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PoliticsRape Deterrent Selector
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A Politics Selector by Nathan Purdue/Joseph Plumbrook, created April 2001. Rape is abhorrent and must be stopped but those who are convicted should pay dearly for their actions...Castration? or Confinement?
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1. Rapists found guilty by a jury should face incarceration.
Prioritize your choice above:

2. Rapists found guilty by a jury should be physically castrated (removal of genetalia).
Prioritize your choice above:

3. If castrated, it should be done humanely with no pain.
Prioritize your choice above:

4. If castrated, it should be done similar to the ancient times when a thief got his hand chopped off for stealing. Publicly and without anesthetics.
Prioritize your choice above:

5. There is no way of guaranteeing that the potential rapist is guilty because the jury is sometimes biased and uneducated so the defendent should not be castrated even if there is DNA evidence and/or testimony from the victim.
Prioritize your choice above:

6. There should be no repurcussions at all.
Prioritize your choice above:

7. Instead of physical castration, the rapist should be chemically castrated so that he has no ammunition for his weapon.
Prioritize your choice above:

8. Rapists found guilty by a jury should be castrated and confined for a long period of time. Rapists can still rape even in prison!
Prioritize your choice above:

9. Rape is not physical, but mental and should be taken care of by medication and therapy. People genuinely don't want to hurt others, but they are victims of their subconscious and sometimes have no control whatsoever.
Prioritize your choice above:

10. The government has no business taking away an individual's livelihood even if they are a criminal.
Prioritize your choice above:

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