parler, a Twitter-like social media app that has become a haven for conservatives. Ye said he's buying the platform to ensure people with conservative opinions "have the right to freely express ourselves." Axios
WaPo reports that Mar-a-Lago classified papers included US secrets about Iran and China. Iran’s missile program, and US intelligence work aimed at China were among the most sensitive material seized by the FBI.
"Trump doing his part to help crime soar-Contributing to high crime rates, Donald Trump is currently involved in 20 legal cases, seven of which are related to the Jan. 6 insurrection." -Daily advance

"White House renews assault weapons ban call after St. Louis school shooting- shooter had AR-15-style weapon, 600 rounds of ammo -A former student killed two people and wounded seven others in a St Louis high school before police fatally shot him in a gunfire exchange Monday, authorities said. St. Louis Police Chief Michael Sack identified the suspect at a news conference as 19-year-old Orlando Harris..." Axios

"Is Arizona's Kari Lake the most 'dangerous' politician in America? ...last weekend, Lake was sparring with Dana Bash live on CNN — and sparking yet another media tizzy by refusing to say that she will accept the result if she loses in November ...Lake has also suggested that the Second Amendment protects ownership of rocket launchers. She told a summit of young conservative women that “God did not create us to be equal to men.” She has threatened to imprison Hobbs for fictional election-rigging offenses. She has threatened to imprison journalists as well. She has appeared with QAnon-linked activists at campaign events. She has vowed to deport undocumented immigrants without federal approval. And she has accused Biden and the Democrats of harboring a “demonic agenda...” Yahoo News

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Comments on "This week's news roundup !":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on October 27, 2022 7:35 am

    I've said this before. It applies both to Teri and Heather who, clearly, are bright. Among the greatest tragedies in this life, in my mind, is a good mind lost...paralyzed by hate.

    According to MAGA Republicans- government should be a blunt instrument of power.

    So what is a MAGA Republican? Is that what Curt was calling the other day, a Trumpite?...of which Trump ain't one.

    Or, is MAGA a derogatory adjective applicable specifically to GOPs, like d@mn..."those d@mn Republicans."


    In your cult of hate, splain MAGA Republican. Is pb one. Is OD? Hmmmm?

  2. by oldedude on October 27, 2022 8:02 am
    Lead, this is where you see the true colors of the hate-filled left rhetoric.
    They are the neo-Nazis goose-stepping to the drumbeat of the left.

    Several times now, I've tried to explain the right actually wants to live by the constitution. Meaning SMALL central government. SMALL and law-abiding Federal and state agencies. Leaving me the hell alone. Allowing me to help raise grandchildren as I want, and I don't bother them raising their children.

    I can disagree without hatred. I disagree. That's all. It's kind of interesting. I'm considered a moderate liberal down here. Mostly because of my goose/ gander thought process. If it's wrong for you, then it's wrong for me. And I have core beliefs that I'm not going to waiver on. Those fall pretty much in line with the bill of rights or religion- based morals.

  3. by islander on October 27, 2022 8:07 am

    I can see how similar you and Trump are in your thinking, it’s no wonder you Trump voters are so enamored with him. You even sound like him when you try to copy him in your arguments!! I love how much you both try to project your own hate onto others! I guess that’s why you call yourself “HatetheSwamp” (The Swamp being us) LoL !!!

    When Bob Woodward asked Trump if part of the president’s job is to bring the country together, Trump agreed and said he’d love to do that... “I would love to do that, because I’ve oftentimes said that … you remember when I put out the Christmas greeting where I said, ‘Merry Christmas to all, even the haters’ ” 

    Of course when you two talk about the “haters” we know you are talking about us, the straight shooters, the folks who can see right through you and Trump and aren’t fooled one bit by your phony rhetoric! It has nothing to do with our hating anybody! 🤣

    We didn't make up the name MAGA. That's what the Trump voter's call themselves. If you want to know what it means simply ask one to explain it to you!

  4. by Donna on October 27, 2022 8:11 am

    Thanks for posting that, islander.

    The Arizona MAGA candidates are nuts, but nuts sells among MAGA voters. Kari Lake is a former news anchor. No experience in politics. But she's a ahead in the polls. She'll probably become our next governor. **sigh**

  5. by oldedude on October 27, 2022 8:15 am
    "Of course when you two talk about the “haters” we know you are talking about us, the straight shooters, the folks who can see right through you and Trump and aren’t fooled one bit by your phony rhetoric! It has nothing to do with our hating anybody!"

    Actually, I include BOTH SIDES of haters. I can't help it if your narcissism and paranoia take over.

    It's really interesting that your "god" (teri) is just like the neo-Nazis. She'll spread anything she wants and people like you (gullible, uninformed "voter") gobble it up without looking into what she said.

    Oh, FYSA, I'm actively supporting DiSantis. NOT Trump.

  6. by oldedude on October 27, 2022 8:22 am
    Donna- Interesting. I have a sister in law in AZ. Last time we talked, she was wavering on Lake. Lake wasn't conservative enough. I was a tad stunned at that. And the more I look at her, she's like a Trump to me. Too far out there, and if they lose, what do you get. I thought the sister in law was the only one whacked, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

  7. by Donna on October 27, 2022 8:42 am

    "And the more I look at her, she's like a Trump to me."

    I agree with your assessment. I wonder what your sis-in-law defines as "conservative". I think you, od, are conservative, not people like Trump or Lake who I think would be better described as right-wing insurgents.

  8. by islander on October 27, 2022 8:49 am
    Donna, I have to laugh when I hear our two resident Trump voters making disparaging remarks about Heather Cox Richardson, Teri Kanefield, Marcy Wheeler, etc. These three folks are far and away brighter and more qualified to speak about what we are witnessing happening to our country today than our two resident Trump Voters could ever hope to be.

    Heather, is an extraordinarily well informed Professor of American history, Teri is a well respected legal expert and author, and Marcy is a real journalist who is extremely knowledgeable in the legal matters we are seeing in the headlines. Check out her blog, “Empty Wheel” I admit that a lot of it is probably over the head of many inexperienced (in law) readers since she gets down to the finer aspects of the legal battles we are seeing take place. The comments from the readers of her blog are also all excellent and you can quickly tell they are from intelligent well informed people!

  9. by HatetheSwamp on October 27, 2022 9:18 am

    Something as broad as these days where the GOP is the home of openness and inclusion and tolerance...means many different things.

    Progressive is fairly tightly defined, but just look at Fox: Tucker, Gutfeld, Perino. Pirro. Hemmer...and, Kat Timpf...Katie Pavlich. Dan Bongino.

    You'd call them all conservative. But, wow! Difference! Diversity. Disagreement.

    Keri Lake, based on the Trump rallies, really hates the Swamp. The antiSwamp crusade defines her more than being politically right wing.

  10. by HatetheSwamp on October 27, 2022 9:22 am


    pb has just praised Teri and Heather as intellectually brilliant. But, psychologically? They're damaged. Their hate paralyzes them.

  11. by islander on October 27, 2022 9:46 am

    Hate wrote! "But, psychologically? They're damaged. Their hate paralyzes them"

    Your TDS is showing !

  12. by HatetheSwamp on October 27, 2022 9:57 am

    Someone's is.

  13. by oldedude on October 27, 2022 12:57 pm
    "Donna, I have to laugh when I hear our two resident Trump voters making disparaging remarks about Heather Cox Richardson, Teri Kanefield, Marcy Wheeler, etc. These three folks are far and away brighter and more qualified to speak about what we are witnessing happening to our country today than our two resident Trump Voters could ever hope to be."

    That's because you pray to her each day. You don't have an ounce of your own thoughts. All you can do is puke back what she said. Until you can have your own thoughts, you're nothing but a sheep. A mindless ewe that forgets to breathe if she isn't told to, and leaves her nose in water when she drinks and dies from drowning because of it.

  14. by islander on October 27, 2022 3:02 pm
    Heather Cox Richardson is a political historian who uses facts and history to put the news in context. She is also a pretty neat and smart person who makes her home in my neck of the woods up here in Mid Coast Maine. Heather also has a Facebook page for anyone who would like to get to know more about her which is pretty cool. I doubt our two resident Trump voters would be much interested in it since they don't seem think much of her and one of them thinks she is psychologically damaged 🙄 !

    Heather posted this today. It's long but well worth reading (Trump voters probably won't care for it though).

    "For all the news stories that seem to tug us in one direction or another, there is just one overarching story in the news for Americans today.

    We are in an existential fight to defend our democracy from those who would destroy it.

    People seem to hark back to films from the 1930s and 1940s and think that so long as we don’t have tanks in our streets, our government is secure. But in this era, democracies die more often through the ballot box than at gunpoint.

    You can see this in Russia, where Vladimir Putin gradually concentrated power into his own hands. You can see it in Brazil, where Jair Bolsanaro, whose approval rating in late August was 23%, claims that the country’s elections are fraudulent and that “[e]ither we’ll have clean elections, or we won’t have elections.” You can see it in Hungary, where Viktor Orbán has quite deliberately dismantled liberal democracy and replaced it with what he calls “illiberal democracy.”

    On paper, Hungary is a democracy in that it still holds elections, but it is, in fact, a one-party state overseen by one man.

    Orbán has been open about his determination to overthrow the concept of western democracy, replacing it with what he has, on different occasions, called “illiberal democracy,” or “Christian democracy.” He wants to replace the multiculturalism at the heart of democracy with Christian culture, stop the immigration that he believes undermines Hungarian culture, and reject “adaptable family models” with “the Christian family model.”

    No matter what he calls it, Orbán’s model is not democracy at all. As soon as he retook office in 2010, he began to establish control over the media, cracking down on those critical of his party, Fidesz, and rewarding those who toed the party line. In 2012 his supporters rewrote the country’s constitution to strengthen his hand, and extreme gerrymandering gave his party more power while changes to election rules benefited his campaigns. Increasingly, he used the power of the state to concentrate wealth among his cronies, and he reworked the country’s judicial system and civil service system to stack it with his loyalists. While Hungary still has elections, state control of the media and the apparatus of voting means that it is impossible for Orbán’s opponents to win an election.

    Hungary is in the news in the United States because Americans on the right have long admired Orbán’s nationalism and centering of Christianity, while the fact that Hungary continues to hold elections enables them to pretend that the country remains a democracy.

    In 2019, Fox News Channel personality Tucker Carlson endorsed Hungary’s anti-abortion and anti-immigration policies; in that year, according to investigative researcher Anna Massoglia of Open Secrets, Hungary paid a D.C. lobbying firm $265,000, in part to arrange an interview on Carlson’s show. Recently, former vice president Mike Pence spoke in Budapest at a forum denouncing immigration and urging traditional social values, where he told the audience he hoped that the U.S. Supreme Court would soon outlaw abortion thanks to the three justices Trump put on the court. Further indicating the drift of today’s right wing, the 2022 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) will be held in Budapest.

    In their embrace of the illiberal democracy of Hungary, those on the right argue that they are defending traditional American values.
    Like Orbán, they focus relentlessly on immigration; “caravans” of immigrants have once again made the right-wing news, as they always do before an election. They worry that traditional families are under attack, hence Texas’s S.B. 8, which outlaws the constitutional right of abortion by empowering vigilantes. They insist that “real” America is being destroyed by multiculturalism; hence the hysteria over Critical Race Theory, an obscure legal theory from the 1970s that is not taught in K–12 schools, and the calls for “patriotic education.”

    And, crucially, those on the right are openly embracing voter restrictions and the replacement of nonpartisan election officials with partisans.

    Astonishingly, John Eastman, the founding director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence and a member of the powerful Federalist Society, wrote a six-point plan for overturning the will of the voters in the 2020 election. Although he went to the reputable National Review to cover his tracks by saying his plan was just a thought experiment, just tonight a video appeared in which he told an apparent supporter that his ideas were right, and that it was Pence’s establishment biases that made him unwilling to implement them. His plan to overturn the election barely failed. 

    The 33 new election laws in 19 states will not fail. They are designed to replace the idea of democracy with a hierarchy in which a minority will determine our fate.

    If it seems odd that a group of people who claim to be trying to “Make America Great Again” are taking their cues from a central European country of about 10 million people, it is worth noting that they are not simply talking about Critical Race Theory or Texas’s so-called heartbeat bill. We are in a larger struggle over the nature of human governments. And when American thinkers are praising Hungary, they are tapping into a long history of our own.

    When the Founders declared it “self-evident, that all men are created equal,” they were making a bold declaration about the nature of governments that flew in the face of western tradition and thought. They denied that some individuals were better than others and had an inherent right to rule the rest. Governments, the Founders said, derived legitimacy not from religion, or heritage, but instead were legitimate only to the degree that those who lived under them consented to them. “[T]o secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” the Founders said.

    This was a revolutionary argument. It rejected not just King George III, but all kings, claiming for the people the right to rule themselves. For all its limitations—the Founders could conceive of this idea in part because they excluded from their vision women, Black people, and all people of color—it was an astonishing declaration.

And yet, the idea that all men are created equal and that governments derive legitimacy from the consent of the governed began to fall apart in the late 1820s. Southern Democrats wanted to take control of Indigenous peoples' lands in the Southeast in order to spread the wildly lucrative system of plantation agriculture. Then, when they had displaced the tribes, they spread across those lands their economic system based on human enslavement.

    But because southern leaders were outnumbered by Americans in the North who objected to their economic system, within a decade they were arguing that true democracy meant not that government depended upon the consent of the governed as a whole, but rather that local or state governments could choose how everyone, including enslaved people, women, Indigenous, and Mexican people, would live. And, of course, they limited voting to a few white men, who voted to keep themselves in power.

    In 1860, southern white elites declared the American concept of democracy based in equality, government based in the consent of the people, to be obsolete. They declared they were going to start a new country, based in a hierarchy of gender and race, that they believed reflected God’s will.

    In a speech in March 1861, Alexander Stephens of Georgia, who would soon be the vice president of the Confederate States of America, explained to an audience that Jefferson’s belief that all men are created equal was “an error” and that anyone who still adhered to that idea was an insane “fanatic.” Stephens told listeners: “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner-stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.” 

    And there it was: the replacement of the idea that all people are created equal with the idea that some people are better than others, and that those people, who truly understand God’s laws, should rule.

    It is not an accident that the insurrectionists of January 6, 2021, carried the Confederate battle flag.

    We are today in a struggle no less dangerous to our democracy than that of the 1860s, for all that it is fought with Facebook memes and cable television rather than artillery. And when our leaders talk fondly about Viktor Orbán, or Jair Bolsonaro— former president Trump endorsed his reelection today—we would do well to listen. ~ HCR

    * This is and has always been the “State’s Rights” crowds argument.

  15. by HatetheSwamp on October 27, 2022 3:08 pm

    Based on what you post of hers here, isle, Heather is only against stuff, people and ideas.

    She has a bright mind...and a black heart.

  16. by oldedude on October 27, 2022 5:48 pm
    After reading this, I rest my case.

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