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A Entertainment Selector by Anthony Reynolds, created May 2001.
This selector is desinged to inform people on the fact that they may be a DORK! Whether you chose to call yourselfs dorks, geeks, or losers you all have a serious problem. YOUR NOT COOL. This quiz will confirm that you are ether as hip as they come or if you couldn't get laid in a million years. Disclaimer.
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The first selector question is below.

1. Is baggy in?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

2. 60's(yes) or 80's(no)?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

3. Do you masterbate?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

4. Do you consider yourself cool?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

5. Have you ever asked anyone if you were cool?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

6. Have you ever been told that you were cool without your prompting?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

7. Do you wear thick glasses?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

8. Do you want to be the next Bill Gates?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

9. Is green a cool color?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

10. Do you like skatebording?
Prioritize your choice above:
High Medium Low

Now that you have answered all the questions, continue to the Show Me My Results! button below.

Just for fun, predict what your #1 result will be.Your prediction will not influence your results.

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