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Policies & Procedures : Lease Renewal Process

Print report : Leases to expire in 60 - 90 days. Check if details are correct

Discuss with owner and get instructions on re-leasing
Contact tenant. Do they wish to renew lease?
For how long; Check current lease for special conditions; Do they need amending, deleting or additional conditions added
Market Analysis

Send appropriate notice to tenant and prepare vacate procedure
Contact tenant to advise no renewal offered
No lease renewal to be offered. Get instructions on how to proceed with property
Contact Lessor to advise & discuss date of expiry & tenants' wish to renew. Are they offering lease renewal?

Discuss special conditions and market analysis to reach an offer for the tenants

Terms not fully agreed to. Tenants want to negotiate some part of the offered renewal
Contact tenant to advise the terms of renewal offered
Check bond held and any variation required


Send appropriate notice to tenant and prepare vacate procedure
Discuss with Lessor to try and resolve
If acceptable, confirm in writing and arrange paperwork to be processed.