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What makes anyone think that Trump could fix the U.S. government?
By islander
July 9, 2021 7:43 am
Category: Politics

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This is one of the best descriptions of Trumps presidency that Iíve come across in quite a while. I doubt too many could honestly disagree with pretty much any of it.

Itís from ďQuoraĒ a question and answer website.

Henry R. Greenfield (author)

Former Senior Consultant Global Digital Twin Technology (2015Ė2020)

What makes anyone think that Trump could fix the U.S. government?

This is a very good question and deserves a serious answer. I have had almost a 50 year international business career and when Trump came along, while I wasnít happy with his rhetoric, I, along with countless others thought, hey this could be interesting.

I wasnít all that hopeful about changing the government or fixing it so much, but Trump did have both the House, the Senate and the Presidency so I thought, hey what is he going to do.

Very quickly it became apparent he was an angry man on a mission. His mission was to get back at everyone, every department, every Ďleftistí, every black or brown person who ever had gotten in his way.

He decided to not change the federal government, he decided to destroy it. He was outstanding at scaring the Republicans into line and McConnell and Paul Ryan were happy to go along with a tax cut for corporations and the rich. But McCain frustrated him on the ACA and he became more and more embittered about everyone around him who he felt was betraying him.
I could go on, but when you look back in hindsight, the question is, what did we really know about Trump? Personally I had never seen the Apprentice, I remember his glitzy buildings, the women, the bankruptcies. All of that was splashed all over the place.

But management? After all running the federal government means either you manage it like a Michael Bloomberg approach or your team does it like Biden is doing but it quickly became apparent everyone Trump selected was woefully unable to do their job. And none of them even cared to do it, or in many cases hated or completely opposed the agencies they were running.

Even with his team in place, he still went through secretary after secretary. If he didnít like someone or they said something that he was unhappy with, he fired them by tweet. He fought with everyone, he ignored all of his own experts, even people he hired. He changed things on a whim to the point where no one knew what was going on.

Then it gradually dawned on everyone. He didnít want to manage anything at all. He didnít want to change the government, he didnít even want to destroy it. He just wanted to use it to do whatever he felt like at that moment.
Looking back it is now clear that he never wanted to manage anything, change anything or do anything. He just wanted to live the life, to enjoy himself, to run the US like one of his failing businesses. And when he didnít get his way he just would lie and lie and make up things.

It is amazing that the American people not only caught on to him, but 81 million+ voted him out as they were desperate worried and rightly so, that there would be no US unless they could get rid of him.

When the historians look back on this period, they will all wonder how was America so duped by such an obvious con man? How did HRC let this happen? Then again, how did Joe Biden figure it out and beat him just in time.
Trump couldnít fix anything, not a business, not his marriage nothing. In the end he Ďdeliveredí to his base and then he was thrown out. That will be his legacy, a has been who was used and then tossed out with his fake wife and equally fake family.

As we all recover from our terrible hangover of 5 years of Trump as donít forget he was running in 2015, we can be forgiven for wondering what happened.
It will take a while to sort out, but we should all take one last look and remember how close we all came to permanent disaster.

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Comments on "What makes anyone think that Trump could fix the U.S. government?":

  1. by Curt Anderson on July 9, 2021 8:16 am
    Let's not cast aspersions upon America. America wasn't duped. Less than half the American voters were duped.

    The gullible rubes believed Trump when he said "I alone can fix it". They also fell for the "drain the swamp" baloney...and the Trumpian swamp haters can't explain what that supposed swamp draining means.

    Trump is the dumb person's idea of a rich, successful business man (who inexplicably needs constant donations).

  2. by islander on July 9, 2021 1:00 pm
    ďLet's not cast aspersions upon America. America wasn't duped. Less than half the American voters were duped.Ē

    Thatís true, more recently from what I've been reading only about 25 to 35 percent of all Americans still believe the election was stolen for instance, and thatís getting down close to only Trumpís hard core followers who will probably always believe virtually anything Trump tells them, including such things as his reinstatement next month...Until it doesn't happen. Then I don't know how they'll explain that to themselves.

  3. by Curt Anderson on July 9, 2021 1:19 pm
    These Trump dead-enders who believe that Trump will be reinstated next month will slowly dwindle in numbers as the promised dates of Trump's resurrection passes. Some of them will stick around as excuses are made and new, later date is set, but many will depart disappointed but wiser.

    They are the like the apocalyptic death cultists who expect the world to end on some specific date then wonder what went wrong when the sun rises the next morning.

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