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Law selectors, pages, etc.
Judge Questions Prosecution Why Trump Was Only President Charged
By oldedude
March 15, 2024 12:58 pm
Category: Law

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So even the judge in FL is wondering WTF? "If the law applies equally, what's up mr prosecutor.... " and pretty much receives curt's answer, "because it's trump." Which honestly is a pretty crappy answer to have in federal court.

So long story short. Federal Judge in FL wonders WTF is going on when trumpster is the only person inwhich charges are filed. We found out why Matt Gaetz is under the gun by the dims. He pissed them off. AND Hur did not fall for the dims trying to say pedojoe was off the hook, which didn't work. Since pedojoe didn't take the get out of jail free card, I'm looking for charges against him.

Judge Questions Why Trump Was Only President Charged Over Handling Of Classified Material

The judge overseeing former President Donald Trump’s Florida case questioned during a Thursday hearing why he was the only president who has been charged over his handling of classified material, according to multiple reports.

During a hearing to consider various motions Trump filed to dismiss the case, Judge Aileen Cannon noted no former president had similarly faced criminal charges over the handling of classified material, according to NBC News. Trump’s attorneys brought up special counsel Robert Hur’s report finding evidence President Joe Biden willfully kept classified documents, but declining to charge him, according to CNN.

“Even with other former presidents, there was never a situation remotely similar to this one,” prosecutor Jay Bratt told Cannon, according to CNN.

When Special counsel Robert Hur appeared before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday to defend his report, Republicans suggested there was a double standard in bringing charges against Trump but not Biden.

And NOW we know why Matt Gaetz is under "investigation!" (well, he's not but he is, we're just looking at him, well maybe). The dims are chickenshitting everyone that "may" be in their way.

Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz on Tuesday pressed special counsel Robert Hur during a hearing on why he did not bring charges against President Joe Biden and his book ghostwriter over their handling of classified documents.

Hur issued a report in February finding Biden willfully kept classified documents, but decided not to pursue charges against the president, noting there would likely not be a conviction. Gaetz said during the hearing that he believed Biden’s ghostwriter should have been charged for discarding certain evidence when he was made aware of Hur’s appointment.

In another piece, Jayapal was trying to "make" Hur say that pedojoe was "exonerated" to which Hur snapped back at her.

“This lengthy, expensive and independent investigation resulted in a complete exoneration of President Joe Biden,” Jayapal said. “For every document you discussed in your report, you found insufficient evidence that the president violated any laws about possession or retention of classified materials.”

“[Exoneration] is not a word that I used in the report,” Hur asserted. “And that’s not part of my task as a prosecutor.”

Jayapal talked over Hur as he elaborated on his answer. “You exonerated him,” she said.

“I did not exonerate him,” Hur responded. “That word does not appear in the report, congresswoman.”

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Comments on "Judge Questions Prosecution Why Trump Was Only President Charged":

  1. by oldedude on March 15, 2024 6:12 pm
    The elephant in the room of all of these trials. It's called Arbitrary Enforcement. Something you saw previous to the civil rights movement, where the police would arrest and detain minorities for crimes white's were getting away with. There are standards in jails. Where felons are kept, where those with misdemeanors are kept, that sort of thing. If you keep a person that's in jail for, say, a public disturbance and you put them in part of the jail that standards say isn't fit to house any inmates because of a political motive, that is considered Arbitrary Enforcement. As is choking out a jay walker.

    Police are allowed to use "some" discretion. If an officer makes a stop of a known person that has been violent in the past and is known to carry guns, they are allowed to protect themselves. If the officer makes a traffic stop for the same reason, and completes a "felony stop" procedures "because he's black" THAT is arbitrary enforcement.

    I think we're going to hear much more about this piece in the future. That's why I described it. Not only with trumpster, but there are books coming out about the conditions DC government put the J6 folks.

    From Julie Kelly on X.
    Robert Hur report and testimony is the biggest elephant in the room. The term "arbitrary enforcement" used frequently by both the defense and Judge Aileen Cannon.

    Cannon hammered the fact no former president or vice president has been charged under Espionage Act for taking and keeping classified records including national defense information--which represents 32 counts against Trump in Jack Smith's indictment.

    Other persons have not been charged with any crimes for the same legal violations. This is going to be a problem for prosecution. They may be required to show the court why they charged trumpster and not pedojoe, or mike, or several others that did the same thing. This is one of the pieces curt just refuses to understand.

    Arbitrary enforcement of law refers to the situation where government officials, such as police officers, prosecutors, or regulators, exercise discretion in choosing whether or how to punish someone who has violated the law. Instead of applying the law consistently and fairly, arbitrary enforcement occurs when decisions are based on individual judgment rather than a clear and objective application of legal principles.

    In summary, arbitrary enforcement undermines the principles of justice and fairness, and efforts should be made to ensure consistent and transparent application of the law.

  2. by HatetheSwamp on March 16, 2024 3:50 am


    I'm encouraged by the fact that, as these prosecutions move forward, voters appear to be backlashing against the Stalinism and banana republicism that is at the core of the campaign to reelect the "dithering and diminished" Doddering Old Fool.

    I genuinely feared that the electorate would go along.

    As you know, I despise Trump. But, I don't practice irrational TrumpHate... and, it appears that most moderate and independent voters who may be, as Donna accuses, low-information, have enuff information to see that what the Bidenites have in mind is to use "trumped up" legal charges to rob essential Bill of Rights rights from the sitting President’s chief political opponent.

    The truth? When Trump compares himself to Alexei Navalny, he's not so far off. IT'S NOT THAT TRUMP'S NAVALNY, IT'S THAT JOE BIDEN IS VLADIMIR PUTIN! Make no mistake about it... and, understand that, at an intuitive level, people who aren't deranged by TrumpHate seem to understand that...

    ...and, forget Trump.

    That's a very good thing.

  3. by oldedude on March 16, 2024 7:22 am
    I'm with you on this. I'm sick about this whole thing. I knew it was coming. And like you I was scared either the "system" and/or the electorate would allow everything to happen.

    I don't know if you've seen the "issues" with J6 popping up. Hopefully, this will self-correct like the founders designed. I think you and I are the same in that this is not about trumpster. It's about keeping the constitution intact. Unfortunately, trumpster will benefit from this whole thing. Not allowing some despot "government" to run out of bounds has always been in Hollywood, and now we're seeing it.

    Fannie case is in shambles. She perjured herself on TV and the judge with no nutsack is still allowing her to continue the case. Her "boyfriend" is out, which just helps her. And there are inquiries into her conduct and misuse of taxpayers' money, and several other things they're looking at hoping to give the case to the GA Bar Association to disbar her. Oh. He's running for another term in a few weeks...

    Cannon seems to be on the up and up in FL. So we'll see what happens there. Again, if trumpster is charged, then by default the others should be charged. Mike and pedojoe are in the worse position. But oh well.

    NY case is also a cluster. The timelines they're required to use have been blown and the judge is calling them on it.

    A bunch of states tried and epically failed to keep trumpster off the ballot, and it wasn't even negotiable in SCOTUS.

    All in all, I'm holding my breath to see how these turn out and if we get to have our country back again.

    The J6 is going to be interesting. That may be the single straw that will be worse for the sheep than the steele dossier for the libtards. According to the reports, the little nancy LIED about the feces. That should be a good one for her to explain.

  4. by HatetheSwamp on March 16, 2024 8:02 am

    I don't know if you've seen the "issues" with J6 popping up. Hopefully, this will self-correct like the founders designed. I think you and I are the same in that this is not about trumpster. It's about keeping the constitution intact.

    I have. And, that's encouraging because the string-pullers still run the DOJ.

    I recall, particularly during the televised testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, how isle and po were spellbound by her second and third hand gossip... hearsay that was unreliable and could not have been given in court. I was afraid that isle and po were run of the mill, and that the Republic was over.

    I should have known better.

    Fannie case is in shambles. She perjured herself on TV and the judge with no nutsack is still allowing her to continue the case. Her "boyfriend" is out, which just helps her...

    NY case is also a cluster. The timelines they're required to use have been blown and the judge is calling them on it.

    I don't know if you watched that CNN video I linked with Charles Barclay and Van Jones a while back. It was a panel of four blacks, discussing why Dems are losing black voters. They agreed. Dems talk but never deliver to the black community. AND, they see Trump as standing up to these sham prosecutions and civil judgments. They see him as being strong... and, black men admire strength. So, Dems are liars and Trump is strong.

    This lawfare thing may turn out to be the most magnificent political failure in decades... maybe in American history.

    I know that you don't like Trump, nor do I. But, his inroads among blacks and Hispanics may redefine political boundaries for generations. I don't like Trump, but, I HatetheSwamp. So, not such a bad thing.

    I won't vote for him but if he wounds the dysfunctional and corrupt DC culture, I'll be glad.

  5. by Curt_Anderson on March 16, 2024 9:15 am
    Trump was not charged with removing classified documents from the White House, whether inadvertently or intentionally.

    Trump was charged because of the extraordinary lengths he went to retain the classified documents, to refuse to return them when asked, the conspiracy he led to remove classified documents from Mar-a-Lago, and put them on a plane to ship them elsewhere, his cavalier handling and storage of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago in a restroom and on a stage in the ballroom, etc. no other president or vice president has done anything close to that.

    I will say one thing in Trump’s defense. The system to protect classified documents definitely needs some improvement. If I check out a book from the library and forget to return it, in about a month or less, the library will start sending me letters and calls to give the book back.

  6. by oldedude on March 16, 2024 10:17 am
    The flip side is that he was using obomber's reading of the vague law regarding presidents' being able to have classified. Like I've said, although it's a vague writing of a law, I don't think trumpster was within the purview to do what he did. The main charge is Unauthorized retention of national defense information. This means that after the official use of the material, he kept it. trumpster claims they are for his personal files. He also had classified information on "Crossfire Hurricane" which, I suppose "could" be personal? That's a stretch though. but a little funny that he would keep some classified that says the DOJ lied about the Russian Collusion "story."

    The law and regulations only give that one exception. To Presidents'. pedojoe (and Mike Pence) can't claim that. Most of the classified pedojoe stole from the SCIFs was while "not" president. THAT is illegal. Period. pedojoe had them back from his days as a "senator." THAT is why the judge questioned prosecution about the selective adherence to the law. Again, that is called Unauthorized retention of national defense information. And since you say that Hur was wrong about diminished capacity of pedojoe, then if anyone is charged, it would be him. pedojoe also hid classified. the place he said there was classified was a couple of many places he had the documents, including his garage. A place where his son, an illegal gun owner and drug addict had access. That in itself shows a wrongful act by the prosecution.

    Going by your "standard" (which isn't) Pence is THE person that should receive a slap on the wrist. They found one box. Mike told them where it was and gave them warrantless permission to search the property.

    What we know right now is that all three of these people could have been charged with the same or closely related charges, and one more (obomber) may be investigated. Yet only trumpster was charged. This is a playbook right out of the Kremlin. All of a sudden, the former "President" is now living in Odessa, and is never heard from again. Or in China, where they just disappear, along with their family.

  7. by HatetheSwamp on March 16, 2024 11:01 am

    Here's the Megyn Kelly podcast from yesterday featuring pb's Legal Goobers #s 1 & 3 and others commenting on the GA judge's Fani Willis decision and the ways that it's good for Trump politically... more than legally.

    It seems me that the Dems have assembled a team of rank bozos to run this lawfare campaign. Fani Willis, clearly, is corrupt and intellectually inferior to the task.

    This doesn't make Trump look good but it makes the Dems look really, really, very bad.

    View Video

  8. by Indy! on March 16, 2024 11:42 am

    The real point is to waste time and taxpayer money. We've known from day 1 nobody is going to jail because...why? Because Indy told you so. These "trials" and "impeachment proceedings" are merely a way to avoid doing the real work of the country. It's a big part of the reason we have a dysfunctional and corrupt government.

    But hey - why listen to me? I'm only right virtually every time I post something.

  9. by HatetheSwamp on March 16, 2024 12:05 pm

    Going to jail? No. Trump ain't going to jail even if the worst of po's dreams are realized.

    Found guilty? Before election day? In a way that moderate and independent voters consider legitimate? Possible but increasingly doubtful.

  10. by oldedude on March 16, 2024 12:07 pm
    The dims have moved the money around enough not to care about "where it comes from." Fanny proved that. Triple overpaying an ambulance chaser that had never been part of a felony trial, much less an RICO case and going on "vacations" with him. Why? because they thought they could and no one would care. They were almost correct. Except people started looking into what was going on. And piecing them all together.

    I do agree with you that no one is going to jail. That was a given as you said. The idea is they wanted a felony conviction to keep him from running. Anything would have worked. Felony J-walking would have worked. Unfortunately, there are still those that care about the rule of law and the constitution.

    Will all of these ruin trumpster? I doubt it now. I think he's got cause to get his legal fees back from the courts (to your point of wasting money). Will this ruin the dims for the next 2 or 3 elections? maybe. and it serves them right.

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