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ReligionPantheon Selector
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A Religion Selector by Lindsay and Harmony, created January 2004.
Have you ever wondered which pantheon fits you best? If so, this quiz might help you. If not, at least there is an awesome link to more information- but you have to take the quiz to get there. Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. What is your most prominent heritage?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

2. Do you have an affinity to any particular region?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

3. What do you believe happens after death?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

4. Should rituals be an integral part of your beliefs?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

5. Do you believe in alternative health practices (shamanism, exorcism, etc.)

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

6. Do you feel a deep connection with nature?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

7. Do you believe that the gods are faultless (yes) or that the gods have vices and virtues (no)?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

8. Do you believe that you must achieve perfect understanding of all things before reaching the afterlife?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

9. Do you believe you must reject the material world to achieve perfect understanding?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

10. Are you comfortable with the Christian deities?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

11. Do you believe that there is only one path to God or salvation?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

Just for fun, predict what your #1 result will be.Your prediction will not influence your results.

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