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#1 17.1%
Cao Rui – The son of Cao Pi, most people see only your mischievous and spiteful side. However, you do have a sensible side as well, and possess an unrivaled sense of confidence for someone so young. Although you are not particularly close to your father, you do look up to him in some circumstances, and hope to make him proud. You are also extremely devoted to your mother, Zhen Ji, and often act rather protective of her, ready to yell venomously at anyone who speaks badly of her.
#2 17.0%
Liu Chan – Son of the Shu ruler, Liu Bei. Your mother, Lady Gan, died when you were only a baby, making more of an impact on you than anyone else cares to notice. Able to adapt to almost any situation, you know how to accept things the way they are, making you appear mellow at times. You make friends easily, and are loyal to those you care about deeply. Though your elders have many doubts about your future, you will continue to do what you know in your heart to be right.
#3 14.0%
Zhang Bao – Zhang Fei’s son. Calm and obedient, more than anything you wish to make your father proud, and everyday you strive to do your best, no matter how small the task may be. Concerned with duty and honour, you are diligent and studious, and have already obtained great skill in the martial arts. The more you study, the more your elders continue to have great hopes for you.
#4 7.9%
Sun Ce’s daughter – Loving, gentle, and subservient, you easily win the affections of others. Although you are an unusually peaceable sort of child, that does not stop your elders from worrying about you, or from showering you with all kinds of compliments and gifts. Still, no matter how much they attempt to spoil you, you always remember to show an utmost sense of courtesy and gratitude.
#5 6.2%
Lu Kang – Lu Xun’s son. You are courteous, quick-learning, and clever, earning you much praise from your elders, including the Wu kingdom’s leader, Sun Quan. Your main priority in your young life is to study as much as you can, hoping to live up to your father’s legacy and preserve the honour in your family name. While you are mostly civil toward others, you also have a hidden temper, and once angered, you snap back with the vicious tongue of a snake.
#6 6.2%
Zhuge Liang’s daughter – A tranquil sort of child, you are quiet, modest, and obedient at all times. You have always looked up to your mother, Yue Ying, and greatly desire to be as intelligent and sophisticated as she one day. However, you take pleasure in the process of getting there, and enjoy every day while you can.
#7 5.2%
Zhou Ying – The daughter of Zhou Yu, you can frequently be found poking your nose into the affairs of others. Although you are able to retain the impression of being dutiful and dignified, you are also known to be an otherwise untamed and raucous child. Never are you afraid to be as wild as you want, but, at the end of the day, you would rather be seen for the inwardly sweet and caring individual that you are.
#8 5.2%
Ling Lie – Ling Tong’s eldest son. Frequently ill-behaved, your elders find you a bit of a nuisance, and have learned that you are almost always up to some kind of mischief or other. Daring, but in a reckless manner, you have the regular habit of getting yourself into all kinds of predicaments, and cause worry among the others. Still, at the end of the day, people are fond of you and your impish ways.
#9 4.7%
Sima Shi – Sima Yi’s son. You are calm, ambitious, and commonly seen as a child full of potential and promise. You take all of your actions very seriously, and do your utmost to please your father and to carry out his desires. While you still have much to learn, you can never simply be a child, always too resolute and judgmental to enjoy any childhood moments.
#10 4.3%
Cao Pi’s daughter – You take after both of your parents very much. Ruthless in your own quiet manner, you never cease in your cravings for attention, whether it be positive or negative. While you do love your parents very much, you find it difficult to display your affection in the presence of onlookers, but when it is just you and your father or mother, you cling to them tenderly without hesitation.
#11 4.3%
Gan Ning’s son – Born illegitimately, your father does not know of you – yet. Being raised by your mother for the majority of your young life, you ended up inheriting a more quiet and withdrawn nature than most boys your age. Docile and a bit introverted, you mask most of your emotions by maintaining a mild-mannered composure at all times.
#12 4.0%
Cao Cao’s daughter – You are absolutely devoted to your father. Already very acquisitive, you have the habit of asking for new items and gifts almost everyday. Despite the fact that you know you shall never be denied your heart’s desire, you take care to ask for things in as sweet a manner as you possibly can. However, should you be refused something you want, you will stop at nothing to get it.
#13 2.7%
Zhuge Zhan – The son of Zhuge Liang, you are always polite to your elders and other children your age. You have a strong sense of being filial, wishing only to make your father and mother proud, hence you are hardworking in all of your studies. Often observant, you find a quiet joy in the simple things around you, and appreciate even the smallest of details in everything you see.
#14 1.1%
Ling Feng – The younger son of Ling Tong, you are always respectful toward others, especially your elders. Sympathetic and understanding, you tend to get unwittingly dragged into the affairs of others, but still you always strive to help however you can. Vulnerable and sensitive, you cry easily, although you are willing to forgive any wrongs done to you.

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