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Why the Republican Party Loathes and Despises Democracy

By Ponderer
August 11, 2020 8:33 am
Category: Politics
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Mainly, it comes down to the fact that Republicans can never win in a truly fair and democratic system in this country. It's a well established fact that the more people there are that vote, the less chance they have of success. And they are fully aware of this fact.

Republicans want to do things that a majority of the population don't want to see happen. They want to stop things that a majority of the population actually want to continue. They favor the upper 1% of the population, income wise, and only propose policies and changes that benefit that group. They are religiously dedicated to the accumulation of wealth, power, and Profit. Benefiting themselves and the well-off is the very foundation of everything they do. Nothing the Republicans ever allow to happen that has any benefit for the poor and ever-shrinking middle class ever comes without a lion's share of benefit going to the rich and powerful. Ever. You can't name a single, solitary bill that the GOP has proposed in recent decades that was designed to only benefit the poor and middle class without benefiting the rich even more in the bargain. I double-dog dare you to try.

So for the Republican party, democracy is an obstacle. A hindrance to their plans and power grabs. A pesky nuisance that must be thwarted. They therefore must stop as many people from voting as possible. When they are in a position to do so, they must design hoops for potential voters to leap through. Hoops specifically chosen to make it hard for likely Democratic voters. They don't even care about any of their own who they shut out, just as long as they shut out more Dems than GOPs. Democracy must not be allowed to have its way with them.

Republicans can't let the People actually have a democratic voice. They know that way leads to failure for them since theirs is such a small minority of a base that is antagonistic to the needs and desires of the majority. So out come the lies and distortions. The misrepresentation and the tricks to fool as many low information voters as possible. The vehement and frantic opposition to any policy or anything that would facilitate a large voter turnout. Cut polling places from 850 down to 120. Move polling places with little or no notice. Thwart voting by mail. Purge legitimate voters from voter rolls with asinine excuses with no proof or evidence of any wrong doing whatsoever. Implement what are essentially poll taxes. Gerrymander the living @#$%& out of a state to hamstring Democratic majority districts, cities and counties. Mandate difficult to fulfill ID requirements aimed at the elderly and poor, who are likely Democratic voters. Do anything that Machiavelli would do and then some to give them the best chance of success. The will of the people be @#$%& damned.

The Democratic party are no angels of course. They have their fair share of rich white conservative power-grabbers. Their Establishment is adopting some of the GOP's tactics themselves, just to stay in the game but also to grab power. But they are still a far cry from the GOP and their wholesale war on democracy. Republicans' very foundation is all about what I have just described. While the Dems may at times use some of the same tricks, such occasions are not all they are about. At least within the ranks of the Democratic party there are those who truly desire to help the American people as they swore to do. There is no one like that in the Republican party. No one at all. Please post for me who you think is the best example you can think of of a Republican "Champion of the People". It ought to be good for a very hearty laugh.

And so democracy is the Republicans' enemy. Authoritarianism is a far better choice for them, as long as it's a Republican authoritarian we're talking about. The ends justify the means to them. There isn't anything they wouldn't do to maintain what grip they have on the reins of power. And they simply can not wait for their Glorious Orange Messiah to liberate them from the shackles that democracy has put on their quest for power and dominance.

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  1. by Curt Anderson on August 11, 2020 12:11 pm
    Good commentary! As you say, the Democrats are not all angels when it comes to stifling democracy. However, the Republicans seem to have no shame while they openly suppress the rights of voters.

  2. by Anonymous on August 25, 2020 10:00 pm
    (sarcasm) Now this is what anyone would call a fair and unbiased assessment as one can tell by the title. (/sarcasm)

    I will bet this anonymous comment doesn't show up here.

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