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Games & ToysChess Player Personality Selector
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A Games & Toys Selector by IdealistCynic, created November 2003.
Have you ever wondered what famous chess player you most resemble? You haven't? Well, you better start now, because the Chess Player Personality Selector, brought to you by Wonder Llama Productions, is here. Have fun! Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. I like to do things fast and furious in order to make efficient use of my time (yes) or I like to slow things down to an easier pace (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

2. If I had to infiltrate Fort Knox, I would use my incredible martial arts skills to render the guards unconscious (yes) or I would, in a much more safe but tedious strategy, chisel away at the walls of the building for two hours each night until the whole thing just came falling down (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

3. If I was defeated in a contest by someone who was obviously less skillful than me, I would accept defeat gracefully and compliment my opponent (yes) or I would stand on my chair and scream "Why must I lose to this IDIOT!" (no)
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

4. I like to think up my decisions and plans on the fly, not looking too hard at my choices (yes) or I like to analyze everything I could possibly do, no matter how trivial, just in case. (no)
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

5. I think ability is more dependent on study and experience (yes), or on natural ability (no)
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

6. I find and criticize small flaws in people's behavior and appearence (yes), or I worry more about my own behavior and appearence (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

7. I would describe myself as someone who likes to pick one subject of expertise, but know it thoroughly (yes), or be a jack-of-all-trades and know a little bit about many topics (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

8. I believe that intimidating others is a key to success (yes), or I believe that intimidation has no place in competitive human endeavor (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

9. I like to laugh in serious and/or dangerous situations to relieve the tension (yes), or I would rather focus on solving the problem at hand (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

10. I think that self-confidence is the only way to true success (yes), or I think that true success is the only way to self-confidence (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

11. I think that the more important maxim for people to remember is "Know Thyself" (yes) or "Know your enemy" (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

12. While giving a speech, I would rather communicate simply and quickly to get my message across (yes) or go out of my way to give a speech filled with inspiring rhetoric and amazing vocabulary (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

13. I would rather be famous for losing to someone extremely talented (yes) or not famous at all (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

14. I am generally considered by my friends to be more geeky (yes) or terrifying (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

15. When I am really angry at someone, I whisper as softly and hissingly as I can (yes) or scream at the top of my lungs (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

16. I am more old-school and traditional (yes) or new-age and change-driven (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

17. The most important thing for me when I am in a contest is having fun (yes) or crushing my opponent(s) (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

18. I would describe my memory as fairly normal (yes) or extremely extensive and reliable (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

19. I would rather live in France (yes) or Sicily (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

20. If I were the greatest genius the world had ever known, I would quietly let my accomplishments speak for themselves (yes) or tell everyone I met that I was, in fact, the greatest genius ever (no).
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

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