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PoliticsPolitical Economy/Philosophy Selector
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A Politics Selector by Jim Dallas, created February 2000. This is an attempt to build on the selector developed by an acquaintance of mine, Thomas Smitherman. Of course no selector should be considered absolute and no set of questions could prove all encompassing (and their prioritization can indicate bias on the part of the author -- look at the "World's Smallest Political Quiz!"). So if I'm wrong its not my fault. With that disclaimer, enjoy! One final note: I am not a professional scholar of political philosophy. This selector is based on my personal experience in debating ideologies with their adherents. Comments for improvement are welcome!

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1. The initiation of force by one individual against another is never, ever, justified.
Prioritize your choice above:

2. The social contract contains implicit "welfare rights" (such as the right to a "free and public education"), as opposed to merely legal rights (such as property and political rights.)
Prioritize your choice above:

3. The government has a responsibility to redistribute wealth to reduce suffering.
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4. Private property is a right that ought to be protected by state power.
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5. Individuals ought to be held accountable for the creation of economic 'externalities', such as pollution.
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6. People have an inherent right to be left alone, and to decide for themselves what is moral.
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