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Roman goddesses (for women) 231 days ago
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  • Pro-Abortion Protest Turns Violent: Lawmakers 'Held Hostage' In Arizona Capitol
  • The Supreme Court's abortion ruling shifts legal battles to state courts
  • Curt doesn't want parents to know what his children/ grandchildren are learning
  • Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges in Russia
  • This is what the Left Is Doing to the US
  • Remember pedooe sold oil to other countries?
  • Everyone but Curt is turning away from pedojoe.
  • And yet, the sheep here are still licking pedojoe's acorn sweat
  • Netherlands climate fiasco
  • "The View" had the stones to ask DeSantis to be a guest....
  • Sheep "Blamed" the GOP for hating Vets got caught
  • Even 'Frisco figured out that being "woke" isn't a good look
  • UAW is going GOP
  • Yup! the left is thinking they're in Fantasyland
  • Chucky actually says what he means... scary stuff
  • Let me ask... It this Republic run by a Union? or the Constitution?
  • DOJ Seizes Trumps Passports Illegally, offers to return them
  • Big Brother does it again!
  • Pedojoe Biden steals a page from the southern racist playbook
  • It's About TimeIII deuxième partie
  • Yes Virginia, there are bad people on the border
  • Pedojoe's FBI does it yet again!
  • The Left LIED about the flailing Incident,
  • The Constitution is not the problem with America today
  • Xi Jinping Warns of the "Awful Storm" coming to the World and Takes Complete Power of China
  • Woman born in Mexico is refused "admission" into the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Can we say "RACISM?"
  • Intruder breaks into Nancy Pelosi’s home, attacks husband Paul with hammer
  • Yuri Bezmenov, Warns America in the 1980's about the Left
  • Tom Shillue does it again. Spending your money without the consent of Congress
  • DPRK scrambles 180 jets, May be getting ready for another nuclear test.
  • According to the left "nothing to see here"
  • The sheep kept us masked and locked down, now here's the result
  • Twelve flogged at Afghan football stadium

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