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#1 29.5%
She/He are not sure what they feel for you, you might want to keep on working for her or his love and have patience also try to bringing your best qualities out and show them make them feel something more but remember always be yourself! ;)
#2 29.1%
She/He is interested and is falling for you bit by bit, he or she are in the process of falling in love with you! Have patience and keep on doing what your doing and by no time they will be falling for you and chances are you will be dating soon!
#3 17.5%
She/He are considering you just a friend you are in the friend zone but if you work hard enough you might have chances making your special someone falling in love with you! ;)
#4 15.4%
She/He loves you, she or he has a crush on you too go for it ask him or her about her feelings give it a shot she or he might be in love with you his or her actions and gestures all point to the way of love! ;)
#5 5.2%
She/He just sees you as a aqquiantance your not her or his best friend but are considered one more normal friend and you are not close to each other. But keep trying and get closer to the person make them like you by being innocent kind etc and maybe they will start noticing you with a different perception. ;)
#6 2.1%
She/He doesnt consider you a friend and or doesnt really feel anything special but there is always another side of the person analyze them more and chancea are they maybe like you but are to afraid to show it but for now she or he doesnt like you in the way you want my advice is to try and come back to this quiz when you see different results and if not just wait for another special someone.:)
#7 1.2%
She or he doesnt really like you and its not worth putting much time in this person for too long try one more time and if you see changes come back to see your new result and good luck ;)

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