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What is your Politics IQ?
Test Your Politics knowledge with these Supreme Court Justices (Rehnquist court) Quizzes
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Selector of the moment:
PoliticsSupreme Court Justices (Rehnquist court)
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A Politics Selector by Patrick, created March 2000.
Choose which Supreme Court Justice most closely matches your own judicial philosophy.
This selector is a part of a lesson designed by See also the Supreme Court Justices Selector which was created in 2007. Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. The police miranda warnings should be upheld as the law
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

2. Capitol Punishment is not cruel and unusual punishment, and should be upheld by the court
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

3. States should be allowed to restrict all abortions in manners which they see fit
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

4. The police should be allowed to randomly search automobiles in high crime areas
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

5. In certain cases, taxpayer dollars can go to support private schools
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

6. Federal gun control legislation, such as the Brady Bill, are infringements on the power of the states, and should be struck down
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

7. Individual states should be allowed to give tax exemptions to individuals who donate to charities serving residents of another state(in other words, the state of Maine should give a tax break to a Maine resident who donates to a New Hampshire charity)
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

8. When drawing up congressional districts, states should be allowed to ignore geography and make obscure districts of mostly minorities (ie, racial gerrymandering)
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

9. States should be allowed to restrict late term abortions in manners which they see fit
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

10. Laws against flag-burning are unconstitutional, and should be struck down
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

11. Do you agree that there were Constitutional problems with the way the recounts in Florida were being conducted?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

12. Do you think that the boy scouts are within their 1st amendment bounds in barring gays from their organization?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

13. In most cases, states and state courts are the best place for solving matters within that particular state
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

14. The Constitution should be interpreted within the confines of the intentions of our founding fathers, not as a living, changing document
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

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