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graphHealthHealth Poll: Are you Anxious?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Are you Anxious?" by JohnPrendergast.

Choose from this list:

Severe Anxiety - You can make your life much, much easier! I expect life is a struggle. Many areas of your life probably feel out of your control, or as if you can't succeed in them. Overcoming your anxiety will change your life amazingly.

Strong Anxiety - You seem to spend too much time worrying. This can change for the better. The odds are that you are holding back from things you want in life and that success is more of a struggle for you than it should be. There may be a knock-on effect in life from feelings that drain you of motivation and make you feel failure is the likely outcome.

Some Anxiety - you could improve your levels of calmness and success without this anxiety, but it's not too high. Meditation, Yoga, or other stress relieving methods would help make life easier for you.

Average. You seem to stress when appropriate and be generally calm.

Low. You seem chilled out and calm. Hopefully you're still awake reading this. :)


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