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Watching Morning Joe. August 16, 2021
By HatetheSwamp
August 16, 2021 4:51 am
Category: Media

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I am relatively certain that I'm the only regular here on the SS Post who feasts on a variety of news sources to stay broadly informed. I joke that everyone else gets all their news from Rachel and the HuffPo. It's an exaggeration, but not by much.

I, on the other hand, turned the TV to MSNBC first thing today to get my news on what is, clearly, one of a small handful absolute disasters in American foreign policy.

As sycophantic to the interests of the Dem party as MSNBC is, there are those rare times when even those brown nosers can't avoid allowing some reality to seep into their take on the news.

The hosts and expert guests have made weak, insincere and half hearted attempts to describe whats happening in Afghanistan to supporters of the US and to women as a bipartisan problem and even to blame Trump. But, there's been enough integrity, even on MSNBC, to admit that, on Inauguration Day, after Joe took the oath, before he went to bed, he signed 20 Executive Orders reversing Trump policies. What's happening in Afghanistan today is all on Joe Biden and his advisers...

...and, it's a historic disaster.

What I'm wondering is if the Swampcult progressives on SS have the integrity of the Morning Joe gang.

I know that isle has tried to make this a Trump thing. You still there, isle? The rest of you who voted for that demented old fart who thinks he used to drive an 18 wheeler? What about you?

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