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pb's prediction: Hunter Biden’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday
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SCOTUS to decide if the states of Florida and Texas can violate the first amendment.
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Republicans are terrible at investigations and prosecutions.
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This weeks news roundup !
By islander
June 21, 2022 6:43 am
Category: News

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IN THE NEWS - GOP Senate candidate just released a video calling for some Republicans to be hunted- On Sunday, Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said he received a letter in the mail a few days ago that threatened to execute him, his wife and their newborn. “There is violence in the future,” Kinzinger said on ABC’s “This Week.” “And until we get a grip on telling people the truth, we can’t expect any differently. Less than 24 hours later, Eric Greitens, a leading contender for the Republican Senate nomination in Missouri, released a new video in which he is depicted as hunting RINOs (Republicans in Name Only)…

“I’m Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL, and today we’re going RINO hunting.” Greitens says as he walks down a sidewalk with a gun in hand. The video cuts to a house where Greitens, surrounded by what looks like a tactical unit, waits by the door. “The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice,” says Greitens. The unit smashes the door down and throws what looks like a smoke grenade. Greitens strides through the door. “Join the MAGA crew,” he says. “Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.” CNN

“A reminder that Eric Greitens was accused of blindfolding a woman, tying her to an exercise machine, snapping a photo of her naked and then using it as blackmail. Maybe he shouldn't do an ad breaking and entering.” Raw Story

“AR15 company CMMG recently announced their “DISSENT” AR15 pistol: Moreover, the gun is being marketed as a way to resist tyrannical government. Not so subtle language about buying this gun to use in some sort of holy civil war is right on their website and shows how the NRA and the firearms industry are continuing to radicalize our country with a very specific example...

It’s like an UZI yes… but in much more powerful 5.56mm. The Boulder shooter used one of these type guns made by Ruger. They are easy to hide and just as powerful as any other AR15. BATF is working to revise regulations now. There is massive industry resistance. And now radical companies like CMMG suggest civil war...” -Ryan Busse, former firearms executive and author of Gunfight

"Republicans in Texas just voted to reject democracy-Disturbing video from the Texas Republican Convention this weekend shows convention-goers mocking GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw -- a Navy SEAL veteran who lost his right eye to a bomb in Afghanistan -- with the term "eye patch McCain." Fox News' Tucker Carlson coined the derisive nickname after the Texas lawmaker dared to express support for beleaguered Ukraine following Russia's barbaric attack on it. But apparently even more heinous in the eyes of some attendees is that Crenshaw rejected former President Donald Trump's claims that the 2020 election was stolen. One man wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat can be seen yelling in an online video, "Dan Crenshaw is a traitor!" and "He needs to be hung for treason!" ...Republican delegates also booed John Cornyn, the senior US senator from Texas, at the convention Friday because of the Republican lawmaker's role leading negotiations to reach a Senate deal on a bill to stem gun violence...

...As despicable as the behavior toward Crenshaw was, even more alarming were the actions taken by the Texas GOP and the convention's 5,000-plus delegates. The gathering rejected the outcome of a democratic election, supported bigotry toward the LGBTQ community and imposed far-right religious beliefs on others by seeking to have them enshrined into law... The Texas GOP platform also embraced ramping up anti-abortion rhetoric in public schools... It sounds like the curriculum that you might find in a theocratic government such as the Taliban -- not one in the United States funded by taxpayer dollars..." CNN Op

Adam Kinzinger: “Expect more of this… wake up America and GOP, this will destroy us. This is now the plan for MAGA, place people in low levels who can refuse to do their basic duty...

“GOP commission refuses to certify New Mexico primary vote- New Mexico’s secretary of state on Tuesday asked the state Supreme Court to order the Republican-led commission of rural Otero County to certify primary election results after it refused to do so over distrust of Dominion vote-tallying machines. Democratic Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Olive’s request came a day after the three-member Otero County commission, in its role as a county canvassing board, voted unanimously against certifying the results of the June 7 primary without raising specific concerns about discrepancies. The commission’s members include Cowboys for Trump co-founder Couy Griffin, who ascribes to unsubstantiated claims that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election... The commission’s vote is the latest example of how conspiracy theories and misinformation are affecting the integrity of local elections across the U.S.” -AP

Retired federal Judge J. Michael Luttig, who advised Pence ahead of the Capitol riot, directly accused Trump and his allies of waging a “war on democracy” on Jan. 6, 2021. He called Trump a “clear and present danger” to American democracy... “That’s not because of what happened on January 6th,” Luttig said. “It’s because to this very day the former president, his allies and supporters pledge that in the presidential election of 2024, if the former president or his anointed successor as the Republican Party presidential candidate, were to lose that election, that they would attempt to overturn that 2024 election in the same way that they attempted to overturn the 2020 election.” Luttig is a veteran of the Ronald Reagan White House, a former clerk for then-appeals court judge Antonin Scalia, a top official in the George H.W. Bush Justice Department, and then a well-regarded judge on the the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit... CNBC

"THIS IS IMPORTANT! Trump backed election deniers now have won GOP primaries for Secretary of State, which oversee elections, in battleground states Nevada, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We must protect these seats in 2022, else risk a 2024 coup!” Amy Siskind

"Election deniers quiet on fraud claims after primary wins- Nevada Republican Jim Marchant insisted there hadn’t been a legitimate election in his state in more than a decade. All of Nevada’s election winners since 2006, he said on a recent podcast, were “installed by the deep-state cabal.” But when Marchant won the Republican nomination for Nevada secretary of state this week, he immediately celebrated the victory as legitimate... Such inconsistency has become a hallmark of election deniers in Republican primary contests across the U.S. in this year’s midterms." AP

“Anyone inclined to seek a similar safe space from truth must come to grips with this reality: The most damning revelations from the committee hearings so far have come not from Democrats or inveterate anti-Trump voices, but rather from top members of his former administration or campaign.” -Boston Globe
“California Governor Gavin Newsom just joined Truth Social and is pointing out to Trump supporters that 8 of the 10 states with the highest murder rates are red states— “I know we’re all on this platform in search for the ‘truth.’” No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen

"South Florida synagogue sues over Florida’s new 15-week abortion banBut the lawsuit filed Friday by the Boynton Beach congregation also contends that the law violates religious-freedom rights. “For Jews, all life is precious and thus the decision to bring new life into the world is not taken lightly or determined by state fiat,” the lawsuit said. “In Jewish law, abortion is required if necessary to protect the health, mental or physical well-being of the woman, or for many other reasons not permitted under the act [the new law]. As such, the act prohibits Jewish women from practicing their faith free of government intrusion and thus violates their privacy rights and religious freedom.” Miami Herald

"The go-to for extremists who oppose all responsible gun legislation: "laws don't matter - criminals don't obey them" Well...Both the Buffalo and Uvalde shooters waited until they were 18 to buy the guns they used. Why? Because it's the law. So let's be done with this stupidity." -Ryan Busse
"Just a reminder, Congress expelled 14 members in 1861 for supporting an insurrection. We can do that again in 2022." -Lincoln Project

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Comments on "This weeks news roundup !":

  1. by HatetheSwamp on June 21, 2022 6:47 am

    What a hoot.

    Did you notice that the whole week of news was about GOPs.

    You should be ashamed, isle, to associate with that Nazi-like hate!

  2. by islander on June 21, 2022 7:04 am

    Yes! That news featured the GOPs and it was all true!

    Don't you like to know stuff like this ?

  3. by HatetheSwamp on June 21, 2022 7:45 am

    What pb don't like is revisiting Nazi-like thinking.

  4. by Donna on June 21, 2022 8:34 am
    Unfortunately, that's what's happening now in our country, Hate. I know you can't handle cognitive dissonance, but members of your party are planning to take over our country by force. We'll see how far they get. Hopefully it's just more huffing and puffing.

  5. by Ponderer on June 21, 2022 9:01 am

    It's only a matter of time before the forces of greed, mendacity, immorality, white supremacy, violence, and Republicans take over this country. They'll eventually pull it off. The snake has bitten it's prey and now it's just a matter of following it as it tries to save itself until the poison takes effect and succumbs. Our democracy is in panic mode right now from what trump has done to it.

    But don't worry, Bill and od. You'll win in the end. Your sociopathic overlords will get back into power and this time they will never release it. They've learned a lot with this trial run to figure out how to pull it off successfully when the next time presents itself.

    And you will laugh and cheer as our democracy and America drop dead at the feet of the authoritarian nightmare you have helped create.

    And you will respond to our cries and lamentations at the death of America by telling us, "Oh you're only sore because you lost you cry babies!".

  6. by Donna on June 21, 2022 9:23 am
    I don't think the right-wing insurgency is going to be successful. They'll cause a lot of ruckus, no doubt. People may even get killed. But in the end, I think the forces of good will triumph.

  7. by HatetheSwamp on June 21, 2022 9:28 am

    members of your party are planning to take over our country by force.

    Silly, Donna.

    My party wants to take the country by force.

    My religion wants to control the whole world.

    I'm seeing a pattern in your thinking!

  8. by Donna on June 21, 2022 9:40 am
    As usual, Hate, you're distorting (see: lying) about what I said.

    I said "members of youe party" and "some Christians".

    It's the defensiveness that is engrained in your mind that causes you to read things differently than how they were written. You do that frequently.

  9. by HatetheSwamp on June 21, 2022 9:58 am

    What amazes is that you imagine conspiracies for national/world domination...just a little too easily.

    Did you ever read a Robert Ludlum novel back in the day? Many have been written in the Jason Bourne series since he died, but his own novels? Yikes. I could never put one down!!

    They were all about one person standing up against an international conspiracy. Right up your alley.

    If you read one. Remember. It's fiction!

  10. by islander on June 21, 2022 2:22 pm

    Hate wrote:"You should be ashamed, isle, to associate with that Nazi-like hate!"

    I don't associate with you Hate, I just point out your deceptions, contradictions, and just plain nonsense that you post here on this board !

  11. by HatetheSwamp on June 21, 2022 2:57 pm

    Y'know, y'd think, were Heather and you correct, with GOPs having no power in DC, we'd have the lowest inflation in 40 years, not the highest, murder rates hitting record lows, not highs, low gas prices, enough baby formula and, as Joe'd say, "for God's sake," enough tampons to go around.

    But, none of that is the case.

    Maybe you and Heather are wrong about GOPs.

  12. by islander on June 21, 2022 4:54 pm
    That was a good example of your nonsense, Hate ! 👍

  13. by Donna on June 21, 2022 6:40 pm
    I have no idea what you're babbling about regarding what you insist I said, which I didn't. IMO you're the second most dishonest person to ever post on this board. When I get something wrong about something I thought you said or meant, I always apologize. When it happens the other way around, sometimes you just keep going with it like you're doing now. Because you're an ass.

  14. by HatetheSwamp on June 22, 2022 3:28 am



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