Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 6 Which La Conner Girl Are You? results of 183 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which La Conner Girl Are You?.

#1 22.4%
You are Type Eva Personality (mostly D's) - You are an untypical extrovert who deals with a lot but you get through it because you rock so much. You are very accepting and everyone really appreciates you although sometimes it doesn't seem like it.
#2 20.8%
You are Type Amelia Personality (mostly C's) - You are outgoing but don't like expressing your feelings. You like sharing your opinion regardless of who you're talking to. You take a lot of stuff to heart and find a lot of things funny.
#3 20.2%
You are Type Jenny Personality (mostly B's) - You're an extrovert whose Peter Pan complex is off the hook! You may not pay attention much but you still care about everyone. You are obsessive. Sometimes You're silly and sometimes annoying but at the end of the day, you know everyone loves you.
#4 14.8%
You are Type Katy Personality (mostly A's) - You're an extrovert who tends to have mood swings. You like explaining whatever is on your mind to anyone who is available. You care a lot about what's going on with everyone else. You're very mature and independent.
#5 13.1%
You are Type Michele Personality (mostly F's) - You're very playful in everything you do. You have a great sense of style and being around you is never dull. You hate being dependant on people.
#6 8.7%
You are Type Molly Personality (mostly E's) - You are a major introvert who everyone finds irresistible. You hardly speak your opinion, so when you do, it's important. You get along with people well and are very passive about issues.

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