Mythology Poll: What mythological creature would you be? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Mythology Poll: What mythological creature would you be? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
MythologyMythology Poll: What mythological creature would you be?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What mythological creature would you be?" by Jenyae Ma~ad Dofs.

Choose from this list:

Dragon (a classic creature of myth, often quick-tempered but logical at the same time)

Unicorn (an equine-like creature known for its name, "one horn" on its forehead area, with the ability to heal... immortal)

Alicorn (unlike the uni-peg, there is only one of you at a time, often quite ferocious unless tamed, and equine-like creature with one horn and wings, possessing the ability to heal)

Harpy (vulture like in most aspects but for the breast/chest and the head... mostly female, often savage and ill-mannered)

Phoenix (only one of your kind every one-hundred years, you are the symbol of immortality and rebirth... a fiery bird)

Niad (a water spirit, related to the Dryad)

Werewolf (can be evil or good, but wary of most, you can shape-shift into the form of a large wolf, especially so around the full moon)

Vampire (creature of darkness that survives off of the life source of others, often through blood or pure spirit "drinking")

Mermaid (the siren of the sea)

Faerie (creatures of nature, curious, sometimes evil sometimes helpful)

Elf (related to faeries, but for the wings, you can be either small sized or human sized)---(and you're known for the ears!)

Satyr (goat and man, you love to play and joke and dance)

Selkie (you can turn into a seal! related to kelpies, who turn into horses instead)

Pegasus (equine with wings, solitary)

Basilisk (cock and serpent giant sized ::shiver:: all die that cross your path, and hearing your screech people with turn to stone or dust)

Centaur ( torso up human, below horse or other equine creature)

Griffin (half-eagle, half-lion... a worthy leader)

Siren (you sing sweet melodies and lure sailors to their deaths)

Cerberus (Greek/Roman myth, you guard the gates to Hades' realm)

Gargoyle ("stone by day, warriors by night")

Banshee (from Celtic mythology, you wail and warn the death of maidens)

Dryad (a tree spirit)

Imp (a devilish little faery-like creature)

Medusa (from Greek mythology, you have snakes for hair and turn people to stone)

A Deity (All hail to thee! o Mighty GOD/DESS!)


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