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  1. Dragon (a classic creature of myth, of

  2. Unicorn (an equine-like creature known...

  3. Alicorn (unlike the uni-peg, there is ...

  4. Harpy (vulture like in most aspects bu...

  5. Phoenix (only one of your kind every o...

  6. Niad (a water spirit, related to the D

  7. Werewolf (can be evil or good, but war...

  8. Vampire (creature of darkness that sur...

  9. Mermaid (the siren of the sea)

  10. Faerie (creatures of nature, curious,

  11. Elf (related to faeries, but for the w...

  12. Satyr (goat and man, you love to play

  13. Selkie (you can turn into a seal! rela

  14. Pegasus (equine with wings, solitary)

  15. Basilisk (cock and serpent giant sized...

  16. Centaur ( torso up human, below horse

  17. Griffin (half-eagle, half-lion... a wo

  18. Siren (you sing sweet melodies and lur

  19. Cerberus (Greek/Roman myth, you guard

  20. Gargoyle ("stone by day, warriors by n

  21. Banshee (from Celtic mythology, you wa

  22. Dryad (a tree spirit)

  23. Imp (a devilish little faery-like crea

  24. Medusa (from Greek mythology, you have

  25. A Deity (All hail to thee! o Mighty GO

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