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A Politics Selector by Zander Freund, created February 2000. Find out which political party to support. There are more than two options! By comparing your stances on social and economic issues with different political parties, you can find out who you should vote for in the upcoming election!
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1. Freedom of personal liberties is crucial in Government. Although their are exceptions, in general, the government should let people make their own personal choices, as long as it doesnt hurt others. A person should be able to smoke crack, have an abortion, or marry a gay man because these actions affect only themselves.
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2. Economic freedom is crucial in Government. The United States should trade with all countries, despite civil rights violations or effects on american workers. Taxes should be severly cut or abolished so people can make their own economic choices. Government programs such as social security, health care, and welfare are examples of redistribution of wealth, and should be abolished or limited.
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3. The enviornment is a large enough concern that we should invest significant time and money in protecting it. Economic sacrifices are worth protecting our earth, and providing a better future for America.
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4. Whether or not their is freedom in the economy is not what the government should be concerned with. The american people should always be the primary concern of the government. We shouldnt get involved in wars in other countries unless they benefit us. We should regulate trade and immigration to stimulate the US economy. We should also give the american people their tax dollars back. Regulating trade and immigration are also possible ways in which to stimulate the US Economy.
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5. For purposes concerning freedom of personal liberty, legislation to provide moral correctness in the citizens of america, such as religious teachings in school or censorship of the media, should be abolished or toned down.
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6. The Government should use at least some redistribution of wealth in order to ensure the well being of its citizens. Protecting workers with trade regulations, lowering taxes, and restricting immigration will not truly solve the problems of homelessness or hunger.
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