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HorrorWill you escape the lair of the killer in time?
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A Horror Selector by Magical C, created June 2015.
This is a fun little test to see if you can escape a psychopathic killer's asylum Before he can get to you. all of the paths lead to the same place eventually however some options will get you there faster than others. part of the quiz may be luck Based however if you are observant enough and look close enough during some of the questions you may find out that luck isn't the only factor that determines the outcome. Good luck with finding the eXit in time!(don't worry it is not that scary. I just put it in the horror category because this would be a scary situation!) Disclaimer.

The first question is below.

1. There are 2 doors. One of them is labeled Hallway A and the other is labeled Hallway B. Which do you choose to enter?
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2. Now there are 3 different options. You can go up the dark stairway to your left or you can enter the door marked Hallway C or you can go down the dark stairway on your right. Which do you choose?
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3. Now you have reached a computer terminal that you can put 4 different codes into each one of them opens a different door. you don't have enough time to try them all the killer is catching up to you which will you type in? (yes there is a way to figure this out without random guessing or pure luck)
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4. Your very close all you have to do is choose the elevator that will get you to the exit the fastest, choose between elevators X, Y, and Z. Hurry you don't have much time!
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