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Games & ToysChocobo Racing
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A Games & Toys Selector by Koganei-kun, created October 2002. Find out which Chocobo Racing character is best for you!

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1. Would you rather ride on the ground (yes) or fly (no)?
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2. Would you rather be big and heavy (yes) or light and agile (no)?
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3. Would you rather have a strong offense (yes) or a sturdy defense (no)?
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4. Would you rather have a high top speed (yes) or quick acceleration (no)?
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5. Would you rather have good maneuverability (yes) or faster speed (no)?
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6. Would you rather attack quickly and often with small strikes (yes) or once in a while with a huge blast (no)?
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7. On the offensive, would you rather strike directly (yes) or be sneakier -- i.e., thievery and counterattacks (no)?
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8. On the defensive, would you rather deflect attacks (yes) or avoid obstacles entirely (no)?
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