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"Lady Justice"
By islander
November 21, 2022 1:16 pm
Category: Books

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Just ordered it.

For all our Heather Cox Richardson fans (including you secret fans) this book sounds quite interesting.

"Heather Cox Richardson

Hi folks:
I am incredibly excited to tell you that I scored an interview with Dahlia Lithwick to talk here tonight at 8:00 EST.

Dahlia is one of the country's most important legal commentators. She's been covering the courts and the law for Slate since 1999-- where I first started reading her and was blown away-- hosts a legal-oriented podcast called Amicus, and is a contributor to MSNBC. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg famously called her spicy.

I got her because she has a new book out called Lady Justice (I loved it and blurbed it), which has turned into a New York Times bestseller, so she's doing a publicity tour. The book is technically about how female lawyers used the law to stop the worst of former president Trump's actions, but is really about the special connection between women and the law.

I was all set to talk about that, but when we did our prep interview, she suggested she'd kind of rather talk about the upcoming Supreme Court term, which she says will be more important even than the last. So I will definitely ask a bit about the book-- because it's cool-- but will ask a lot about how she sees the upcoming cases.

Since I got to interview writer Rebecca Solnit last year, I have sort of, in the back of my mind, been playing with the idea that it would be nice to bring more voices to you all here. Cannot believe I get to try it out with Dahlia! (I used to be totally terrified of her because she's so smart, but it turns out she's also really nice.)"

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Comments on ""Lady Justice"":

  1. by Curt_Anderson on November 21, 2022 1:37 pm
    I used to enjoy reading Dahlia Lithwick when she wrote for Newsweek or maybe it was Time magazine. I believe I've read her recently in Salon or one of those websites.

  2. by islander on November 21, 2022 2:43 pm

    Curt ~

    The reviews I've been reading for her latest book make it sound pretty interesting. This is a sample from Amazon...

    "This book is sooooo good! If you've forgotten, never knew, or didn't quite understand the assault taking place on our democracy during the Trump years, LADY JUSTICE will refresh, educate and, yes, entertain you. Lithwick has a witty and conversational writing style that makes this an easy read--which isn't typically the case when books do deep dives into the law. With the smarts, humor and meticulous attention to detail I've grown to expect from her on her Slate podcast, AMICUS, Lithwick's book will likely become not just a classic, but the "go to" to help give some context to Trump's presidency and the women who weren't afraid to push back. (Members of congress, particularly of the male variety, take note!) My only regret is that Lithwick, herself, showed humility in not profiling herself in LADY JUSTICE. For me, she was a stand-out; I depended on her and AMICUS, during those horrid 4 years, to help me understand what the heck was going on and how Trump was getting away with so much. Highly, highly recommend this one."

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