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PetsHolistic Pet Products & Food
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A Pets Selector by Barbara Traver, created February 2000. I am with a non-profit animal rescue group and have joined a company which sells holistic pet products and food. I am truly amazed at the miracles I have seen these products produce. Formulated by world renowned Veterinarian Dr. Jane Bicks. It is her belief that with proper nutrition, our "Best Friends" should be living to the ages of 28 to 30 years. These products help animals with mobility, weight, and skin problems. The dog and cat foods are "New Generation" no wheat, corn, grains or fillers. Phenomenal testimonials!

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1. Is your pet suffering with: Dry or oily itchy flaky skin?
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2. Does your pet suffer from mobility problems?
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3. Is your dog or cat over weight?
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4. Does your dog or cat have "Hot Spots"?
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5. Does your dog have an oder problem?
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6. Would you like to try a "New Generation" "Holistic" food for your pet?
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