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Science FictionFleet Placement Test
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A Science Fiction Selector by Emperial, created March 2006.
If more than one choice applies, pick the one which applies the most or which you enjoy the most. If you score highly in PsyCorps or Division of Magic in your result but have no psychic or magic ability, this simply means that you match well the type of individual who works in one of those divisions, but you should exclude these divisions from your results. (Unless you were interested in a purely nonoperational support job, such as filing or secretarial work.) Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. Do you enjoy working in a group?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

2. What interests you the most?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

3. Do you have any natural talents or skills?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

4. What sort of experience do you have?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

5. How organized are you?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

6. What is your level of combat experience?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

7. How do you feel about technology?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

8. What are your thoughts on killing?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

9. What are your thoughts on rules and laws?

Prioritize your choice above:
High    Medium    Low

Just for fun, predict what your #1 result will be.Your prediction will not influence your results.

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