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Roman goddesses (for women) over a year ago
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  • Pro-Abortion Protest Turns Violent: Lawmakers 'Held Hostage' In Arizona Capitol
  • The Supreme Court's abortion ruling shifts legal battles to state courts
  • Curt doesn't want parents to know what his children/ grandchildren are learning
  • Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges in Russia
  • This is what the Left Is Doing to the US
  • Remember pedooe sold oil to other countries?
  • Everyone but Curt is turning away from pedojoe.
  • And yet, the sheep here are still licking pedojoe's acorn sweat
  • Netherlands climate fiasco
  • "The View" had the stones to ask DeSantis to be a guest....
  • Sheep "Blamed" the GOP for hating Vets got caught
  • Even 'Frisco figured out that being "woke" isn't a good look
  • UAW is going GOP
  • Yup! the left is thinking they're in Fantasyland
  • Chucky actually says what he means... scary stuff
  • Let me ask... It this Republic run by a Union? or the Constitution?
  • DOJ Seizes Trumps Passports Illegally, offers to return them
  • Big Brother does it again!
  • Pedojoe Biden steals a page from the southern racist playbook
  • It's About TimeIII deuxième partie
  • Yes Virginia, there are bad people on the border
  • Pedojoe's FBI does it yet again!
  • The Left LIED about the flailing Incident,
  • The Constitution is not the problem with America today
  • Xi Jinping Warns of the "Awful Storm" coming to the World and Takes Complete Power of China
  • Woman born in Mexico is refused "admission" into the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Can we say "RACISM?"
  • Intruder breaks into Nancy Pelosi’s home, attacks husband Paul with hammer
  • Yuri Bezmenov, Warns America in the 1980's about the Left
  • Tom Shillue does it again. Spending your money without the consent of Congress
  • DPRK scrambles 180 jets, May be getting ready for another nuclear test.
  • According to the left "nothing to see here"
  • The sheep kept us masked and locked down, now here's the result
  • Twelve flogged at Afghan football stadium
  • Musk 86's a Comey Thug that once again does the dims bidding
  • Top Biden Nuclear Official is on tape Twice for Stealing Luggage
  • The Sheep are Living up to the Alinsky "Values"
  • Former Twitter Employee Sentenced for Spying for Saudi
  • j6 was in place prior to j6th.
  • The Leftists Want you to Believe the GOP are the Only Ones That "Lost"
  • Contrary to Curts Popular Belief, Fentanyl is not Always a "Choice
  • LAL surgery I had, for all of us "our age"
  • The Cost of Being Woke and Having Others Pay for It
  • The DIMS do it AGAIN! Leaked Personal Information From the Jan 6 Committee!
  • MORE Governor Shipping Illegals to Other States! MSM Doesn't Cover It.
  • A New Book that Curt Really Ought to Read
  • Administration Refuses Help for Ohio on Train Derailment
  • In a Lawsuit, LA County must Get Rid of 11% of inactive registered voters
  • Remember Georgia's "Jim Crow 2.0" Law?
  • The Sheeple are at it again!
  • The GOP has to actually tell the dims they can't side with a hostile foreign country!
  • These are the types of "wokeness" we need to address
  • ‘Teacher of the Year’ allegedly kept ‘groomed’ student’s photo in wallet
  • Dutch Farmers Strike Back at Environmental Stupidity. And Win!
  • I Agree, Where is the Committee on UnAmerican Activity when you need them?
  • Us When We See Transphobes... The day after Nashville.... Welcome to AZ/ MA
  • Global Markets are Ditching USD, using Yuan instead
  • Stormy Daniels must pay $122,000 in Trump legal bills
  • In the meantime of the insurgency in TN, FL becomes yet another state of constitutional pride
  • Do you Really Believe Your Lying Eyes? Or What He Says...
  • I'm Calling BS on Soros DAs
  • Biden-Appointed US Attorney Illegally leaking DOJ Information About Opposing Candidate
  • CNN delivered "horrible news"
  • Brutal: Ted Cruz Educates AOC
  • McCarthy threatens Wray with contempt
  • Oil Prices Climb As U.S. Rig Count Sees Another Double-Digit Decline
  • The Government teaching kids to LIE to their parents. SERIOUSLY?
  • I'm a liberal and looking for a real man... and can't find a liberal that is...
  • Josh Hawley unloads on Mayorkas
  • ‘Lock This Animal Away to the Depths of Hell’
  • Recent Declarations of Restraint
  • So why arrest Luft
  • Maybe a Reasonable Answer to the Abortion Issue
  • Disney's mice are starting to jump ships as Iger starts to unload assets
  • I Don't Usually Give Movie Advise...
  • Here is Where the Sheeple Will Go to "Support" the First Amendment...
  • In a VERY Strange Turn of Events...
  • Virginia Has a Very Interesting Story About not Relaying Info to Parents
  • A Trifecta among almost a dozen....
  • Contrary to Mopsie, Turkey has the "intestinal fortitude" to charge financial crimes.
  • A really good article regarding what we've been "discussing" about children in schools.
  • A huge difference between the two parties is that Democrats have morals and the Republicans utterly lack any. Except...

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