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Yes/NoAre you an Adult Indigo? -the Adult counterpart of the Indigo Child
Yes/NoIs Your Child an Indigo Child? (Or are you?)
Yes/NoThe Tarot Deck Selector
Yes/NoTarot- Major Arcana
Yes/NoWhat Type Of Seductress Are You?
Yes/NoThe Witches Brew Pagan Pride see if you are a Witch test
Yes/NoSometimes you feel that you're not 100% human... Find it out!
Yes/NoFind your Elemental Affinity
Yes/NoAre you a werewolf?
Yes/NoWhat is my personal element?
Yes/NoWhich Anita Blake Character are you?
Yes/NoHow Strong is Your Connection With Your Guardian Spirit?
Yes/NoWhich Magical Tradition Are You?
Yes/NoWhich class of Greek Daimon do you belong in?
Yes/NoElement Focus
Yes/NoWhich Melchoir powers do you have?
Yes/Nofind your magic type
Yes/NoWhat is your Element?
Yes/NoAre you an awsome makeout partner or just a good one?
Yes/NoWhat Element Are You Most Like???
Yes/NoWhat Flavour of Incense are You?
Yes/NoWhich of the Sefirot of the Kabbalah intrigue you?
Yes/NoWhat kind of vampire are you?
Yes/NoWhat Kind of Ghost Hunter Are You?
Yes/NoWhich of the 9 elements are you most like?
Yes/NoWhat Kind Of Stone Are You?
Yes/NoThe Divination That Is Right For You
Yes/NoWhich Elemental Are You?
Yes/Nowhat mystical stone are you?
Yes/NoWhuch Immortal Are You?
Yes/NoWhich Element is yours?
Yes/NoWhich Witch Are You
Yes/NoWhat's Your Element..
Yes/NoWhat is your Element?
Yes/NoWhat Jewel are you?
Yes/NoWhat color are your wings?
Yes/Nowhat magical tree are you?
Yes/NoWhat are your metaphysical skills?
Yes/Nowiccan colour
Yes/NoKtórą religię #pleasedonotcopy preferujesz?
Yes/NoWhat type of Mage are you?
Yes/NoWhat would you be in Obernewtyn?
Yes/NoWhat Element are YOU?
Yes/NoWhat colour is your aura?
Yes/NoWhat Rhapsody Character are you?
Yes/Nowhat class are you in my world
Yes/NoWhich Contemporary Magician Are You?

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