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Millenial Journal March 3, 2016If after reading the views of the candidates, it’s still fuzzy, there are some issue-candidate matching websites. You get a series of questions and answer them according to your conscience. The website then tells you which candidate most closely matches your views.

Commentary: Looking for the perfect president
Kansas City Star
Wed, Dec. 28, 2011
So I tried out SelectSmart, a buffet of quizzes whose “most recent ratings” on the day I visited ranged from “choosing your dog” and “Which Harry Potter character are you like?” to "What dress are you?” and “sexual positions recommender." The Presidential Candidate Selector gave me 20 questions.

Some choice candidates
Anderson Independent Mail January 8, 2012
"This quiz gives a more definitive result simply because the questions are more clearly posed".

COMMENTARY: Getting beyond the campaign distractions
Las Cruces Sun-News Sep 13, 2008
"For a more independent view, Web sites such as; www.2decide. com; and provide voting records."

Top 10 Personality Tests on Internet October 10, 2009
"Highly enjoyable and insightful, this quiz will reveal what your personal spiritual inclinations are".

Match Game '08, Need help picking a presidential candidate?
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX)- Jan. 14, 2008
Hey, isn't there an election coming up? Or something? Wake up. Pull out your earbuds. The rest of the nation has started picking a new president, but somehow you've fallen behind

Voting By Numbers At
Lakeland, FL Ledger- Aug 22, 2008
Imagine, if you can, a magical instrument that could probe your mind and in just a few minutes tell you precisely how your political views correspond with those of the people running for president.

65 Ways To Simplify Your Life
Women's Health/Huffington Post- Aug 13, 2008
11. To pick a pooch tuned to your lifestyle, take the matchmaking quiz at

Which presidential candidates have your back ...pocket?
WalletPop, VA - Jan 18, 2008
A quick visit to's Presidential Candidate Selector turned up some interesting results. Eight of the 26 questions on SelectSmart's Survey are...

Candidate-match quizzes: Do they click?
Seattle Times, United States - Dec 23, 2007
Or there's, where you can also look for your best match in everything from a dog to a religion. Think it's outrageous that anyone would pick ...

Casting my vote for a new system
Georgetown News Graphic, KY - Jan 11, 2008
There is a Web site called - there's probably a bunch of them like that, really, but this is the only one I've used - that will ask you a ...

Pick Me a Candidate
Yahoo! News - Jan 2, 2008
On, I grew bored with politics and got much more interested in their other selector programs, such as the Swear Word Selector, ...

With age comes great responsibility
The Huntsville Times -, AL - Dec 24, 2007
Select Smart at offers a presidential candidate selector that matches you with candidates who think the most like ...

Evangelicals for Social Action "Probably the most fun website I’ve checked out is 2008 Presidential Candidate Selector. It asks you almost 30 questions regarding what you want in a president." December 2007

Cool Stuff: Digital Democracy: Pick Your Candidate Now "SelectSmart seems as sincere as eHarmony in wanting to find you the commander in chief of your dreams. There are 26 questions, almost every one of them a matter of import." E-Online, November 2007

Cool Stuff: Digital Democracy: Pick Your Candidate Now "SelectSmart seems as sincere as eHarmony in wanting to find you the commander in chief of your dreams. There are 26 questions, almost every one of them a matter of import." E-Online, November 2007

WCAV-TV, Charlottesville, VA. "I think it's a good, it's a good test. It's a good measure of what your actual beliefs are, so I think the rubrics they picked were very good." October 2007

Web Site Of The Week KNTV, NBC 11, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose. August 2007

KXLY News link KXLY Spokane, Washington July 2007

WMUR News 9, New Hampshire "The site asks voters a series of questions and then determines which candidate most reflects the voter's viewpoints. News 9 asked several potential voters at a local cafe to try it out, and many said they were surprised that the results matched how they were leaning."

TV Watch the KOAT-TV, Albuquerque report on this selector. May 2007

"The State" South Carolina I began my quest to debunk the “parties match our views” notion when I started hearing raves about a “presidential selector” at -Nov. 03, 2004

"Wired News" "Quite often the candidate they really liked is the candidate that comes up highest in their scores," said Curt Anderson, who operates a quiz site where visitors answer a series of multiple-choice questions on environmental policy, drug laws, Social Security and other issues. After entering their selections, users get matched up with the candidate whose views most reflect their own. -October 2004

Morning Edition, October 12, 2004 · Despite weeks of campaigning by the presidential candidates, Morning Edition commentator and swing voter John Ridley is still undecided. He tries to sort things with an online issues test ( Ridley discusses the results with NPR's Steve Inskeep.

FOX News 11 Los Angeles Can't decide which presidential candidate deserves your vote? For help finding the candidate that best reflects your views click on to these websites and take the presidential choice quiz. -October 2004

Several books mention, all are available through

Phildelphia City Paper, "The SelectSmart test may help undecideds decide who's the candidate for them. Seventeen questions long, it covers abortion, taxes, health care and gun control, though gay marriage is conspicuously absent. (The site, one of several being passed around the Internet quicker than a Paris Hilton video, can also help you decide which pet's best for you.)" .—-Doron Taussig, February 5-11, 2004

Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, etc. "Young turn to Web for quick hits that help them size up candidates" There can be surprises, said Jan Schaffer, executive director of the Institute for Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland's Philip Merrill College of Journalism. "Sometimes, people realize they don't really agree with the candidate they thought they liked." - March 31, 2004 "Sites that offer candidate match engines for the coming US presidential election range from lesser-known voter education projects, such as - Jan 27, 2004 - Jan 27, 2004

NBC, DC "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004

Kansas City, MO "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004 -

Carolina, SC "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 28, 2004

KMGH, CO "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004

More TV, FL "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004

Jackson, MS "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004, GA "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004, WA "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004, TX "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004, NC "On, there are 17 policy questions ranging from taxes and spending to security and terrorism."- Jan 27, 2004

Racine Journal Times (WI) "You can actually take a test to see who you should support at"

Burlington Hawk Eye, IA "(The Presidential Candidate Selector) got pretty deep. I thought it wasn't going to require so much thinking, but it does," she said. "It also makes me want to look into these issues more now, because I'm not familiar with a lot of them, so that may change my answers."

Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune "Not sure who you want to be the next president? A non-partisan Web site has done the spadework for you. At, users answer 17 policy questions ranging from foreign policy to civil liberties. With the click of the mouse, the program tells you which candidate most closely matches your preferences." -- Bob von Sternberg and Eric Black, December 21, 2003

Chicago Sun Times, IL "It's a crash course in American politics and not nearly as painful as watching a debate or a Sunday morning talk show." - Dec 12, 2003

Muslim WakeUp!, United Arab Emirates I decided to go to, take their quiz and see just who I should be supporting for President. - Dec 7, 2003

New York Times SelectSmart's 2004 American Presidential Candidate Selector goes the farthest: it actually tells you which candidate best matches. -Dec 3, 2003

Editor & Publisher "This (the Presidential Candidate Selector) is a nifty application that helps you decide who to vote for -- with more sophistication... than the newspaper examples..." November 12, 2003

San Mateo Times "...he figured he'd let the public in on the test-making fun, for free. Now SelectSmart has 15,000 tests, called 'selectors.' Creating a selector is 'easy, quick and fun,'" -- Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Fox News Channel "Another way to get a custom-made dog is to log that prompt visitors to answer a series of multiple-choice questions about the kind of pup they're after." -- Thursday, July 25, 2002

Chicago Tribune "If the Delphic Oracle had a Web site it would be" -- April 01, 2002

300 Incredible300 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet: 'Congratulations...Your site,, has been included in our book, "300 MORE Incredible Things to Do on the Internet."' - Ken Leebow, author. Site of the Day "It's a very quick survey to take, and once you're done, it'll let you know what you're all about. Best Feature: They have surveys on which TV shows you should watch to what religion best suits you." 11/18/01

Yahoo Internet Life-Incredibly Useful Sites "Get to Know Yourself. Should Limp Bizkit really be your favorite band? Are you cut out for management? Find out what job best matches your personality type, what bands will rock your world, or even what shoe will best suit you at" 11/16/01

National Council for the Social Studies This teachers organization recommends the Past Presidents Selector. "Based upon the popular Presidential Candidate Selector, this site offers a great opportunity for visitors to compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of 41 past presidents."

NY TIMESThe New York Times Pamela O'Connell wrote in her "Online Diary", "I went on a mission of self-discovery at and found out the following..." -August 23, 2001.

The Jacksonville (FL) Times Best bets on the Net" Dog Selector: Search for a pup here. This site asks you some key dog-owning questions, measures your responses and spits out the perfect breed for you. -August 18, 2001.

TIME "Wouldn't it be nice to give up the decision-making reins once in a while? To sit back and click a few buttons and come up with the best recommendation? has compiled a vast library of 'selectors'"-- June 25, 2001

Time Magazine "I Once Was Lost, but Now I'm Wired" by Phil Zabriskie who wrote: "Let's say I'm unaffiliated and seeking a more structured spiritual component in my life. I can head to and answer 20 multiple-choice questions basically covering the points on which doctrines diverge...When I finish, I get a list." -- June 4, 2001

TIME Dallas Morning News "Results are rated by the percentage in which answers to the survey match with dogma from the major religions, as well as those beliefs considered off the beaten path. Remember, no cheating. We all know the price you'll pay for that." -- May 31, 2001

Chicago Sun-Times The reason ( powered and authored selectors) are so popular is they ask people questions that they don't normally get asked. -- May 13, 2001

Atlanta Journal Constitution Atlanta Journal Constitution E-Living wrote, "What exactly do I believe in?" To get an answer to that question try the ( powered and authored) Belief-O-Matic online religious assessment software program at -- May 4, 2001

Backwash Approved Backwash Approved A reviewer in Backwash, "The Ultimate Recommendation Engine" wrote, "Find out which religions your beliefs are most compatible with instead of trying to conform your beliefs to your religion. You might surprise yourself. Answer honestly, or it's a waste of time." -- April 26, 2001

Scripps-Howard Scripps-Howard News On Religion, syndicated column by Terry Mattingly: "Are you a liberal Protestant kind of person or a Hindu person, a Baptist or a Scientologist, a Reform Jew or a Neo-Pagan? Want to find out? Then go to" -- March 3, 2001

Scripps-Howard Medford, OR Mail Tribune: "The firm ( recently introduced a line of software programs called SelectsMart Webware to help small businesses..." -- March 1, 2001

NBC 24 NBC 24 TV, Toledo Ohio "You can rate your religion online. It's easy and fun! But the best thing about it is there's no wrong answer!" -- February 19, 2001

Web Previews 1 Killer Websites "The site is clearly growing with the success of its headline genre -- politics. Pretty soon its staff may even produce a survey to pick what part of the site to use."

Web Previews 1 Web Previews 1 Best Sites on the Web: "Need help in deciding on a career, a pet or what to eat?"

WTIC NewsTalk Radio The Ultimate Pro-Choice Site. "Selectsmart is one of my favorite sites on the web, and though the election is over, there's still a lot here. You can get help on naming your new baby, selecting the breed of dog that's best for your family, or what fast food chain will help you stay on that low-fat diet. As was once said, "know thyself"; Selectsmart makes it fun to do just that." November 7, 2000

News11.jpgWJHL, Johnson City, TN. quotes Dr. Jess Johnson, pastor and former college president said: "We're at a point in our nation where we need to re-establish some contacts with our original values and morals. And this might help do that."

300 Incredible Things for Pet Lovers on the Internet:"...your site is one of the Incredible sites featured in our new book "300 Incredible Things for Pet Lovers on the Internet" by Bob Vella Host of the nationally syndicated radio show Pet Talk America and Ken Leebow who is known as 'Mr. Internet." - October 10, 2000, 2000

ctnow ctnow, the Hartford Courant produced website, "...the SelectSmart folks have developed the Web's most well-known selector." - Sept. 28, 2000 Cool site

News24 News24, the South African TV station name us a "Cool Site". "Life's not easy. We're confronted with choices daily. And some of those choices are more tough than others. Need some help deciding? Then try Selectsmart."

Economist The Economist, an international news magazine said, "SelectSmart...will identify the candidates whose policies and prejudices most closely match those of the inquirer." - June 24, 2000

People's Choice Award Top 500 WebSite award People's Choice WebSite500 and awarded CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award - June 3, 2000

USA TODAY Hot Site "Decision Helper" - June 2, 2000

DILBERT Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, quoted in ZDNet: Yahoo! Internet Life, said of SelectSmart, "It's a brilliant application for the Web." - April 2000

Lisa Napoli of MSNBC said, Now, there's a Web side that will decide behind whom you should throw your support. It's called because this Web site isn't simply politically oriented, you can conduct other business while you're there. Who said the Web doesn't have all the answers?" February 1, 2000

Washington Post Washington Post Robin Givhan of the Post wrote: ", however, has an irresistible, breezy quality. It's deliciously cheesy but with a disconcerting accuracy." February 4, 2000

London Times "Voters can sidestep the whole process of making up their own mind by tapping their views into the website selectsmart; this tells them which candidate most nearly reflects and represents their opinions." - October 2000

Australian Personal Computer (APC) (Australia's leading technology magazine) "It's a fun Web site full of quizzes (or "selectors"). These range from religion selectors and drill bit selectors to android compatibility and pregnancy tests. There are also lots of ads and links to commercial sites such as If you can put up with this, and with the US bias in the content, you can have a lot of fun finding out how cool you are or what sort of car suits your personality." -Megan Smith - Nov.27, 2000

St. Cloud University Chronicle "The ( Web site certainly made more sense than any television, newspaper or radio report I have seen. It was clear and user-friendly. Also, I couldn't find anywhere on the site where there might be a hidden agenda." 2000

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Library in the Sky's Best of the Week Educational Websites. "With multiple databases of information, there are a variety of timely categories to help make informed decisions. SelectSmart features new categories quite often, and has many topics of interest to teachers, parents, and students, such as "Financial Aid" and "Find a College" selectors." 11/8/99

times Time Digital Magazine "Perhaps the most useful is, which promised to pick a presidential candidate for me based on my beliefs. This sounded great until I realized that I'd have to get some beliefs." - May 2000

times MADPICK AWARD "SelectSmart offers many other surveys that help you select numerous items, such as dog breeds, cars, recipes, and wine. And after I picked my presidential candidate, I definitely needed some wine." - August 2000

PLAYBOY Playboy says, "Tally your opinions and see which candidate deserves your vote to succeed Bill Clinton." - January 2000

NY TIMES The New York Times In three separate articles, called the "Consumer's Guide To the Candidates." and said "This political season, (voters) have an alternative online" -October 31, 1999, December 23, 1999 and January 22, 2000. (To see the complete articles search 365-DAY ARCHIVE for "SelectSmart")

Newsweek Newsweek (print edition, January 24, 2000) said find your ideological soulmate...and your ideal cat or dog". said: "Sorting through presidential politics may seem like a headache, but help is here." -November 4, 1999.

Christian Science Monitor The Christian Science Monitor " Presidential Candidate Selector determines which candidate most closely matches your political views." - January 21, 2000

FAIR Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting recommends that you "take this quiz to find out which candidate's views are closest to your own." February, 2000

Yahoo News Yahoo News made SelectSmart is a featured site on all Yahoo political pages. - December 2000

USNews US News & World Report made a recommended resource to learn about politics. - January 2000

Fidelity Networks put us on top of their "Top 10 Picks for Best O' The Net" and said: " has the answers! ...Decision-making has never been so easy!" -January, 2000.

Cyberguy The Cyberguy in awarding the "Top Pick" honors said, "The quiz from is free and exceptionally informative. You will be a smarter voter after participating. " - January, 2000

The Eagle Institute editor awarded the "My Website Pick of the Week". "I found this survey amazing." - January 21, 2000

The Johns Hopkins News-Letter " is a good starting point in narrowing down the choices of candidates..." - Dec. 9, 1999

Palm Springs Desert Sun "Web Watch" by Patrick Welch--Site of the Week. "Selectors are multiple choice forms with a varying number of questions in them, which, when filled out and electronically submitted, return instant results and answers to your questions. What questions, you ask? Well, how about ''What type of Christmas tree best suits my needs?'' or "What name would best suit my new baby boy or girl?" or "Which luxury car would really make me happy?" And these are just the tip of a large iceberg of categories. " - Dec. 6, 1999

India Times (Business Today section) What's Cool "Take Curt Anderson, whose Webusiness,, is an interactive-surfers ask, the Website pulls out answers from its database-guide for customers to pick the best product, given their requirements. The idea is to target those potential buyers of unusual goods and services-dogs,mortgages, or garden equipment, for instance-who are neither clear about their precise needs, nor aware of where to shop for the best deal." - 12/07/99

AboutPolitics said: "Just answer the questions honestly, and they'll point you to the candidate most in synch with you." -December 2, 1999.

The New York Times In two separate articles, called the "Consumer's Guide To the Candidates." and said "This political season, (voters) have an alternative online" -August 2, 1999 and December 23, 1999. (To see the complete articles search 365-DAY ARCHIVE for

Newsweek said: "Sorting through presidential politics may seem like a headache, but help is here." -November 4, 1999.

Nightline Discussed on Nightline "...fill out a questionnaire based on the issues, and they help you select a candidate." -November 8, 1999.

Rave of the Day Netscape's "What's Cool" named their "Rave of the Day" -October 27, 1999.

Featured on's US Goovernment Recources page "Can't decide?...this web site will help." -December 3, 1999.

LA Times William Schneider in LA Times: "You answer questions about your issue positions, and the program comes up with the candidate who matches your answers best."

Salon Salon says: "Not sure who to vote for? Tell your views to a presidential polling site and it will pick out just the right candidate." - Nov. 11, 1999

Planetclick "We at PlanetClick love your web site."

The Salt Lake City Tribune says, " a comprehensive set of options to narrow the field to just the right one."

Home & Garden News says, "Helps people...decide which breeds are best for them"

Japan based DogMark says, "Wonderful site!."

"Caroline's Good Site Award" by an Oxford based Greyhound lover, gif and midi maven. -January 1999. honored as a "Cool Canine Site" in the informative category by WorkingDogWeb-January 1999.

Called "The Ultimate Puppy Picker" in the "In The Spotlight" section of the Mining Co. Guide to Dogs. -January 1999.

Zookeeper's Pet received site of the week honors at Zookeeper's Dog House. -January 1999. named Professor Hunt's Dog Page Dog Site of the Week -January 1999.

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