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Tell us what we stand for, Hate.....

By Ponderer
March 12, 2022 6:00 am
Category: Role Playing Games
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...and I'll explain in ways that even you can understand how your answer proves you're a demented lunatic.

"We know precisely who Trump is but we'll choose him in a heartbeat, over and over again, over who y'nes are and what you stand for." -Hate

"It's who y'nes are (especially with the sanctimony packed in) and what you stand for... -Hate

Please, Hate. Please tell us, in unbridled and all-encompassing detail, just exactly what it is that you, in your willingly gullible and ravenous swallowing of any and all asinine bullshit that Fox feeds you about The Demonic Left, have deluded yourself into believing we stand for. I wanna hear this. And I'd love to stick around and discuss it if you aren't too terrified of defending your words.

Come on. Be a freaking man for once in your on-line life. Defend your accusations and beliefs instead of hurling feces and running away like a pathetic, pants-pissing coward. Don't just make vague, hyperbolic assertions as if they actually say or mean anything without further explanation.

What do we stand for?

You seem to know full well. As much of an issue as you seem to believe it is to your entire political philosophy, and given your penchant for verbosity when it suits you, you should have no trouble at all detailing for us precisely what our foundational motives for America are.

And if you choose to not respond, like the chickenshit troll many of us here believe you are, I'll explain precisely what that means.

The views and claims expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and beliefs of Not every statement made here can be assumed to be a fact.

  1. by HatetheSwamp on March 12, 2022 6:47 am

    What do we stand for?

    Books are being written about that.

    But, I think, as a jumping off place, consider Bill Barr. He's been abundantly clear about Trump. You have to try to imagine what it signifies that Barr could have said all he's said about Trump and still know that, based on who you people are and what you stand for...

    ...even knowing Trump intimately as he does...

    ...he'd certainly vote for Trump again, without any doubt.

    So, po, it ain't only pb. Not by a looooooooong shot.

    As far as what you stand for?, consider the reality that you stand by "that feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap." We constantly fret over the fact that Trump's brain ain't right and y'nes never bat an eye over the demented things the Flatulent Former 18 Wheeler Driver says and does.

    You stand for the sexual abuse of girls and young women and the chaos on the southern border. You stand for the smuggling of TONS of fentanyl over the southern border, into the US, and the death it brings.

    You stood, until it became untenable, for the defunding of even winked at the burning of a police station... and the no bail policies that release repeat criminals into our cities to kill and to rape and maim.

    You support draconian increases in the price of gasoline, heating oil and natural gas that will choke off the quality of life of the impoverished.

    You stood for authoritarian Covid limitations on personal freedom long after it became clear that you were not following the science.

    You stand for historic increases in government spending even when the rate of inflation is already increasing and is at 40 year highs.

    Most tragically, you support deference to Vladimir Putin, a minimalist and defensive resistance to his aggression against the people of Ukraine and a hesitant, restrained support of the innocent of Ukraine.

    Bottom line. You seem proud to stand about things that are so repugnant and loathsome that even people who despise Trump would vote for him in a heartbeat to oppose you.

  2. by islander on March 12, 2022 7:25 am

    You were right Ponderer!

    When they cannot argue about what you stand for, they'll argue about something you don't stand for !!

    It's standard operating procedure for Hate here on this board! LoL

  3. by Donna on March 12, 2022 8:02 am
    Hate is adept at setting fire to the strawmen he erects.

  4. by Ponderer on March 12, 2022 8:17 am

    Hooo! Wow. I can actually tell that that was an honest attempt by you, as best as you could, to present what you believed to be an actual response to my question. I must commend you for that. At least you seriously tried.

    Sure, you found it impossible to express yourself without blatantly lying about us. But that was to be the least that was expected if you responded at all. When lies are all you got, lies from you are all we're gonna get.

    Hate, believe me. I am being serious here. You are obviously driven, on a virtually religious level, to take things completely out of context and distort and twist them into something as abhorrent as you can to make us out to be the monsters you need us to be. This is classic Conservative Playbook stuff you're doing. You've got to make your political disagreements with the left into a desperate mission to vanquish some Satan-level evil. And this being the case, you'll be needing a Satan then, won't you. So you end up jamming the left into that position no matter how much dishonest and baseless idiocy you have to cram in there on top of us to do it with.

    I am in no way exaggerating. I wish that you could believe me and understand that this is not hyperbole. This is a simple statement of what you are plainly and obviously doing and have always done. It needs no exaggeration.

    Your assessment of what we stand for is in no way accurate. Since a truthful presentation of what the left stands for would in no way support your thesis, it must be augmented to fit your narrative. And augmented as thoroughly and hyperbolically as possible. You are forced to make us appear so evil that no sane person would think there was anything wrong with your attacks against us. As you so eloquently confessed to with this:

    "You seem proud to stand about things that are so repugnant and loathsome that even people who despise Trump would vote for him in a heartbeat to oppose you."

    What a giveaway! You've got to construct a Devil that is worthy of your paranoid hatred and misplaced bigotry. So you mindlessly pull whatever lies and insults you can materialize out of your ass to do the trick.

    So anyways, let's get to analyzing...

    To put the items in your list in their essential terms, according to you, we on the left stand for:

    • Being led by mentally incapable leaders.
    • The sexual abuse of girls and women.
    • Having no police.
    • Driving the poor into total destitution.
    • The curtailing of personal freedoms.
    • Bankrupting the treasury.
    • Allowing Vladimir Putin to do whatever he wants.

    Analysis: WRONG.

    Sorry, but there was no need to be more verbose about it. All of that is just completely wrong. You failed miserably in telling us what we stand for.

    Not only is that all utterly false, but sadly, you apparently have absolutely no cognizance of, or simply don't care, how utterly stupid such hyperbolic, wholly inaccurate nonsense makes you look.

    You know what though, Hate? I shouldn't be so hard on you. I bet, in your unthinking reflex to employ projection as a defensive mechanism, you may not even have been aware which political wing the above list you were flogging far more accurately and blatantly represents than the left. But then maybe you know full well what you are doing. You just thought it would get past me.

    I have to give you points for making such a valiant effort, but it didn't have the effect you intended. Because a clearer picture of how all of your complaining about the left is nothing but you accusing us of what your side believes in, stands for, and perpetrates against the people of this country has never been presented by you in this forum. It's all just smokescreen. It's all just to distract from your side's own sins.

    And I was tickled by the way you tried to go about it so as to hide the projection as best you could. As futile an exercise as it was. Again... valiant effort.

    But hey, thanks for playing! This was fun.


  5. by HatetheSwamp on March 12, 2022 8:40 am

    Hate, believe me. I am being serious here. You are obviously driven, on a virtually religious level, to take things completely out of context and distort and twist them into something as abhorrent as you can to make us out to be the monsters you need us to be.

    The only way you will possibly convince me that my perception...and all I did was describe what I see and for you to show me a post in which you took umbrage to the way Joe's handling the southern border and the heartbreaking impact it's had on young women and girls and on the flow of fentanyl into America, etc....

    ...or on the weak on crime policy of the Flatulent Former 18 Wheeler Driver.

    Or on the tragic suffering of thousands, with much more to come, in Ukraine that is the result of his deference to Vladimir Putin and his lukewarm commitment to the innocent of Ukraine.

    On our side, we are in anguish daily over the likelihood that OrangeMan will be President again.

    But, you?, with "that feckless dementia-ridden piece of crap?" Crickets.

    I can only know who you are and what you stand for by what you effin DO...and don't do.

    What you do is practice Good Germanism with that brainless codger in the White House.

    Convince me, with your own past words, that I am wrong. I take no joy in having to conclude what I have come to observe about all of you.

    The Bill Barr thing is absolutely symbolic to me.

    Bill Barr is pb on a national stage. He despises Trump. He thinks Trump is despicable.

    But, with the alternative you provide, it's a no-brainer. If it becomes necessary, he'll vote for Trump in a heartbeat. As will pb. So will many millions.

    Show me that Barr and pb are wrong.

  6. by islander on March 12, 2022 9:34 am

    Hate wrote:"The Bill Barr thing is absolutely symbolic to me."

    You and your idol do have one thing in common and that is how comfortable you both are at distorting the truth.

  7. by Ponderer on March 12, 2022 9:40 am

    "...and all I did was describe what I see and hear..." -Hate

    Precisely!. No conscious thought at all. No discernment. Just swallowing garbage from Fox and then mindless regurgitation.

    "...or on the weak on crime policy of [president Biden]" -Hate

    Yet another thing you couldn't describe to save your pathetic life.

    "I can only know who you are and what you stand for by what you effin DO...and don't do." -Hate

    I appreciate that self-condemning admission. Because it's in that, and how you distort and twist whatever input you get to suit your narratives, that your tactics are made plain. You say All you have is what I say and don't say... and then proceed to lie about what I say and don't say. You lie and misrepresent as if your bullshit is an equitable replacement for the truth.

    So you actually do know the truth. But you insist on consciously and/or unconsciously (with you there is scant difference any longer) misrepresenting the realities before you in order to make it fit your bullshit. You knew the truth about the horrors Trump created at our southern borders. But you always fully supported everything he did there, regardless of the heartbreaking impact it had on young women, girls, and entire families he ripped to catastrophic shreds. You did far worse than ignore it or not comment on it. You actively supported every sadistically racist thing he did on our southern border.

    I do not condone and support every last thing that Biden ever says or does. I have made that entirely clear for a very long time. I haven't approved of a lot of what I've heard about the way the border has been handled since Biden was handed the debacle in early '21. I am not going to support things which I don't approve of. Nor am I going to editorialize at length about them if I don't see a need to.

    And I am not obliged to just because the person I voted for is the one doing them. If I don't approve of them, I don't approve of them. 'Nuff said.

    See, this is where you and I duffer a lot, Hate. You believe that since you voted for Trump, you can't ever be seen criticizing anything specific that he ever does. You can't even go anywhere near criticizing Trump as far as I do in criticizing Biden.

    Oh you see your way clear to give vague statements like you think he's horrible or despicable or whatever. Ooooooo! Pretty bold stance there, Hate. But you won't criticize his policies directly because you are either loathe to criticize him as I contend you are, or you actually agree with his immoral actions. So in your limited mental faculties, you think that because I voted for Biden, I must approve and support everything he says and does. Just like you do with Trump. (There's that projection thing of yours again).

    Yes, I voted for Biden. I didn't like a lot of his foreign policy stances. Or a lot of his economic or domestic stances. But I lack the filter of blind acceptance that you have about Trump that makes you, at all costs, support not just the merely distasteful things he did, but any illegal or immoral stance or action he has ever taken in his entire life. Like he's your God or something and you fear His retribution at the slightest sign of heretic disagreement.

    Yeah yeah blather on and on like a broken record about how "despicable" a person you believe him to be. That in no way even approaches a full confirmation of horribleness of his actual being that is completely obvious to the majority of the country. Nor the countless crimes, corruption, and treason he committed for years right in front of your willful, self-blinkered eyes.

    And I LOVE how your willful blindness extends even to his unethical and immoral minions like Barr. Absolutely classic.

  8. by Ponderer on March 12, 2022 9:44 am

    And with that I take my leave for the day.

    My daily quota of time sitting at the computer before my back becomes absolute torture.

  9. by HatetheSwamp on March 12, 2022 9:44 am

    Then Barr turned to protecting Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Sean Hannity when a whistleblower objected that Trump was extorting Volodymyr Zelenskyy for help on his reelection campaign. He did so in a number of ways, including interfering in legally mandated congressional and election oversight. He also stripped the whistleblower complaint to ensure that investigative steps put into place to protect national security in the wake of 9/11 wouldn’t tie Trump’s extortion attempt to an ongoing investigation into Ukrainian efforts to exploit Rudy Giuliani’s corruption to protect (Russian-backed) Ukrainian corruption. Barr’s efforts to hide the national security impact of Russian-backed Ukrainian efforts to corrupt American democracy gave Republicans cover — cover that every single Republican save Justin Amash and Mitt Romey availed themselves of — to leave Trump in place even after he put his own personal welfare above national security.

    Interesting accusations. I doubt much of it's true. But, if it's true?, fry him.

    But, that is far from the truth.

    The truth at hand here is that, no matter corrupt Barr may be, he knows who Trump really is...and despises it...but is so repulsed by who you are and what you stand for that he'd vote for Trump nonetheless.

  10. by HatetheSwamp on March 12, 2022 9:49 am

    I do not condone and support every last thing that Biden ever says or does. I have made that entirely clear for a very long time.

    No. You effin have not.

    Now, if you can do what I asked, and produce a post from the past...

    ...I will humbly and happily stand corrected.

    But, my long experience here is that when the Roaring Bear from Delaware proves who he really is? Crickets from one and all.

    But. Please. Prove me wrong.

  11. by Curt_Anderson on March 12, 2022 10:19 am
    HtS is a populist. There is no definable philosophy other than the "elite" are evil. Populist leaders like Trump appeal to their worst instincts and sense of victimhood.

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