Please Report Broken Or Missing Images.The top 6 Which Nen group do you belong to? results of 19155 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Nen group do you belong to?.

#1 27.9%
Tokushitsu - Specialisation - "Charismatic and Individualistic" - Uses Nen for effects other than the other five. E.g. Kuroro Lucifer and Pakunoda
#2 26.9%
Sousa - Manipulation - "Logical, advances at their own pace" - Uses Nen to take control of living being or inorganic objects. E.g. Shalnark and Karuto Zoaldeyck
#3 16.3%
Kyouka - Reinforcement - "Simple and pure" - The most well rounded of the six, Kyouka users have one of the best offensive and defensive and healing capabilities. E.g: Gon and Ubogin
#4 11.5%
Henka - Transformation - "Unstable, loves to lie" - Allows his/her nen to be shaped or altered into the shape or properties desired; May mimick the properties of an element, such as fire or lightning. E.g Killua and Hisoka
#5 8.7%
Houshutsu - Emission - "Impatient, Emotionally disturbed" - Can project his/her nen outside the user's body. Effects vary from shooting projectiles to summoning creatures shaped from nen. E.g. Sentritsu and Reiza
#6 8.7%
Gugenka - Materialisation - "Nervous, High Strung" - Uses Nen to create objects that the user desires; Has greater effect when stricter conditions are placed upon the user for wielding it. E.g. Kurapica and Shizuku

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