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#1 32.0%
Belle Ramsey: My main character, Belle is an elf who was born and raised in the city of Luin (which is in Sylvarant). She is rather quirky, and is a professional dancer, magician, and older sister. For a time, she grew up with Raine and Genis. Belle can wield a magic wand in battle and also cast magic spells. She has rather “interesting” obsessions with cottage cheese, Kratos, and saying “Belle-a-licious!” whenever she likes the sound of something. She is also arachnophobic, and 21 years of age.
#2 26.8%
Nephenie Walters: A shy, quiet, and timid girl, Nephenie was born and raised in Palmacosta (once again: Sylvarant). She attends the palmacosta academy, and spends most of her time studying or doing some kind of homework. Hardly speaking, the only party members she goes to for advice are usually Sheena or Colette. Most of the time, she tends to worry about what other people think of her. Nephenie isn’t much of a fighter, but she carries a dagger on hand for protection. She’s 14 years old.
#3 18.3%
Julian Blake: A young man from Asgard (once again, in the world Sylvarant). He is harsh and often times cold-hearted, and he tends to keep his distance from other people, making him somewhat aloof. He was held a captive at the Asgard human ranch for three years. During this experience, both watching his younger brother die before his eyes and the Desians’ cruel treatment towards him hardened his heart. After surviving the ranch, he becomes determined to stop the Desians no matter what. Julian wields a claymore (or, in English, that’s a reeeeally big sword), and he’s 22 years old.
#4 16.3%
Nash Turner: A half-elf from the city Meltokio, in the world Tethe’alla. He is calm and level-headed, with an occasional dry sense of humor. Nash comes from a poor family, who is forced to live in hiding every day (due to the fact that they’re half-elves). Despite his reputation as a half-elf, he is somewhat concerned about how others view him, but nonetheless, he has a kind heart and always feels obliged to care for everyone around him, especially those who are suffering. Perhaps this personality trait comes from the fact that he is a thief and steals from others just to provide for his family......Nash fights with his fists and is 25 years of age.
#5 6.5%
Maggie Ramsey: Also an elf from the city of Luin (Sylvarant). Maggie is the cheerful, cute, and bubbly younger sister of Belle Ramsey (my main character). She likes to play the violin, has a GREAT sense of humor, and she likes to say “A-haa-haaaaa!” each time something goes her way. She pals around with Lloyd and Genis often, and she likes giving Kratos and Zelos a hard time. Maggie wields the guan dao (or polearms), and she is 12 years old.

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