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HorrorVampire Classification
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Created June 2004. A Selector
By quizsterr
5{r imagined what it would be like to be a vampire? All of the new power, consequences, experiences... essentially a new life through death. It might, in fact, be overwhelming; however, the basic emotions and beliefs would more than likely carry through, especially the subconscious ones. This quiz will give you a peek at what you might be like as a creature of the night.
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This Horror selector, a free online personality quiz, is a creation of quizsterr and for amusement purposes only. See the author's other creations, if any. The implicit and explicit opinions expressed here are the author's. does not necessarily agree.
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1. Look down at yourself. What's your taste in clothing and apparel? If money was no problem and you could purchase and wear whatever you pleased, which would you most likely pick?

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2. Put yourself in this hypothetical situation: You go to the store to grab a snack, and while there, you see another customer slip on a banana peel, and the way it happens is actually sort of funny. They do brush against a metal shelf and injure themselves in the fall, but it's not too bad, though there is some blood; by some stroke of luck a person right beside them knows first aid begins to help. You immediately...

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3. Assume for a moment that there were no laws against murder, and there were absolutely no consequences for ending anyone's life. If this were true, would you ever kill a human being?

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4. Have you ever hunted, or fished?

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5. Think of how you view Vampires. Both, in a mythological and fantasy aspect, and how you would think of them if they do actually exist. Gathering your thoughts, the general idea could be summed up with any of these...

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6. Finally, evaluate your own personality and motivations. Take yourself, then imagine that you have become a Vampire. What do you believe you'd be like?

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