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Alphabet Personality Test

What Kind of Name Should You H

Random Blasphemies

Find your true Spirit name

What high school clique would

What is your Inner Non-Sequitu

Do You Have A Mental Illness?

What's Your College Major?

Babies: Are you having a boy o

Social Outcast Selector

thE pUnk TEst

Tyler's Coolness Test: How Coo

What kind of bitch are you?

Que personaje eres de Los padr

Which Inanimate Object Are You

What's your Hawaiian name?

Are you addicted to online qui

How PUNK are you?

What Urban Legend will you be

What would your super power be

Who out of LOTR to marry?

Your place in the Mafia

What is your hidden Mutant Pow

Which Sexual Fantasy are YOU?

How Good Are You?

What kind of army soldier are

What Kind of Guy Would Fall Fo

Pregnancy Test

What Inanimate Object Are YOU?

What kind of weed are you?

How to tell if your dog hates

The Mod Beauties: Which Chick

Are you an obnoxious customer?

What inanimate object are you

ATPE Are you pink or evil?

Which feminine hygiene product

Do you have a sick mind?

Personality Quiz

Are you a monster in bed? (Thi

Olympus Apartments - Official

Stupid questions for Stupid Pe

Are You a Comedian?

What Emoticon Mood Are You?

What Kind of Vegetable Are You

Who are you most likely to mar


What kind of sheep are you?

What will the religion of your

How Hairy are you?

What Kind of Canadian Are You?

what flavor snapple are you?

How psychotic are you?

What superhero are you?

What is your mood?

are you a wannabe, dork, loser

What type of student are you?

Which Troubled Teen Are You?

whats your rude nickname

Which Body Part are you?

How Inappropriate Are You?

What's Your Mental Age?

Which Ex-boyfriend are you?

What is your bitchy personalit

Which Glay member best suits y

What Junk Food Are You?

What Color Crayon Would You Be

Which JC body part are you?

Type of Underwear

Which of Nora's Ex-boyfriends

What kind of Rebel are you? =P

Is he a Jerk?

How Big of a Harry Potter Fan

How Insane Are You???

What Epic Character Would You

Are You Making BAD Quizzes?

Would you survive through a zo

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ERROR 401: Authorization Required - You seek danger, are a rebel, and easily get into trouble. OD users are highly annoyed with you because you seek to take charge of their diaries. You would make a good dictator. (100%)   
ERROR 403: Forbidden - You are very sexual. You are a bit of a voyeur and shut down OD so that only you can access it and be the first to read the entries and look for the most erotic ones. (100%)   
ERROR 404: Not Found - You are a prankster. You cause OD to malfunction and appear to no longer exist while you sit back and giggle about the frustration you've caused. (100%)   
ERROR 500: Server Error - You are the most common OD error message. You want to please OD users but often feel that technology is against you. You often become as frustrated as the OD users themselves. (100%)   
ERROR 501: Not Implemented - You really don't care if OD is available to its users or not. You would prefer that they all go to OD+ so that you can make more money. After all, Bill Gates is your hero. (100%)