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If you have explored and researched and are seriously interested and ready to make an offer or want more information, contact me. Please include some information about yourself and your company. is for sale was established in 1998 by me, Curt Anderson. has been recognized and honored for its popular selectors, which are preference quizzes in which the users obtain a recommendation(s) based upon their stated preferences. It is the oldest website featuring selectors and the first to feature user-created selectors. is also the first website to allow users to create and publish online flowcharts for free. provides unbiased personalized recommendations on thousands of topics, all based upon the users' preferences. fulfills the human need "to know thyself" as the Chicago Tribune wrote in 2002. The selectors also offer affirmation to the person who seeks to confirm that they have the right cat or dog, attend the appropriate church, drive the right vehicle, use the proper laptop, support the correct candidate, subscribe to the right philosophy, applied to the correct college, etc.

An excellent passive money-maker is a one-person, profitable operation requiring minimal attention as more than 99% of the content is user created. The ubiquitous rating tools keep topical selectors, quizzes and polls front and center on the front page and promoted on every results page. The site features easy-to-use management and editing tools. The site's php programming and dynamic architecture make it easy to repurpose user-generated content into polls, trivia quizzes, top-rated lists and other uses.

The revenue generated on is passive. You won't be chained to an ecommerce website dealing with inventory, shipping and customer issues. The revenue is generated by contextual and personalized ads from Google AdSense and other ad networks. Contextual and personalized ads feature products and services that are relevant to the viewer (see example on the right). The individualized selector results link to relevant Amazon products. The Amazon links from user-created selectors, knowledge quizzes and polls are generated automatically. The site is interactive: users click on the radio buttons and checkboxes to generate their personalized selector results. That interactivity makes it a small step for users to click on the ads, thus generating revenue for the site owner. Engaged users can quickly become engaged customers. Often users are looking for a recommendation because they are ready to buy. The management of the site is mostly monitoring the ad networks and giving prominence to the most ad lucrative categories and ad placements. The AdSense tools are especially helpful in this regard. When inspiration strikes, it's fun and often lucrative to create and update content. This site is perfect for creative people who enjoy writing, research and have at least rudimentary programming skills---or access to people who do.
AdSense's relevant ads like this one which appear on are mostly contextual (related to the page's content) or personalized (related to the viewers' searches and browsing history) and often localized.

Impressive traffic with enviable demographics attracts the sort of traffic that advertisers prefer.

  • Visitors to are highly likely to be browsing from home. Visitors are slightly more likely than not to be female. Relative to the general internet population, people who went to college or graduate school are over-represented at (Source: Alexa)
  • receives 25,486,252 html and php page views annually (July 19, 2015-July 18, 2016) Source: Google AdSense report.
  • The average daily time spent on the site per visitor is almost three minutes (2:49). (Source: Alexa)
  • The global rank is 106,294. (Source: Alexa)
  • Its United States rank 44,609. 50% of the visitors are from the United States. (Source: Alexa)
  • One third of traffic comes through search engines. (Source: Alexa)'s popular content
    The entire site is interactive. Visitors become engaged taking and making selectors, polls, flowcharts and quizzes.

  • User-created yes/no selectors. Each selector includes a matching online poll, a user comments section, all results link to pertinent Amazon products. Any member may make a new and updated version of these selectors. Each selector links to other selectors in its category.
  • User-created multiple-choice selectors Each selector includes a user comments section, all results link to pertinent Amazon products. Any member may make a new and updated version of these selectors. Each selector links to other selectors in its category.
  • Knowledge quizzes These quizzes are generated automatically whenever a user-created yes/no selector is built.
  • Popular results lists, like this example. These are reminiscent of David Wallechinsky, Irving Wallace and Amy Wallace's "Book of Lists" lists.
  • User-created flowcharts Flowcharts are a graphical version of selectors in that they provide a recommendation based on user response. These flowcharts include a printable version.
  • Editor-created selectors The editor's selector builder used to make these allows for more nuance and more variables to customize these selector. That includes a near infinite amount of results and questions, variation in question responses, expanded results information, style variation, etc.

    Other interactive pages
    There are more dynamic tools and fun stuff.

  • Discussion forums Discussion topics include politics, current events, religion, philosophy and less serious topics like sports and entertainment.
  • Work & school calculators which are trigonometric calculators that generate the missing lengths of the sides and angles.
  • A seemingly clairvoyant interactive tool called I Can Guess Your Name
  • The easiest to use free online flowchart maker

    Thousands of pages that people find through search engines and from other sites
    Don't take our word for it. See how many pages Google has indexed.

  • More than 700 .edu sites link to Overall 34,500 pages, not including pages, link to The more links, especially from .edu sites, the better a site's search engine ranking.
  • Over 51,000 indexed pages appear on Google and other search engines.
  • About 10,000 user-created yes/no selectors appear on Google and other search engines.
  • Over 800 user-created multiple-choice selectors appear on Google and other search engines.
  • Over 20,000 knowledge quizzes appear on Google and other search engines.
  • About 8,700 popularity lists appear on Google and other search engines.
  • About 2,500 user-created flowcharts appear on Google and other search engines.
  • The selectors, quizzes and polls on the site cover about 80 general topics.
  • Personal pages for the over 14,000 members for inter-member discussions.

    People find pages though our high-value search terms pages appear on the first page of Google, Bing and other search engines for hundreds of commonly used search terms by people who want an answer. Click any of these popular search terms to see our Google ranking. Incidentally, if you type in "SelectSmart", Google features our most searched for pages along with a special search tool.

    "Which car or truck is right for me", "Best Career For Me ", "Best College For Me", "Best College Major For Me", "Best Dog Breed For Me", "Best Dog Breeds", "Best Presidential Candidate For Me", "Candidate Selector", "Choosing A Dog", "City Selector", "College Major Selector ", "College Selector", "decision tree maker", "free flowchart maker". "Guess My Name", "How Will I Die", "I Can Guess Your Name", "Quiz Decide On A New Car", "Running Shoe Picker", "Running Shoe Selector", "Selecting A Dog", "Selecting The Best Camera", "What Car Is Right For Me", "what computer is the best for me", "What State Is Best For Me", "Where Should I Live", "Which Camera Is Best For Me", "Which Camera Is Right For Me", "Which City Should I Live In", "Which College Is Right For Me", "Which College Major Is Best For Me", "Which computer is the best for me", "Which Computer Should I Buy", "Which Dog Should I Get", "Which Philosopher", "Which Religion Is Best", "Which Religion Is Right For Me", "Which Running Shoe Is Best For Me", "Which Running Shoe Is Best", "Which State Is Right For Me", "Which Tablet Computer Is Best For Me", "Which Tablet Computer Is Right For Me", "Who Should I Vote For President", "Who Should I Vote For", "Presidential Candidate Selector", "Auto Personality Quiz", "Best Job For Me", "Best jobs for people with a high school diploma or less", "Breakfast Cereal Selector Quiz", "Camera Selector", "Cat Breed Selector", "Choose your cheese, please!", "College Major Selector", "Congressional Candidate Selector", "Dog Breed Selector", "English Premier League Team Selector", "Ethical Philosophy Selector", "Exotic Pet Bird Selector", "What sort of non-theist are you?", "How Will You Die?", "I Can Guess Your Name", "Laptops and Chromebooks", "Lawn Grass Selector. "Nickname Chooser", "Free Life Coach", "Past Lives Selector", "Pet Selector", "What Cereal Should I Eat?", "Which martial art is right for you", "Who is your inner God or Goddess?", "Sexual Position Selector", "What Smartphone suits me?", "Smartphone chooser", "Spiritual Belief System Selector", "Which diet is best for me?", "What is my animal DNA?", "What Type Of Relationship Do You Have?", "Which car or truck should I buy?", "Which College Is Right For Me?", "Which country is the best for me?", "Which Desktop Computer Should I Buy?", "Which digital camera is best for me?", "Which Dog Food Is Right For My Dog?", "Which Elliptical Machine Is Right For Me?", "Which GPS is best for me?", "Which Online Dating site is best for me?", "Which Past US President Do You Resemble?", "Which running shoes are best for me?", "Which Smartphone is best for me?", "Which state is the best for me?", "Which tablet is best for me?", "Which US City Is Best For You?", "Which web hosting service is best?", "What type of wine would I like?", "Your American Politics Predicted", "Your dialect reveals where you are from" and many more.

    If you have explored and researched and are seriously interested and ready to make an offer or want more information, contact me. Please include some information about yourself and your company.