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Which Dog Food Is Right For My Dog?
SelectSmart.comTo give your dog the best opportunity for a long and healthy life, select the right dog food. This selector includes over 16 dozen popular and highly rated dog food brands and their specialized formulas. Click those options important to you and we will give you recommendations for the best available dog food that best satisfies your dog's and your needs and wants. Click the "books and bargains" information links after your top results to make your own side-by-side dog food comparisons of current dog food prices, nutrition and ingredient information.

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1. When choosing a dog food, do you prefer canned or dry?
Dry dog food has the advantage of being easy to store. The action of chewing dry food is beneficial to dog's teeth and gums. Dogs seem to prefer the taste of canned food. Many vets and pet owners recommend a mixture of dry and canned.
Dry dog food
Canned dog food
No preference
  What priority do you place on your selection above?
High    Medium    Low  

2. What is your dog's age?
Puppy food is recommended until your dog is 80 to 90 percent of expected adult weight or about 9 months of age. As a rule of thumb, switch to a senior formula at the last third of the dog's expected lifespan.
  What priority do you place on your selection above?
High    Medium    Low  

3. What is your dog's size?
Small Breed
Medium sized
Large Breed
  What priority do you place on your selection above?
High    Medium    Low  

4. Do you have any of these health concerns about your dog?
Sensitive Stomach
Skin and coat
Hips and joints

5. What sort of caloric intake is appropriate for your dog?
Active diet
Weight control diet
Regular diet
  What priority do you place on your selection above?
High    Medium    Low  

6. When selecting a dog food and considering its ingredients, which of these do you prefer?
In collecting the data that went into this selector, we used the manafacturers' own statements as well as third party information. The dog food formulas, recipes and practices are subject to change. In recent years at least one small brand known for its healthy, organic ingredients was bought by a large manufacturer, who reduced the quality measurably. We strongly recommend that you use the information links by each result item on the next page and importantly, read labels.
Brands that market themselves as organic.
To avoid brands that are known to use byproducts, chemicals and preservatives.
Dog food fit for human consumption.
Brands and formulas with no wheat-gluten

7. What sort of meat would your dog prefer?
Red Meat
Mixed meat
No preference
  What priority do you place on your selection above?
High    Medium    Low  

8. Would you like this dog food to be mostly meat or no meat?
No preference
  What priority do you place on your selection above?
High    Medium    Low  
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