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#1 47.2%
You are a businessman. You are very busy and important and you carry a briefcase. But it's the soft material young adult kind that you can put a laptop in, not the old-fashioned leather kind, because you are a MODERN businessman. This is not your daddy's businessman! You have a cellular phone and you talk into that little string thing that goes into your ear. The purpose of the string thing is to make your cellular phone HANDS FREE but you still use one hand to sort of feyly hold the little dealie closer to your mouth, which makes people want to slap you. You talk REAL LOUD. You go to airports and wander around semi-purposefully talking with your hand in the air like this and wheeling around your laptop case/briefcase behind you, which also makes people want to slap you because it's just a laptop case/briefcase, why do you have it on wheels? I'll tell you why. Because your're a businessman. You buy and sell things that are not real, things like options and timeshares and pork bellies, which I'm pretty sure are not literal pork bellies that clients get to haul off in a wheelbarrow. You make way more money than teachers or social workers because what you do is IMPORTANT. You are IMPORTANT. You are a BUSINESSMAN.
#2 25.2%
You are a slacker. If you bothered to get up and do anything at all, it most likely was an extremely unproductive waste of time. But wait, I will give you further guidance. There is one thing you can do that may give you a sense of purpose, while still being extremely unproductive. First, install in your home, preferrably near the couch so you don't have to get up very often, two giant functioning printing presses with a big handle nearby. Whenever you want, you can yell STOP THE PRESSES! And then you can pull the handle and the presses will totally stop and it will be awesome. Re-starting the presses will be a labor- and time-intensive process.
#3 15.0%
You are the artistic type. Unfortunately, you won't make a lot of money from this unless you are dead. However, you will still be able to make a difference in the world if you closely follow these instructions. First you need a wealthy patron to give a bunch of money to a Pottery Barn. Then you would take a baseball bat and run down each aisle swinging the bat and smashing all the breakable stuff all over the place, with the accompanying noise being the most glorious thing in existence on earth at that particular moment. Then you would yell THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! and run away. If that's not Art, I don't know what is.
#4 12.6%
You are a scientist. You could spend your life trying to find the cure for cancer, but I think we all know what a better use of your time would be. You may be asking, what would that be? If so, please be aware that you are talking to your computer, and I cannot hear you. But since I take pity on you, I will tell you anyway. You should build a time machine. Now, this may not actually be a functioning time machine, since you may know nothing about physics or time travel. But we both know it should be all cool-looking and have lots of blinky lights and cogs that spin around and stuff, and when the user emerges s/he will have white smoke coming out of his/her hair for no reason. You may now be saying, with an evil cackle, "Yes, this is what I will do!". If so, please shut up because I can't hear you.

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