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  1. Satan in a tutu
  2. Cheese running the mile in december
  3. Fish head with feet on it's head
  4. A splattered, talking omlette
  5. Posessed extension cord
  6. Self-popping bubblewrap
  7. Shark tooth that eats people
  8. A drunk dungbeetle
  9. A fly that is part leaf
  10. Tree that preforms in baptist ceremoni
  11. Carrot that eats self
  12. Firework that blows self into little k
  13. Tourist who ate their camera film
  14. Superglue that doesn't stick at all
  15. Hyper squirrel
  16. Song called 'Song'
  17. Board game that comes alive
  18. Stamp that disposes of the envelope
  19. Posessed keyboard that types what it w
  20. Clock that says what time it was twent
  21. Auto-dialing phone
  22. Globe that spins on it's own
  23. Roll of scotch tape that's broken
  24. A dead snail
  25. A chinese gooseberry
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